Friday, September 30, 2005

Brit Nat AM's Researcher - David Taylor - orders the removal of Walter Wolfgang

We've received reports, that David Taylor - Labour AM Leighton Andrews' researcher - was the Labour party official who instructed the stewards to remove 88 year old Walter Wolfgang from the British Nationalist Labour Party conference.

Apparently Taylor was watching the speech live on Sky News outside the conference hall, and shouted in to his radio:

"You can hear the f***ing heckling on Sky News. Shut them up, or take them out."

We have been given this information by a media source, who also said that David Taylor returned to the Welsh Assembly today, but wouldn't talk to anyone about the incident. It is rumoured that Taylor's actions could mean that he loses his job as Andrews' researcher. Maybe this will allow him the necessary time to improve his blog?

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Labour - German or Welsh?

Do a search on Google for Welsh Labour and the first two links are:

The first site was used by the British Labour Party in Wales, but somone forgot to pay the domain renewal fees. The domain is now taken by a German search engine!!!

Just to make matters worse for Nu 'pensioner bashing' Labour, the links from the official BRITISH Labour site, to the 'Welsh' information, point to the 'German' site. Press on the AM links to see - it's the same for all AM links! And doesn't Nia Griffith look rather odd in that picture ;-)

Labour Party in Llanelli

Labour Party in Preseli-Pembrokeshire

Worse still, Alun Pugh URGED the to create a bilingual website, as reported in the WM last November, and then 'Welsh' Labour create an English only site! So what is their official view (in English) on the Welsh Language? NUFF SAID!

PS. Leighton Andrews, don't give us the bull:

"Welsh Labour has been hugely supportive of the Welsh language in recent years."

The facts speak for themselves!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Is this what the British Nationalists call freedom of speech?

Walter Wolfgang, an 82 year old man from London, who fled Nazi Germany in 1937, was held under the 'Terrorism Act' today after shouting 'nonsense' as Foreign Secretary Jack Straw defended the British Labour Party's illegal war in Iraq.

This was after poor old Walter was violently bundled out of the hall by New Labour bullies.

British Nationalists like Tony Blair and Jack Straw talk about protecting freedom of speech, and then treat their own party members, who dare to disagree with their policies, in this vile way! As stated on Labour Watch:

"It might be worth noting.... this is the way fascism started."

Apology after heckler treatment - BBC NEWS, September 28 2005

The Labour Party is to apologise to an 82-year-old member who was thrown out of its annual conference for heckling. Walter Wolfgang, from London, was ejected from the hall after shouting "nonsense" as Foreign Secretary Jack Straw defended Iraq policy. Police later used powers under the Terrorism Act to prevent Mr Wolfgang's re-entry, but he was not arrested.

Has it really come to this? - Labour Watch, September 28 2005

For those who want a vision of the future under New Labour, if Tony gets his way on legal reform, ID cards, and zero tolerance of anti-social behaviour, look no further than today's disgraceful incident at conference when an 82 year old heckler, Walter Wolfgang, was bundled out of the hall by security guards. A second delegate who tried to protests at the way he was treated was also expelled. In the New Labour utopia, dissent will not be tolerated and there will be no freedom of speech. It might be worth noting.... this is the way fascism started.

Respect Nonsense - splodgebucket, September 28 2005

I heard the Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, this week, assuring us that the new anti-terrorism legislation would only be used against a tiny minority of people who were against the State. Now we see how that legislation can be used to protect the State from people who embarrass it. Good job the heckler was 82, and shamed the Labour Party into an apology! In the same interview Mr Clarke spouted forth about Mr Blair’s respect agenda. He said the government couldn’t force people to behave in a particular way, but “You should have to respect other people”. The irony is crushing.

Freedom of Speech? My Arse!, thecomplexchrist, September 28 2005

So yes, I find it outrageous, yes I find my blood boiling, yes I want to spit expletives and post excrement to Number 10 when I see an 82 year old man, a faithful party member, being yanked, tugged, pulled, pushed, grabbed, threatened, man-handled out of a Labour party conference speech. For what? For shouting 'nonsense' when Jack Straw spouted his guff, broke wind up his vocal cords, and flabbed his usual bollocks about why people are continuing to die. This freedom of speech doesn't even extend to the ranks of his own party. The man was thrown out, his security pass invalidated, and then held under the prevention of terrorism act when he tried to re-gain entry.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

King of the Bloggers - Peter Black AM

Many people might be aware of Welsh Assembly Member Peter Black's Blog. The British Nationalist Lib Dem's blog has been widely publicised since its creation back in July 2003. - September 2004 and BBC Wales News - January 2005, to name just a few, have mentioned Peter's blog as the first ever blog by a Welsh Politician.

But what you may find interesting is that Peter Black actually runs 2 blogs. One under his own name, and another under the name of 'Insider': Inside Swansea Council - 'An unofficial insider's view of Swansea Council and related issues'.

This blog is the LIC (Brit Nats Liberals / Independent / Conservatives) ruling coalition's propaganda machine, and was created in response to inside out @ swansea, a blog run by the opposition Labour Party, 'An alternative commentary on how things are run - or not - by the (LIC) coalition on Swansea Council'.

Peter Black has strongly denied this claim on his personal blog when questioned on the subject. He obviously wants to keep this quiet. Martyn Williams questions him on his personal blog:

"BTW, I was quite disappointed that your attack on me in today’s Evening post was based around a post on the inside Swansea council website. Couldn’t you have written something original? Or maybe the piece on that blog was in fact, your own?"

And Peter Black replies:

"I suggest that the blog entry was based on my letter. I make a habit of copying all my press releases and letters in to a wide circulation list of my colleagues for information."

When interrogated once again, this time by Hammers - back where we belong:

"So the Inside Swansea Council Blog is written by Lib Dem Swansea councillors. Thanks for clearing that up."

Peter Black states:

"It might be. I don't just circulate press releases and letters to other Councillors. A large number of party activists also get them."

Well what evidence have we got to back the claim that 'Insider' is in fact Peter Black AM? Peter made one fatal error when responding to a previous posting on this site. At 6.55am on the morning of Tuesday August 30, deprived of sleep, he responded to our posting using his own personal 'Peter Black' blogger account, instead of the 'Insider' account, and commented:

"Wow, that is constructive!"

He quickly realised his mistake, and deleted his comment, and a few minutes later added exactly the same comment using his 'Insider' account. But Peter didn't realise at the time that both comments were emailed to our inbox automatically. The first from his 'Peter Black' blogger account at 6.55am, AND the exact same comment three minutes later at 6.58am from his 'Insider' account. Unlucky Peter, you need to be more careful in the future!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Lib Dem Councillor calls Plaid supporters down right scum!

RCT British nationalist Lib Dem Councillor, Cllr. Mike Powell, is at it again calling Plaid supporters down right scum. If this man had a brain he would be dangerous! He recently posted on Voy Forums (not that it makes much sense!):

"If they (Plaid supporters) were to post them then the stupidity and outright lying would be attributable to a knopwn member of their party and used to show that they are infact a bunch of carpetbagging hypocrits, by not posting they can lie and lie and hope to get away with it, and that is one of the reasons I personnaly belive that Valley Boy and his right wing neos cronies are down right scum!"

This is the same Mike Powell who last year put profit before safety by knowingly letting unqualified workers fit gas fires for his company. He was fined £2,000, with £483.60 costs.

Landlord put profit before safety as gas fires were fitted by unqualified workers
Pontypridd Observer - 1 July 2004

A Pontypridd councillor and landlord put his tenants’ lives at risk when he let unqualified workers fit a gas fire. Michael John Powell, aged 44, of The Parade, Trallwn, admitted breaching health and safety regulations after allowing two of his employees to fit the appliance at New Houses, Dinas Road, Tonypandy. Powell was fined £2,000, with £483.60 costs.

Pontypridd Magistrates’ Court heard how Powell... became the subject of an official investigation by the Council for Registering Gas Installations. HM Inspector of Health and Safety, Hugh Emment, prosecuting, told the court that Powell put “profit above safety”...

Mr Emment said: “The defendant knowingly allowed two of his employees to carry out the gas works unsupervised, when they were not competent,” he said. “The defendant came back at the end of the day to collect payment for the work, and some tests were done”……

Mr Emment said: “There was a dangerous spillage of toxic products, which can contain a substantial amount of carbon monoxide and can lead to poisoning and later, to fatality.”

Magistrates’ chairman Dewi Hughes told Powell: “This is a serious matter, and the court has to send a message to the wider community.”
The same Mike Powell that was called downright stupid and irresponsible by his own boss, Chairperson of RCT Lib Dems Karen Roberts.

The same Mike Powell that previously on Aberdare Online called Plaid Cymru voters 'scum' and 'sickos'.

This British Nationalist is an absolute disgrace, and should resign from his post as Councillor immediately. He is not fit for public office.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Grow Up Peter Hain!

So Peter Hain thinks it's time for his 'Government of Wales Bill' critics to 'grow up'. He asks Plaid and the Lib Dems to support his 'radical piece of legislation' to head off any Tory attempts to water it down. Water it down?

A bill that's been drawn up to hide the divisions within the British nationalist Labour Party, instead of looking at what's best for the people of Wales.

A bill that demands that 2/3 of the Assembly members must support a call for a referendum on full law making powers, before such a referendum is activated. 2/3 instead of the usual 50%, making it impossible to activate such a referendum without the support of Nu Labour.

A bill that changes the electorate system, not for the benefit of Wales and democracy, but for the benefit of the Brit Nat Labour party.

A bill that includes pre-legislative scrutiny at Westminster, to ensure that the real powers remains at Westminster and Labour HQ.

Why should Welsh nationalist, and moderate British Nationalists like the Lib Dems support such a bill? In Plaid MP, Elfyn Llwyd's words:

"...we are not going to accept a quarter loaf when we could have the whole lot."

Peter Hain has no principles. He supports a law making Assembly, but is too scared to take on the Kinnock's of his party. Hain, it's about time you grew up, and took on the Labour bullies - for the sake of Wales.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Six members of Cymdeithas yr Iaith arrested in Cathays Park.

Three sisters were amongst the six members of Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg arrested last Thursday after painting slogans calling for a new Welsh Language Act on the walls of the Welsh Assembly Governments’ headquarters in Cathays Park, Cardiff.

Four slogans were painted, including ‘Deddf Iaith – Dyma’r Cyfle’ (Language Act – the last chance) on the walls of the building following a press conference in which the names of hundreds of prominent Welsh people who have stated their public support for a new Welsh Language Act.

According to Cymdeithas yr Iaith, this marks the beginning of a series of direct actions which will take place in the coming weeks leading up to Christmas. This action marks a significant progression in the campaign for a new Welsh Language Act.

Catrin Dafydd, chair of the campaign for a new Welsh Language Act, said:

"This is the time to press for a new Welsh Language Act. The recent decision by the Welsh Assembly’s Government to abolish the Welsh Language Board means that some sort of Act will be created. The Welsh Assembly government aims to carry out an administrative tidying up exercise and nothing more. This is not good enough – a comprehensive Language Act which establishes basic rights for Welsh speakers is essential."

"Following Rhodri Morgan’s complete objection, Cymdeithas yr Iaith will be taking direct action over the coming weeks to ensure that this important matter is discussed."

"We call upon the people of Wales to support this campaign by attending the National Rally to be held in Cardiff on the 1st of October. We also call upon the opposition parties in the Welsh Assembly to raise the issue as a matter of urgency."

“During this year’s National Eisteddfod, Rhodri Morgan claimed that only a handful o bullies supported the call for a New Welsh Language Act. The fact that so many prominent Welsh people have stated their support publicly shows that this is not true. There is now a general consensus that securing new legislation for the Welsh language is essential to ensure that the rights of Welsh speakers are protected over the coming decades.”

The 'New Welsh Language Act' National Rally will be held at 2pm, on Saturday the 1st of October at the National Assembly Governments’ headquarters in Cathays Park, Cardiff. The speakers are Hywel Williams MP, Hywel Teifi Edwards, Mererid Hopwood, and Steffan Cravos.

Friday, September 23, 2005

The guilt about Wales.

A superb article by Hywel Williams in yesterday's Guardian. Nothing more needs to be said.

The guilt about Wales

Hywel Williams, Thursday September 22, 2005, The Guardian

The gap between Tony Blair's appearance and the reality, between all that squeaky-clean preachiness and the shoddy, self-serving reality of his quicksand mind, is now a well-established feature of British politics. Blairism as a body of thought never existed. But as Blair rose in the mid-1990s it was part of his adman genius to see that in an age of economic prosperity it was personality that mattered in politics, not thought. So he was marketed to make people feel good about themselves. The middle classes were gagging to roll over and be pleasured by "one of us". Labour's leader was a highly evolved specimen of English liberal virtue: that higher self that somehow, conveniently, always coincides with self-interest.

The distance between all of that and the bloke repeatedly shouting "fucking Welsh" at the TV late at night is not the journey between youngish idealism and disillusioned maturity. The incident recalled in the diary of his former press aide Lance Price took place in 1999 when there was still some bloom on those cheeks. Bill was still in the White House, Iraq remained a far-off country and Carole Caplin was not yet a problem.

It's a difficult experience when you're used to getting your way and start encountering resistance. The decision by the Welsh electorate not to give the Labour party a majority in the elections for the new assembly must have seemed quite unaccountable to big daddy - as well as an act of ingratitude. For decades the smiling, compliant songsters next door had always been well up for it: voting how they were told to and delivering cartload majorities for Labour. They didn't ask for much in return from English Labour or from England itself - just a few pious cliches about the glory of Keir and the grandiosity of Nye would do very nicely.

In those pre-1999 days in Labour Wales, the vast majorities demonstrated not vitality, energy and commitment but rather complacency, apathy and passivity. The local elites of the municipalities were submissive to the central authority and nothing ever really changed except the faces of the personnel. The Welsh body politic had become so used to being done over that it couldn't imagine any other kind of existence.

But the frustration of Blair - the Labour leader denied his electoral rights - is only one half of this story. There's also the anger of Blair the English liberal at the demonstration of cultural difference. After a millennium and a half of putting up with Wales, the English attitude towards the Welsh remains one of irritation interrupted by bouts of insult. Abuse of the national neighbours is a familiar story - the Germans do it to the Poles, Czechs think the Slovaks are dozy and the Greeks find the Bulgars dodgy.

The irritating thing about Wales - for the English - is the sheer persistence of the linguistic difference. We do, it is true, assimilate well, which is why, per capita, few countries have produced so many actors as Wales. English liberty is really the freedom to imitate the English - which then gives the English the right to mock the assimilated. But if the English initially think they have absorbed Wales, they do get very cross when they realise that in reality we've smiled and ignored, gone our own way and assimilated the English into our own alchemical way of being.

Even the English language, once it crosses the border, is subverted by the cadences and grammar of Welsh. That language has two forms of life: as a ghost within the English spoken in Wales and as its own authentic form, the descendant of the language spoken in southern England before the Angles and Saxons came. And it is surely a tribal memory of that first dislocation - with the uncomfortable recollection that the English in fact invaded the country they now call England - which lies behind the prime ministerial obscenity.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Right wing Labour rule the Assembly

Oh dear, one of the Assembly's biggest British Nationalists, Huw Lewis AM for Merthyr, has managed to write a letter in joined up writing to the Western Mail.

He warns the public that Plaid Cymru is ready to form a 'right wing' axis (yes, you know, like that Hitler-Mussolini Axis in the 1940's - nice touch Huw). But Huw, we already have a right wing axis in the Assembly, it's called the Labour Party and you'r part of it!

Want a house but can't afford it? Thanks Labour.
No council houses left? Thanks Huw.
Privatised health service? Cheers Labour.
Top up fees for students? Yes, vote Labour, like Huw does.

All this and more thanks to the British Nationalists like Huw Lewis and his chums in Labour. But, just to keep the voters happy, they'll throw in some bribes like free school meals and bus passes; pity they were too incompetent to do some basic sums before the election. But who cares? Wales and the Assembly isn't to be taken seriously is it?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Welsh Labour where left wing jingoism of the Huw Lewis' of this world contrasts with right wing policies and awful populist gimmicks.

Huw Lewis is one of the biggest British Nationalists flag wavers of them all. A member of a party that makes sure everyone can speak English but attacks Welsh-speakers who fight for the moral right to have Welsh-speaking communities. English-speaking communities - good and socially inclusive. Welsh-speaking communities - racist and divisive.

Labour won't be happy until there aren't any Welsh-speaking communities left. Of course they don't do anything against those communities, no need see, because British capitalism and British market forces will sort it out for tham. Clever eh? Hey, but this is the best bit.

"Plaid Cymru was established as an anti-socialist party. It will always put divorce from the UK before social justice."

No, Huw, Plaid was formed as an anti British Nationalist party - a party that thinks Wales is worth more than just vote fodder to keep Labour in London. Divorce from the UK before social justice? No Huw, divorce from the UK to get social justice.

You and your Labour butties weren't much use during the Miner's Strike. In fact, despite all the class jingoism, you prefered to have Margaret Thatcher rule Wales than have a self-governing Wales which would have been left wing. Welsh Labour prefered to have a small bit-part as part of the UK rather than see Wales have self-government which could have decide the fate of its coal mines.

BNW doesn't have a view on any proposed cooperation between the three present opposition parties in the Assembly. But three things come to mind:

1. This 'right wing axis' defeated a useless Labour government which wanted to introduce top-up fees.
2. Huw, the Valleys are still poor. You've made a dog's dinner of Objective One. The Valleys are poor because Labour are in power. You ARE the problem Huw Lewis. Welsh Labourism is the cause of this poverty.
3. What kind of Welshman can be a member of a party whose leader and Prime Minister says 'fucking Welsh'. Oh, I know, a British Nationalist Welshman like Huw Lewis.

Huw, Labour centrally are laughing at you boy. Don't you get it? They patronise you with the usual, "bla bla rugby, bla, bla good old Nye Bevan, bla bla Keir Hardie" and then ignore you. Labour Centrally regard Welsh Labour as the most useless, stupid and uninteresting part of the whole Labour Party. You're just there to make up the numbers. Get over it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Is the nation-state a good Idea?

So the Brit Left are now saying that the nation-state is a good idea. In a recent article in the Guardian, Martin Jacques formerly of Marxism Today and communist pin-up boy, speaks in favour of the nation-state.

Of course, Welsh nationalists could have told him that decades ago. But when we called for independence we were accused of dividing the British working class. Now that China and India are challenging the USA, and multinational corporations, the nation-state is redeemed and supported by the British Left.

Lets hope that the rest of the British Left will follow suit and that Martin Jacques will follow the logic of his argument to include Wales. I don't know Jacques views, but it could be difficult for others on the Brit Left, because supporting a Welsh nation state would question and undermine their own nation state, i.e. Britain.

It would be interesting to see if Jacques is on the side of Welsh, British or English nationalism? One hopes as well that Tibet isn't included in Jaques' definition of the Chinese nation state.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Brit Nats are at it again.

Oh no, they're at it again! These British Nationalists just can't let it go. Simon Jenkins was at it this time in the Guardian, telling us that the England Ashes win was a win for the UK. Oh, bog off Jenkins. It was an English win.

Let the English enjoy it. It's idiotic comments like this by British Nats which really irritate liberal thinking Welsh and English people. The worst was kept till the last paragraph. What kind of spaghetti logic is this:

'Americans do not stage a knockout competition to decide which state should represent it abroad'.

What, is Wales or England no more than a version of some rectangular American state? Two thousand years of history and our own language and, what, Wales is Wyoming in the rain?

'Bavarians and Catalans, with far more autonomy than Wales or Scotland, do not exclude themselves from their national teams.'

Hasn't he heard that the Catalan and Basque governments have been trying for years to have their own football sides like the Welsh, Scots and the English? Does he actually get paid to write this nonsense?

'Exclude themselves from their national teams'?

What nation? We have our national team - it's called Wales ... or is Wales not a nation?

'For goodness sake wave the union jack and let this glorious game belong to the nation as a whole.'

Fetch me a bucket - the Brit Nat just can't stop! Which nation? Wave the union jack - is this some kind of joke? Get over it Jenkins. Britian is on its way out. The English cricket team are rightly proud of their win. Let the English celebrate it. Stop stuffing your British Nationalism down the throats of liberal-minded English and Welsh people, and why not catch up on some international politics whilst your at it.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Brit Nat Lib Dems leadership chaos!

Brit Nat 'Welsh' Lib Dem leader Mike German, is furious at claims that Kirsty Williams AM is ready to challenge him for the leadership of the Welsh Assembly group.

Mike mistakenly sent an email denying the claims to a public area where it could be read by others. Before Mike's pathetic mistake, most people were not aware of Kirsty's active campaign to replace Mike German as the leader of the Brit Nat Lib Dems in the Welsh Assembly.

Kirsty was obviously annoyed that error prone Mike had let the cat out of the bag:

“I am not aware that there is a leadership vacancy... I just regret that Mike made that mistake of sending it out.”

So who should be the next leader of the Brit Nat Lib Dems in the Welsh Assembly? With only six members, it shouldn't take them too long to decide!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Tony 'F****ng Welsh' Blair!

It was reported in the Sunday Times today that the King of the Brit Nats, Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair, was left fuming after a frank account of the tantrums and cynicism of his inner circle were published in the diaries of Lance Price, a former deputy to Alastair Campbell.

The Sunday Times got hold of some uncensored extracts from his book, The Spin Doctor’s Diary, later changed at Downing Street’s instigation, revealing that Blair erupted in fury when Labour was doing badly in the first elections to the Welsh Assembly in 1999, shouting 'F****ng Welsh'.

'"F*****g Welsh', repeated many times by TB."

"TB f-ing and blinding about the whole thing."

If you consider that just last month, Labour Councillor Danny Meikle was fined £750 and convicted of a racially aggravated breach of the peace for calling a Welsh constituent 'boyo', isn't 'F****ng Welsh' slightly more offensive?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Brit Nat Labour Minister in soccer ticket row

Brit Nat Labour Welsh Assembly Minister, Andrew Davies, has been accused of making a serious error of judgment by accepting free tickets to watch Real Madrid at the invitation of EHN, the European market leader in wind power schemes.

Most members of a delegation from Wales accompanying Mr Davies also went to the match, including his press officer and a number of councillors. A statement from Mr Davies praising EHN appears on both his own website and EHN's website. The company is in the process of making a number of planning applications in Wales. Plaid MP, Adam Price, said:

"It is clearly unfair to indigenous companies that the Minister has developed such a close relationship with a competitor, particularly at a time when a couple of Welsh businesses in this sector - one in Bangor, the other in Cardiff - have recently gone to the wall.

"This is especially damaging given the highly contested nature of wind energy at the moment. It's also indicative of the entire approach of the Labour Government to renewable development, which has been an inward investment model based on large corporate firms and large-scale projects, rather than the more sustainable community-based model pioneered in Denmark."

Extract taken from Martin Shipton's article in today's Western Mail

Friday, September 16, 2005

Brit Nat Tory Nick Bourne's tantrum at Cricket jibe!

The leader of the Brit Nat Tories in the Welsh Assembly, Nick Bourne, got rather exited today after hearing of Plaid sports spokesman Owen John Thomas' views on England's 'ashes' victory. Owen John Thomas rightly said that people in Wales should not rejoice, and remarked:

"Welsh baseball is our special game and has been around for 110 years."

But Nick was not happy, in a press release on the Tory website he said:

"Welsh players were instrumental in bringing the Ashes home for the first time in 18 years... This is surely a cause for celebration across the United Kingdom, and represent a very welcome upturn in the country's sporting fortunes. All Plaid Cymru seem capable of doing is to fire off a volley of distasteful parochial pettiness."

One 'Welsh' player featured in the series, a Welshman proud to wear the 'St. George's Cross' flag around his shoulders on the 'victory' bus! Another supposed 'Welshman', Geraint Jones, stated that he was no longer an Aussie, but a proud 'Englishman' following the victory.

Brit Nat Nick talks of 'bringing the ashes 'home', and an 'upturn in the country's sporting fortunes'. Were the tests held in Cardiff? Did Wales win something? Why should, or would, the Welsh be supporting an England side? Nothing against the English, we wish them all the best, but the Welsh are simply NOT English. Brit Nat Nick is obviously suffering from an identity crisis. Wales should have their own international Cricket team, if only to stop Brit Nat Nick getting confused again in the future!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Leighton 'turncoat' Andrews.

We understand that the people of the Rhondda (and Wales) may have more important things to worry about, but following from yesterday's story, here's some information collected about one of the biggest anti Welsh Brit Nats of them all, Rhondda turncoat AM - Leighton Andrews.

He was a prominent Liberal activist for many years. In the late 70's early 80's he was a Liberal member of the NUS Executive. In 1987 he was a Liberal Alliance candidate in Gillingham.

After many years in the wilderness, Leighton eventually resurfaced in the Brit Nat Labour Party, winning Rhondda back from Plaid Cymru in 2003. Michael Meadowcroft, a former Liberal MP, described him as moving "from Liberal thinker to cheerleader for Blair's authoritarians".

Most people didn't know of Leighton's 'Welsh heritage' in his Gillingham days. He used to write columns in Liberal News full of praise for his beloved Gillingham Town. He now claims to be an avid Cardiff City fan.

So what do we make of Brit Nat Leighton? Liberal to Labourite. Thinker to cheerleader. Gillingham town to Cardiff City. The word turncoat comes to mind.

a disloyal person who betrays or deserts his cause or religion or political party or friend etc.

Extracts taken from

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Natwatch & Leighton's Blog

Brit Nat Labour AM, Leighton Andrews, had this to say on his blog today:

Not Watching

With the disarray Plaid Cymru are in, I don't know why anyone wants to waste their energy writing the NatWatch website. Who needs NatWatch when you've got the Western Mail and BBC Wales?
Leighton Andrews was one of the first people to blog about the NatWatch website back on the 8th of July, weeks before most people had even heard of its existence.

We agree that the NatWatch website is a waste of time, but why is Leighton trying to distance himself from the vile website all of a sudden?

Could it have anything to do with the
rumours circulating on the net that a certain researcher, who works for a certain AM, actually runs the website?

It seems that Mr Andrews might have some inside knowledge?

Monday, September 12, 2005

Brit Nat Labour Slammed Over Bed Blocking.

Plaid Cymru politicians have slammed the Brit Nat Labour ruling Administration in Carmarthenshire, following the latest Delayed Transfer of Care figures which indicate that 33 of the 58 patients currently blocking acute NHS beds in the county are caused by failure to arrange transfer to the care sector organised by Social Services.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas Assembly Member and Adam Price Member of Parliament for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr said in a joint statement:

'The number of patients blocking beds in Carmarthenshire as a result of delay in transferring to Local Authority care is by far the highest in Wales. Carmarthenshire County Council are responsible for the lions share of bed blocking cases in the County, 33 out of a total of 58."

"We are informed that the wards in Carmarthenshire currently have an occupancy rate of 90%. The end result has been further pressure on the acute sector with elective surgery being cancelled and patients entering as emergency admissions being kept in Ambulances."

"The ruling Labour – Independent Administration on Carmarthenshire County Council are letting elderly people down by not providing the service they are obliged to provide by law. Hospital staff as a result are unable to provide the best care for people who need urgent medical care. If Carmarthenshire County Councils was an English Local Authority they would have been fined by now for this level of Delayed Transfer of Care."

Free personal care, that is opposed by Brit Nat Laboutrites, must be introduced in Wales. At the moment, Labour run local authoritise are refusing to meet their obligations, and the Labour Welsh Assembly Government is failing to adequately fund social care through the NHS. It's simply not good enough!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

British Nationalist Tories slammed by Plaid.

Plaid Cymru have slammed a call by Brit Nat Conservative Liam Fox for all British schools to fly the union jack. Fox said he wanted the flag so that schools could show a common identity.

Fox, discussing his vision for the future of 'Britain', said he would ensure that there was a union jack outside all schools. He told London's Evening Standard of his desire that schools across Britain to fly the union jack:

"I'm suggesting that all schools fly the British flag outside to emphasise to people that wherever they have come from, whatever their background, they share a common identity,"

A Plaid Cymru spokesman said:

"The Welsh flag isn't represented on the union jack... if Liam Fox thinks he can become prime minister on the back of waving a union jack in Wales he's got another thing coming. He'll end up flying the flag so much he'll suffocate and the only flag the Conservatives will be flying at the next election is a white flag!"

Rather oddly, the British Nationalist Labour also dismissed the idea, saying that:

"introducing nationalism into our classrooms is a bad idea."

This is rather strange considering the way many prominent Labour Party members, such as Neil Kinnock, have been vigorously promoting British Nationalism over the last few weeks!

Extracts taken from
BBC Wales

Saturday, September 10, 2005

EXCLUSIVE: Labour Councillors Care allowance Scandal

EXCLUSIVE: Care Allowances for Councillors are paid out to allow councillors to pay for Childcare (or any other dependant relative) while they carry out their duties on the Council. The Welsh Assembly Government's advice is that these claims should be user friendly and do not require documentary proof of actually paying anyone, - i.e. no receipts.

After Labour took control of Caerphilly CBC in 2004, the Plaid Cymru group questioned this, as there was no apparent correlation between the claims made by Labour Councillors (generally maximum allowed) and their actual attendance at meetings.

This prompted a letter, from Labour Councillor Ray Davies to Harry Andrews - the leader of the Labour Group. Ray Davies is a Councillor for Bedwas Trethomas and Machen. He was deselected prior to the last election, but was reselected following an article in the Western Mail. We have obtained a copy of this letter, and it makes remarkable reading. Ray wrote:

"If it means I need receipts, for me it would mean an end to the care allowance. I obviously cannot ask my wife for receipts for her time"

So Labour Councillor Ray Davies was claiming money to pay his wife to look after their own children! He then complains about not being given any Chairs or Vice Chairs to augment his income:

"I came back on the council after helping Labour to win back a majority, to find that a third of my income is now threatened, and that I will be that much worse off as a result of a Labour victory. I am even more angry that despite my wide experience in local government and the hard work I have put in over the years I have been totally overlooked for any chair or vice-chair of scrutiny committee. All this is a bitter pill for me to swallow."

The Letter is signed by Councillor Ray Davies, but also makes the Leader of the Council an accessory as he did not disclose this information. Councillor Ray Davies and Councillor Harry Andrews should be brought before the Caerphilly Council Standards Committee. We call on the Welsh Assembly Government to tighten their 'Care allowance' guidelines, so that this misuse of public money by Labour Councillors can not happen in the future.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Who are you calling extremists Mr Taylor?

Are you baffled as to why the Labour Assembly Government is ready to support the Welsh National Opera to the tune of millions of pounds a year, or the Brecon Jazz Festival and Bryn Terfel's concerts, but has been particularly tight-fisted and mean-spirited towards the one truly unique cultural event Wales has to offer - the National Eisteddfod?

Well, British Nats Watch can now reveal the red-neck thinking deep in the psyche of the British Nationalist Welsh Labour Party which seems to be driving Labours, erm, 'cultural policy'.

On a little known (now extinct) blog by a Labour activist from Clwyd West, who now works as a researcher for Leighton Andrews AM, David Taylor lets the cat out of the bag as they say in Welsh. The New Labour kid "Tipped for stardom within New Labour" had this to say about his visit to the Newport Eisteddfod (still available online through

"Just finished my four days at the National Eisteddfod in Newport. One thing I realised while I was there is that the Welsh Nationalists are more extreme than ever. Many of them are unashamedly racist... Off to Hartlepool on Monday, looking forward to that a bit more ... !"

Doesn't this quote say it all. Alun Pugh won't support the National Eisteddfod because he knows that his own party machine (including the very same people that got him elected in Clwyd West) is against it. It seems that there's a deep-rooted loathing within the British Nationalist Labour Party towards any expression of the Welsh language which isn't on a tea towel or stuck in the chapel.

What BNW would like to know from David Taylor is:

1. Who are the extremists - all Eisteddfod goers? Are they extremists because they speak Welsh? Are those people on the Merched y Wawr or, lets say, the Keep Wales Tidy stand extremists too?

2. Does Alun Pugh, Minister for Culture, Sport and the Welsh Language agree with his own grass-roots party activisits in his seat of Clwyd West?

3. If so, is that the reason why he won't release any money for the Eisteddfod until it becomes more English i.e. appeases people with David Taylor's prejudice towards Welsh?

4. Does the National Eisteddfod, and other parties at the Assembly, believe that such prejudice by Brit Nat Labour staff like Mr David Taylor is detremental towards the Eisteddfod when it comes to getting a fair hearing from a Labour Government?

If ever you needed proof that British Nationalism is alive and well in Labour, here it is. Who are you calling extremists Mr David Taylor?

Here is a brief biography of David Taylor, as featured on the now extinct:

A Brief Biography
"Tipped for stardom within New Labour" - Sunday Express

Inspired by the New Labour message, that a government could be both socially progressive and economically successful, David Taylor joined the Labour Party at the age of 15 in the constituency of Clwyd West. He soon felt at home in the close knit group that made up the local party in this marginal seat in North East Wales, including local MP Gareth Thomas and Welsh Assembly Member Alun Pugh.

After working on a number of campaigns, including the successful re-election of Alun Pugh AM in the knife-edge 2003 contest, David became the Secretary of his Constituency Labour Party in March 2004, shortly after his eighteenth birthday. He is to date the youngest person to have held such a position. Later in the same month David was elected to the Labour Party's Welsh Executive Committee (WEC), as Youth Representative.

He now works as a resaercher for Leighton Andrews AM.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Brit Nat Tory David Davies criticised for 'totally ignorant' remarks.

Brit Nat Tory MP David Davies was criticised today for “totally ignorant” remarks attacking the traveller communities.

The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) gave £48,000 to Hampshire Council for a project on the traditions of travelling communities. In a letter to the HLF, Brit Nat David 'Top Cat' Davies said:

"Following the £48,000 you gave for the production of a video aimed at giving schoolchildren a greater understanding of the culture and traditions of 'gypsy travellers,' I am very keen to commission an equally 'useful' and 'informative' piece of film that will serve to educate said 'gypsy travellers' on some of the ancient traditions and communal practices of another group of people, who we might call 'settled folk'."

"I use the term to describe that large group of people in Britain who opt to live their lives in houses or flats. I should like my film to focus on such issues as the importance which the 'settled community' place on property rights, their rigid adherence to an ancient code which they refer to as 'planning regulations', and the time honoured custom of clearing up one’s rubbish. Should time allow we could also include a section about the cardboard circle which settled folk purchase annually from post offices and use to adorn their vehicles – known as a tax disc.”

Helen Mary Jones, Plaid Cymru AM said:

"These statements show not only prejudice but total ignorance. There is absolutely no evidence that members of the gypsy travelling community are more likely to be involved in crime or anti-social activity than any other community. Comments like the ones made by David Davies feed prejudice and bias and are completely unhelpful in regards to dealing with the real issues."

A spokesman for the Gypsy Council described Mr Davies' comments as "distasteful", while the council's secretary, Ann Bagehot, said she considered them to be "just schoolboy thoughtlessness". She added that Mr Davies was "making a mockery of attempts to build bridges between gypsies and non-gypsies".

Chris Myant, director for the Commission for Racial Equality Wales, told BBC Wales:

"He’s trying to play on people’s prejudices. He’s playing games which isn’t really the way serious politicians should engage in public debate.

MP criticised in gypsy grant row, BBC Wales, Wednesday, 7 September 2005
Tory MP's gibes earns rebuke, Western Mail, Wednesday, 8 September 2005

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

'England' Cricket Team.

Why do the 'England and Wales Cricket Board' use ECB instead of EWCB? Why is the 'National' team called 'England' and not 'England and Wales'? Why are the 3 lions used, and not the Welsh Dragon?

These are the questions that Welsh fans have been asking over the last few weeks with the 'England' team constantly in the news. Most Welshmen simply cannot support an England team. Why should they?

The Scottish team has qualified for the next Cricket World Cup and both Scotland and Ireland have their own national teams, but the Welsh have to play for 'England' which is an absolute disgrace.

Wales should split from the ECB and create the WCB with our own national side, even if it means that we can only compete at the second thier of international cricket to begin with.

The Cricket Board of Wales (CBW) is an umbrella body partnership comprising the Welsh Cricket Association (WCA), Glamorgan CCC, Wales Minor Counties, Welsh Schools Cricket Association and the Sports Council for Wales (SCW).

If you support our call that we in Wales should have our own National team, like Scotland and Ireland, please lobby the following. Post any replies on this website by using the 'comments' tab.

Cricket Board of Wales
Glamorgan Cricket Club, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff CF11 9XR
Geoff Holmes, Director:

Welsh Cricket Association
28 Cefn Stylle Road, Gowerton, Swansea SA4 3QS
Richard Kemp, Chairman:

Glamorgan Cricket
Sophia Gardens, Cardiff CF11 9XR
Mike Fatkin, Chief Executive:

Sports Council for Wales
Sophia Gardens, Cardiff CF11 9SW
Graham Davies, Director:
Liaison Officer:

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

natwatch and the Daily Post.

The following is an article written by David Banks that appeared in the Daily Post today. Recently, a series of emails sent by a Rhodri Tomos (who worked for Gwynedd Council) to Natwatch (an anti Welsh and Pro British Nationalism website), selectively published on the natwatch website, resulted in Rhodri losing his job.

David is very critical of in his article, and we would certainly agree with him that natwatch is a nasty and offensive website, but a large chunk of the blame must lie with the Daily Post and their sloppy journalism.

The Natwatch comments on their own, featured on an "obscure little website", would not have resulted in Rhodri losing his job. What resulted in Rhodri losing his job was the fact that the Daily Post decided to publish the information to a far larger audience. David Banks then goes on to question who is running the natwatch site:

"Which leads to the question, just who is running the Natwatch site? It would seem, given their keenness to ride on its coat-tails that the Labour party are very familiar with its content."

But shouldn't the Daily Post have done this research BEFORE re-publishing the stories from natwatch?

Weekly column of David Banks
As published in the Daily Post, September 6, 2005

WHO should care what appears on an obscure little website set up to attack Welsh nationalists? Not many of us, perhaps, but now someone has lost their job because of this site’s activities. The Natwatch site published an e-mail from Rhodri Tomos, who worked at Gwynedd Council. It was perfectly obvious from its content that Mr Tomos would find himself in some difficulties if it was published...

More from Banksy's Blog

Background, The British Nationalist website
Official quits in leak row, Daily Post, Sep 2 2005
Police investigate anti-British e-mail, Daily Post,
Jul 29 2005
Language worker's racist rant, Daily Post,
Jul 26 2005
Nic Dafis' website, Who's behind, People blogging about natwatch., Keeping a watch on natwatch, Aug 30 2005

Monday, September 05, 2005

British Anthem - Booooooo!

British Nationalist First Minister Rhodri Morgan has criticised the barrage of jeers, whistles and horns that met the British national anthem in the Wales v England game in Cardiff on Saturday,, he said:

"It's very unfortunate and it's totally different from rugby culture where it's ingrained into you from an early age to enjoy the singing of the other team's national anthem as well as your own."

But what Rhodri and his British Nationalist friends do not understand is that the Welsh were NOT booing England's National Anthem, they booed the 'British' national anthem, as they did against Northern Ireland in an earlier match at the millenium stadium.

British Nationalists like Rhodri Morgan need to realise that the 'British' imagined community is at an end. Wales and Scotland have their own strong national identity, and the English are also re-creating their own national identity. Many English fans have called for England to adopt a new National Anthem instead of 'God Save the Queen'.

Booing an opposing team's national anthem is generally wrong, but booing 'God Save the Queen' by the Welsh and Scottish is totally understandable. The Welsh are NOT anti-English, but rather anti-British, and the British imagined community, originally created to quash Welsh and Scottish Nationalism.

Thankfully, the British Nationalists are in decline, and in their place we are seeing Welsh, Scottish and English Nationalists. England, Scotland and Wales need their own independent states, and the sooner this happens, the sooner we can all live in harmony, without the need to boo!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Anti-devolution & anti-Welsh Labour Party!

Another superb 'Opinion' column by Martin Shipton in the Western Mail yesterday.

He argues that the Welsh people have already voted in principle for devolution in Wales, and that it is a ludicrous idea to ask the electorate at large to decide whether the Welsh Assembly should acquire primary law-making powers or carry on with the current powers to make secondary legislation, as it is such a complex matter.

He also argues that Lord Kinnock and his anti-devolution and anti-Welsh British Nationalist Labour colleagues, would use any referendum to exploit misplaced fears.

When it's wrong to ask voters to decide: Sep 3 2005, Martin Shipton, Western Mail

Enjoy the read, it's well worth it!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Wales v England

A great effort by the boys!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Controversial English tycoon backs Brit Nats in Wales!

It emerged yesterday that controversial Brit Nat Tory, Lord Ashcroft, channelled £36,500 to local Conservative associations fighting marginal seats in Wales during the run-up to this year's general election.

His company donated £13,500 to the Tory Party in Preseli Pembrokeshire, £10,000 to the party in Clwyd West, £8,000 in Cardiff North and £5,000 in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Two of the constituency parties that benefited from the donations succeeded in electing Brit Nat Tory MPs - Stephen Crabb in Preseli Pembrokeshire and David Jones in Clwyd West both won their seats narrowly from Brit Nat Labour, which hung on in Cardiff North and the Vale of Glamorgan.

Now, you may think that there's nothing wrong with this. Even though he came from outside Wales, and directly helped to elect his Brit Nat colleagues here, the Conservative Party, like the Labour Party, Lib Dems and Plaid, depend on political donations for their survival. Have a read through Aschroft's past record, and then make up your mind!

Extracts taken from

Lord Ashcroft

Mr Ashcroft received a round of applause at the Tories' spring forum on Saturday, despite the row about his peerage because of the controversies surrounding him and his bankrolling of the Tory party.
BBC NEWS, Saturday, 1 April, 2000

Leaked Foreign Office memos also revealed that UK diplomats alleged Lord Ashcroft had threatened to "stir up trouble" for Britain abroad if he was not allowed to open a bank in the nearby Turks & Caicos Islands.

BBC NEWS, Thursday, 18 January, 2001

The Conservative party's multi-millionaire treasurer, Lord Ashcroft, was last night embroiled in new controversy over his business dealings in the offshore tax haven of Belize in central America.
Guardian, Monday June 4, 2001

Billionaire Tory peer Lord Ashcroft claimed yesterday to have won a bitter battle with Clare Short, the international development secretary, and the Belize government to protect his lucrative tax exemptions in the small Central American country. His victory comes at the expense of an impoverished country which will lose millions of pounds of debt relief.
Guardian, Friday December 21, 2001

Lord Ashcroft, who left London for the US and Belize 20 years ago, has been in the headlines again this month as American investigators study his links to Tyco, the Bermuda-based group whose chief executive, Dennis Kozlowski, has been indicted on tax evasion charges.
Guardian, Tuesday August 27, 2002

A High Court judge has accused former Conservative Party treasurer Lord Ashcroft of 'blackmail' and mounted a savage attack on the tycoon's 'unacceptable' business practices, which he describes as bringing 'the City into disrepute'.
Observer, Sunday May 4, 2003

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bliar's Puppy dog?

A paper published today by two Cardiff University academics - Professor Phil Cooke and Nick Clifton - under the title 'Welsh Assembly and Economic Governance in Wales', slams Rhodri Morgan and the Brit Nat Welsh Labour Party for their unconditional allegiance to their masters in London, and their shameful handling of Welsh affairs.

The book takes a swipe at Rhodri Morgan, stating,

"Nowadays it is believed that Tony Blair only has to show possible indications of a sneeze for him (Mr Morgan) to be at his side with the Lemsip."

"This contrasts with Scotland where in a classic case the DTI wanted a clear run to manage a Falkirk bus company closure threatened by the bankruptcy of its US parent as a 'global' issue only to be rebuffed by the Executive stressing that, if anything, it was a 'local' issue, and Scottish Enterprise finding a Scottish consortium willing to invest and save the company through a management buyout."

"Incidents such as this underline the importance to territorial identity of strong devolution settlements."

The paper also attacks the economic policies of the Brit Nat Labour Party, and claims that they will make Wales more dependent on London; slams the Brit Nat Labour Party over Wales' unfair funding formula; criticises the Brit Nat Labour Party's handling of the Objective One European aid project, and claims that devolution in Wales attracted few quality politicians because the Assembly was given too few powers.

As Welsh Nationalists, we have always known that the Brit Nat Labourites will put their party before the people of Wales. We have seen this time and time again, and Professor Phil Cooke and Nick Clifton's paper only goes to confirm, this view.

Extracts taken from