Monday, September 12, 2005

Brit Nat Labour Slammed Over Bed Blocking.

Plaid Cymru politicians have slammed the Brit Nat Labour ruling Administration in Carmarthenshire, following the latest Delayed Transfer of Care figures which indicate that 33 of the 58 patients currently blocking acute NHS beds in the county are caused by failure to arrange transfer to the care sector organised by Social Services.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas Assembly Member and Adam Price Member of Parliament for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr said in a joint statement:

'The number of patients blocking beds in Carmarthenshire as a result of delay in transferring to Local Authority care is by far the highest in Wales. Carmarthenshire County Council are responsible for the lions share of bed blocking cases in the County, 33 out of a total of 58."

"We are informed that the wards in Carmarthenshire currently have an occupancy rate of 90%. The end result has been further pressure on the acute sector with elective surgery being cancelled and patients entering as emergency admissions being kept in Ambulances."

"The ruling Labour – Independent Administration on Carmarthenshire County Council are letting elderly people down by not providing the service they are obliged to provide by law. Hospital staff as a result are unable to provide the best care for people who need urgent medical care. If Carmarthenshire County Councils was an English Local Authority they would have been fined by now for this level of Delayed Transfer of Care."

Free personal care, that is opposed by Brit Nat Laboutrites, must be introduced in Wales. At the moment, Labour run local authoritise are refusing to meet their obligations, and the Labour Welsh Assembly Government is failing to adequately fund social care through the NHS. It's simply not good enough!


Hammers - back where we belong said...

If I wanted to read a series of Plaid Cymru press releases I would visit its website.

You really are not that bright are you?

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

A few of their stories are worth a re-print.

90% of the stories on our site are original, but unlike certain British Nationalist sites, we don't make stuff up, so there are only limited stories out there.

Thanks for contributing anyway ;-)

Hammers - back where we belong said...

I would be interested in finding out more about these made-up stories. Any examples?

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

Yep, Everything that's posted here!