Saturday, September 23, 2006

Rhodri Morgan - A lost man!

DIMBLEBY: Hold on, you are the First Minister of Wales.

surely the people of Wales are entitled to hear from you what your view is on the invasion of Iraq.

I don't know, I have not looked at the issues, I am not in the House of Commons.

Rhodri Morgan AM, First Minister of Wales is a Lost Man.
Should a Lost Man be allowed to lead Wales?

Rhodri Morgan - an embarrassment to the Welsh nation.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wales can Do It! (well half and half says Morgan)

Morgan says we shouldn't talk Wales down any more. "It is time to dump outmoded, negative perceptions about Wales" First Minister Rhodri Morgan told the Institute of Welsh Politics Conference yesterday.

What? Does he mean the negative perceptions his own party has of Wales?

Wales can do anything he says - well - except for becoming an independent European state that is!

Seems some "outmoded negative perceptions about Wales" will never get dumped by the British nationalist Welsh Labour party.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Welsh for all - It's your right!

An online petition in support of a New Welsh Language Act was launched this week, please take the time to sign it.

The petition calls on the Welsh Assembly Governme
nt to ensure a New Welsh Language Act that will provide official status and a Commissioner for the language, along with basic rights that will give everyone in Wales fair and real opportunities to learn Welsh, receive a Welsh-medium education and be enabled to use the language in every aspect of life.

If you'd like more information about the campaign and the latest news, take a look at the Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg (the Welsh Language Society) website.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

British v Welsh

Despite the propaganda of the Brit Nat parties, centuries of denigrating Welsh identity, and the attractions of the global mass culture (or maybe because of it), 57% of young people in Wales felt Welsh as compared to 27% who felt British.

Britain is dying!

People will continue to cross the border for work and love. English people will continue to move here. We'll continue to watch Eastenders and Coronation Street, but when it comes to identity, then Welsh comes first.

Some may see the 50+ as a small percentage. But when one considers that some 25% of the Welsh public were born outside of Wales, when one considers the opposition held by many Brit Nats to symbols of Welsh nationhood, lack of Welsh history in schools, availability of the British media, lack of status to Welsh identity in many spheres where 'Britishness' is the norm and default, then this figure is quite remarkable.

It shows a tenacity in the appeal of Wales and Welshness which has wrong-footed the class jingoist Brit Nats like Neil Kinnock, the socialist realists of so-called 'international socialism' which saw no need for (small) nations.

And, this has all been achieved with no bloodshed or murder as compared to many other aspirant nations, which surprisingly (or not) are supported by Brit Nat left.

Maybe the Welsh aren't so divided as we sometimes think?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

WRU show the very worst traits of 'Welsh' Labourism

They're like teenage boys fingering their first porno-mag. The Welsh Rugby Union, which at times shows the very worst traits of 'Welsh' Labourism, does it again.

Prince William - the Jac-Saes, who's about as un-Welsh and more importantly as disinterested in Welsh culture as a British citizen can be - has been awarded some cocked-up post with the WRU.

It's all so pathetic. Grown men, palms-sweating as they imagine themselves climbing another rung to get their OBE for services to arse-licking of the British establishment. God, it all just reminds my why I hate the WRU!

No personal offence William (and yes, I do mean that) but I hope you get thoroughly booed when you do bother to patronise Welsh rugby. And please, do patronise the boyos - they won't even notice, and if they do, they won't say anything, serfs don't.

British nationalism - it's so demeaning!

PS. If you're wondering about the picture, that's Prince Harry, the other son of the Prince of Wales (and William's brother) celebrating England's victory over WALES at the 2003 World Cup!! There's more pictures on

Here's a few letters that appeared in today's Western Mail:

Any Welsh Williams?

SIR – So, yet again the WRU looks across the border for patronage, in the form of a certain English William. Whether or not you agree with his appointment, the questions loyal Welsh rugby supporters – indeed, Welsh citizens – should be asking are:

Can the WRU explain the need for a vice-patron, or even a patron, from outside Wales?
Who made the decision to ask William?
Were any other people considered?
Why weren’t Welsh rugby supporters asked for their opinion?
Will William openly support Wales against England?
Will he learn the Welsh National Anthem?

It really is high time we grew up as a nation and democratically appointed our own people to represent our major institutions. Surely, there is an ex-Welsh rugby international or some other well-known Welsh person out there with a son called William.

Oakfield Drive, Crughywel, Powys

Hanger-on as patron

SIR – I see that one of the many royal hangers-on has been appointed vice-patron of the WRU. I have two questions.

Was this because throughout the whole of Wales not one suitable Welsh candidate could be found?
Or was it because the WRU leadership is riddled with forelock-touchers who pray nightly that their pathetic sycophancy will soon be rewarded – as it most surely will be – with gongs galore?

It’s bad enough that Welsh rugby players are forced to wear the badge of our supposed conquerors upon their shirts.

Whitchurch, Cardiff