Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Not Balkanisation but Scandinavianisation

I promise this is the last posting on the Balkans! Hain and other Brit Nats are still chuffed they managed to think of 'the Balkanisation of Britain' all by themselves. Bless!

However, if they knew their European history and put aside their anti-Balkan racism, then they may be enlightened enough to notice there's another historic geopolitical concept which is more in line with what is happening in the 'UK' today. It's not Balkanisation, but Scandinavianisation.

A group of nations, sharing a defined geographic area, with shared customs, yes and language, which can have independence all round but which are mature enough to cooperate and pool sovereignty when needed.

Norway, Denmark, Sweden - and Finland, Faroe Islands and Iceland too, share a common, and yes, colonial , history. They have much in common but aren't the same - Norway is a NATO member whilst Sweden prefers other nations to fight against Nazis. Some are inside the EU, others not.

Norway didn't become independent until 1904 when it's separatist and nationalist government decided it wasn't too 'tiny' (in Hain's words) to leave Sweden - no doubt, there were Labour members in Norway saying that the country was too small/poor/thick to be independent.

Finland was also a Swedish province once but became independent (from Russia) in 1918 and Iceland became independent from Denmark in 1944. No wars, no race hate (please note CRE), no ban on Danish men marrying Swedish women, no plague of locusts.

So, as Welsh, English and Scottish nationalists, lets start talking calmly about the Scandinavnisation of Britain.

Monday, January 29, 2007

'English are Jealous' - Rhodri Morgan

English are jealous? No, Rhodri. They just think you're an idiot running a Labour Party potato republic whose administration is based on bribes not policies. So much for a health policy - hey, don't bother improving your health Labour voter, you'll get the drugs for free on prescription.

Oh and that £40m towards the 'policy' - that's £40m off new equipment, new staff or cleaner hospitals. And who wants a bet that Welsh health will still be crap in 10 years time.

Apart from being down right childish - Windbag's comments are also demeaning to both Welsh self-respect. Welsh identity doesn't have to be measured by what the English think. It's a disgrace the opposition parties didn't oppose this class jingoism bribe.

Quite funny though. Governor Hain telling us that the English give us about £1,000 each - now we can tell them where the money goes - it goes on free prescription and other bribes.

Still, Morgan being the buffoon he is, hasn't seemed to notice that the English also speak English and don't see it so funny the way their taxes are 'subsidising' Wales (in Brit Nat Labour's words Rhodri) and Labour's bribes.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Like I said - English not British... or like Labour says, British not English

I've always wanted to use the words serendipitous and juxtaposition in the same sentence and, hey, this is my big chance.

What a serendipitous piece of news that the British Nats of Nu Labour insistence that school kids in England must have lessons in 'British' citizenship came a day after half the English expressed that they actually feel more English than British. What an interesting juxtaposition. Britishness descending down the escalators of history, passing an ascending Englishness. Sweet!

It all sounds like a cocked up idea in any case - 'citizenship lessons' - the doss subject as we used to say at school. At least we in Wales won't have this British nationalist propaganda rammed down our throats. But pity the English. Labour, the British nationalist party par excellence, characterises Englishness as an uncouth ethnic identity for white chavs but refuses to allow English children to develop a civic version of their prime identity, insisting that they are in fact British and not English. Mad!

I'm with the English, and against the British nationalists. English schools should develop a civic English identity not flog the dead horse of Britishness. As Welsh nationalists we should support the English.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

French establishment as hypocritical as ever!

The French, who have effectively banned the Breton language, are happy enough to support independence for Quebec.

France, you'll remember, won't even sign (the rather useless) European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages because their 'constitution' makes French the only official language of the state - yes, and Breton is going to take over France, right!

Presidential hopeful Socialist Segolene Royal recently called for Quebec independence, but will no doubt call Breton nationalists in the Union démocratique bretonne (UDB) Party or Parti Breton 'fascist' and 'separatists' in the forthcoming election.

I'm all for an independent Quebec. No offence to Canada, but I can't take a state with a two thousand mile long border which is in a totally straight line, seriously. If the Canadians are so keen on 'multi-ethnic states' and 'people living together' then maybe they should join the USA. Of course they won't (and they shouldn't) but they're ready enough to call Quebec nationalists 'separatists' for wanting to leave a state which was only founded in 1867.

But if the French will support the right of Quebec to independence (and the Quebec nationalists want a multi-ethnic independent Quebec) then they should also support the right of the Bretons to independence too. As I said, the French have the most hypocritical political class in Europe.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Balkanisation of Britiain 2

Just a thought, how do the ambassadors of those Balkan (i.e. deranged, blood-thirsty) states feel when the British nationalists of Nu Labour talk about the Balkanization of Britain?

Do they mind that their region is used as a by-word for hatred and stupidity? I mean, the connotation hardly helps them in their efforts to boost the image and economy of the region. If Hain started talking of the 'Africanization of Britain' - his friends in the CRE would string him up!

Yes, the Balkans have witnessed some pretty nasty wars over identity and land... so much unlike Britain who of course sent Welsh men to fight and die when it felt its identity and land was under threat in World War One and Two, the Falkland War, Rourke's Drift, Khartoum, American War of Independence, Irish War of Independence, Napoleonic Wars, the War of Jenkins' Ear, the ethnic cleansing of Aborigines in Australia and Africa, Suez, Korea, Iraq etc etc.

You see, the Balkans are so much less sophisticated than us in Western Europe like Germany and France... just don't tell that to the Jews and Algerians.

And what's wrong with states breaking into smaller states - Czechoslovakia - one state in 1992, two in 1993 - two states for the price of one!

I think I'll write a letter to these Ambassadors of these Balkan states asking why they allow the British nationalists to racially insult their region and damage their economic prospects... assuming of course they can read.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Balkanisation of Britain 1

Congratulations to Governor Peter Hain (not just one Celtic country but two!) for his, erm, statesmanlike article in the Western Mail about The Welsh and their 'tiny' country's ability to become independent. I wonder if he makes the same arrogant put down when he meets the PMs of other 'tiny' EU countries in his capacity as Minister for Europe?

He must have felt really chuffed about the 'Balkanisation of Britain' slogan. Well done Peter, (well Kim Howells actually) for coining the phrase... in joined up writing and even alliteration - you'll be winning the Chair at the National Eisteddfod next Peter. Got me thinking though about what this Balkanisation looks like:

  • Balkanisation of British football teams - so, Hain would be against a Welsh soccer team?
  • Balkanisation of British rugby teams - so, Hain would be against a Welsh rugby team?
  • Balkanisation of the Anglican church - so, Hain would be against the forming of the Church in Wales?
  • Balkanisation of Agricultural Unions - so, Hain would be against the FUW?
  • Balkanisation of local authorities - single unitary authorities in Wales and Scotland a mishmash of counties and districts in England
  • Balkanisation of bowls and darts - yes, I could go on.

It's all so sinister isn't it. The members of these Balkanised societies all hate each another and are at each another throats in a blood bath of ethnic hatred and racism. Grow up Hain.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I'll be backing England!

So, Brown, the British Nationalist par excellence, wants England to host the football World Cup in 2012. Well I'll support that!

Yes, we'll have to suffer English merchandise in Welsh shops and English chavs and snobs who haven't 'integrated' in our country wearing England shirts and then the British Nationalists telling us to support England ( i.e. not support another team - that's nor very inclusive either).

But no, as I've said in a previous piece, I'll be supporting England all the way (after Wales of course!), because with every World Cup and every England win, English nationalism grows in strength and British nationalism dies out. England hosting the football world cup will be an orgy of English and not British nationalism, so, C'mon Ingerland!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Welsh NOT British! - English NOT British?

I read Simon Heffer's recent article in the Telegraph with interest. Maybe he should produce badges similar to the one below in the colours of St. George, so his fellow Englishmen can wear 'English NOT British' with pride!

Produced by Cymuned -

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hain's Thoughts

Doesn't Hain's recent hysterical outburst make you want to laugh ... or cry? Welsh success - getting Dr Who produced here? Erm, is that it? Imagine the Prime Minister of Ireland bragging that one of the main benefits of independence was getting Dr Who shot in Dublin.

And what about the 'there are more English people living in Wales than ever before'. Spooky. What's the dog whistling going on here, the 'are you thinking what we're thinking' ... 'the English will never allow 'The Welsh' (as they say) to rule Wales'?

Or Wales can't become independent because, what, the English who've moved into Wales from their own free will won't allow it? So, the government which brings in loyalty oaths to the UK, English language tests, preaches the need to integrate to the host country, is telling The Welsh, 'back in line Taff', we're not going to live in any potato republic with you lot running the show? Sorry Peter, I don't understand. Are you implying that the English in Wales are fifth columnists, or Ulster Protestants or something? Tell me.

I haven't been able to find a brake-down of the Referendum vote in 1997, but from what I've heard a substantial majority of those who spoke Welsh voted yes, a clear majority of those who were born in Wales but didn't speak Welsh also voted yes, but the majority of those who were born in England voted no.

So, is Hain implying that if there was a referendum on the constitution in Wales, he'd make sure the 'English vote' voted NO or is it that Wales's future should be decided by those who don't want Wales to be, erm, 'too Welshie'?

Monday, January 15, 2007

Trevor Phillips = British Nationalist

I find this article particularly offensive. In it Trevor Phillips implies that Welsh, English or Scottish nationalism is incapable (racially incapable maybe, Trevor?) of creating a civic nationality.

His praise of the English language is particularly offensive given the colonial prejudices the Commission for Racial Equality has treated the Welsh language during the Simon Glyn affair and before stretching back to 1986 when they tried to sue Gwynedd County Council for demanding that staff should be able to speak Welsh... what, are English-speakers or ethnic minorities racially incapable of learning Welsh?

Trevor - your inclusiveness is just British nationalism in drag. Be honest, come out of the closet, and call yourself a British nationalist. How is a publicly funded officer able to make such blatantly party political points?

Isn't it time that Plaid Cymru, Welsh Societies and other Welsh Nationalist websites, such as
Wales - World Nation, also started calling these people by their true description - British nationalists?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Brown's ballsed it up!

So Brown, in a bid to save his massive ego (sorry the Union) has launched a Kulturkampf.

What's that? You thought only bourgeois middle-class Welsh-speakers believed in cultural nationalism?

Oh, I see, hypocrisy!
What's that again, Brown? The Tories are being 'opportunist' by talking of English Votes for English Laws? Of course, that's so much different from the 'opportunism' of Labour campaigning for a Scottish Parliament in 1997... nothing to do with concern that the SNP would wipe up the Labour vote were Labour not to offer a parliament.

And hey, the really bad news to Brown and other Brit nationalists, is that some of the Tories and English actually believe in an English parliament... and even
independence for England.

Brown's ballsed it up. This is too good to be true. The British nationalists in the Labour party have realised that they just can't put the elephant back in the bottle! They're resorting to flag-waving and name-calling.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

In a Field of His Own

I lamented in a previous blog the slow death of the Brit Left who seem to have been reduced to going on about Iraq, Palestine and maybe Bolivia or Venezuela but are in self-denial about the future of the UK apart from pushing New British Nationalism on us - yes, Brown was at it again over the weekend.

However, the left are not all moribund in their British nationalism. I've already spoken about Straw being an intelligent option for Labour rather than Brown and Billy Bragg tries to create a new Englishness which isn't racist ... of course, Englishness isn't racist, it was only the Brit Nat Left who said it was in the fist place.

But the one politician on the Left who is brave and intelligent enough to actually think the unthinkable (again) is Frank Field. I believe Field was born in Wales so that may give him some idea of the nature of nationality and identity. In an intelligent and interesting interview on GMTV's Sunday program who reveals the (British) Emperor’s new clothes. This is a snippet from the interview:

"... I mean, I love England but somehow to think that we've got special status in the world because we're the United Kingdom I just think is tragic to still be peddling that view."

He also understands that Britain is just Belgium on stilts. China, the US and India won't give a damn what she thinks in a few years time - stop deluding yourself - just take a look at the demographics.

Here's the interview (thanks to Iain Dale's blog)

Friday, January 05, 2007

Brown for Labour

Everyone else have been discussing who should be the next leader of the Labour Party, so here goes. Jack Straw would be the obvious next leader. Of course, this is unlikely to happen as Labour are in denial (or unable to read) what's happening to cultural politics in England.

This is partly because they believe their own propaganda that identity and constitutional issues aren't important and people just want to talk about schools'n'hospitals and partly because they don't want to rock the boat.

But lets lie back and smile. Imagine Labour win the next UK election by a small margin propped up by the phalanx of Welsh and Scots MPs. Hmm. Tories win more votes (even seats) in England. Gordon Brown is PM. How long do you think that'll last? I can't stop grinning at the chocolaty succulence of it - that's why I want Brown for Labour PM.

Of course, Brown could quite conceivably lose the election to Cameron. In which case Cameron would have saved the Union for the time being in much the same way as Major, by losing in 1997, saved the Union for a while (imagine had the Tories won again?!). If Brown was to lose then there would be an important lesson learnt in Wales and Scotland.

It will be that a Labour MP representing a Welsh or Scottish constituency would never be able to become PM of the UK again. That's got far-reaching implications for the polity and personal ambition in those two countries. If you're a driven politician, what's best - being a big fish (PM) of a small country or a small fish (Minister for Pensions) in a big pond?

Of course, Labour could chose the risky but possibly far-sighted option which is the Straw option. He's the only Labour senior politician who seems to understand what's going on with the white English working class.

He's ready to take risks on issues which chime with voters (the burka affair), he doesn't believe the left-wing narrative about multiculturalism, he supports(ish) an English parliament, he's decent and isn't a frothing racist... and that's before you come to a 'good war' on Iraq ( i.e. no war).

Straw can appeal to 'traditional Labour voters' (code for white working class who may be even be tempted to vote BNP to make a point but more likely not to vote at all) without scaring the Home Counties. The Labour CRE brigade may be tempted to go for him now that they've realised the game is up.

Of course if Straw is chosen there's far reaching implications for the polity and personal ambition of driven politicians in Wales and Scotland!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Right are on the ball!

Interesting article by Matthew Parris in The Times, which just goes to show that the understanding of the massive change in opinion that is going on in the UK (especially in England) regarding 'Britishness' comes from the right wing and not the British nationalists of the left.

In fact I'm surprised that many of those who are on the right and live in Wales are hostile to Welsh independence. Leaving aside their emotional attachment to Britishness, Welsh independence would free up Wales as much as free it.

An independent Wales would have to make the economy work or the government would sink - no more Brit Nat dependence culture and 'daddy London will bail us out'. No more bribes and boring class jingoism. No, as someone commented on the Wales World Nation blog, the Welsh political class would have to learn to swim and leave the rhetoric behind.

An independent Wales would be the difference between the whinging Ossi of East Germany and the confident Estonian. Two former communist states, but one is tied in with a richer brother and playing the politics of hand-outs, while the other is independent and has had to sort out its own economy - on it own terms - and has been far more successful.

In a global economy and with no threat from France or Germany, there simply is no point to the UK, France nor Spain. There's nothing they can do which Wales, Scotland, Brittany or Catalonia couldn't. It's time the Brit Nats were less emotional about lines on maps and smelt the coffee.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Two fingers to the Brit Nats - C'mon England!

After years of hearing British nationalists tell me to stop being 'racists' and support England in the name of brotherhood and solidarity, I've finally taken their advice.

I have to admit I was genuinely disappointed that England didn't retain the Ashes and I now want England to do well in rugby. If it wasn't for the small but crucial fact that English Soccer Fans (who've decided from their own accord to move to Wales) have historically made no effort to integrate into our country, I'd even support their soccer team.

I do this not because of any new found belief in the Brit Nat lie (I never decided not to support England for racists reasons nor do I hate England). I support England now because with every test match or Grandslam they win, the English become more English and less British - and that's something I welcome.

It also creates a civic English nationalism, which again is something I support (and the Brit Nats on the left don't) something which is often discussed on the following blog:

So, two fingers to the Brit Nats, and C'mon England!