Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Brit Nats are at it again.

Oh no, they're at it again! These British Nationalists just can't let it go. Simon Jenkins was at it this time in the Guardian, telling us that the England Ashes win was a win for the UK. Oh, bog off Jenkins. It was an English win.

Let the English enjoy it. It's idiotic comments like this by British Nats which really irritate liberal thinking Welsh and English people. The worst was kept till the last paragraph. What kind of spaghetti logic is this:

'Americans do not stage a knockout competition to decide which state should represent it abroad'.

What, is Wales or England no more than a version of some rectangular American state? Two thousand years of history and our own language and, what, Wales is Wyoming in the rain?

'Bavarians and Catalans, with far more autonomy than Wales or Scotland, do not exclude themselves from their national teams.'

Hasn't he heard that the Catalan and Basque governments have been trying for years to have their own football sides like the Welsh, Scots and the English? Does he actually get paid to write this nonsense?

'Exclude themselves from their national teams'?

What nation? We have our national team - it's called Wales ... or is Wales not a nation?

'For goodness sake wave the union jack and let this glorious game belong to the nation as a whole.'

Fetch me a bucket - the Brit Nat just can't stop! Which nation? Wave the union jack - is this some kind of joke? Get over it Jenkins. Britian is on its way out. The English cricket team are rightly proud of their win. Let the English celebrate it. Stop stuffing your British Nationalism down the throats of liberal-minded English and Welsh people, and why not catch up on some international politics whilst your at it.

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