Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Labour are now less left-wing than the Tories?

So, let's get this right. It took a coalition of Plaid, LibDems and Tories to help out pensioners who'd been hard hit by Labour's stealth tax rise through the Council Tax; to improve school meals for thousands of kids and also to give easier access to Welsh students to Welsh unversities?

If the three opposition parties hadn't cooperated on this budget and kept a tight-squeeze of Rhodri Morgan's goolies (hmm, maybe I shouldn't have used that metaphore ... Nick Bourne, Ieuan Wyn and Mike German holding, yes, erm, inaanycase) then those pensioners who'd been hard hit by Labour's stealth tax rise through the Council Tax; those improved school meals for thousands of kids and the easier access to Welsh students to Welsh unversities wouldn't have happened?

So, sorry to go on, I'm just curious. But those progressive compromises were won by a coalition of the 'right-wing-non-Nye-Bevan-hagiographers-they're-just-tories-in-disguise' Plaid and Lib Dems and erm, well, real life Tories as well? Yes that's it. Not Welsh Labour? Not Rhodri 'clear red water' Morgan.


Never mind, still not as amazing as those Welsh Labour members in Welsh Labour fantasy Land. Those Labour members and AMs of what is a right wing Christian Democrat party in everything but name (not that there's anything wrong with Christian Democracy either) can still taunt other party members as being right wing. Not that everything right wing is wrong either.

So, Labour are now less left-wing than the Tories? It really is just tribalism and class jingoism after all.

We praise the Welsh nationalists for working with two of the other British nationalist parties to defeat the Labour smugocracy.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Welcome to the Brit Nat spin zone

You may recall our story regarding the campaign Natwatch ran against Gwynedd Council ex employee Rhodri Tomos, which led to his resignation on September 1st.

Mr Tomos did indeed make the following comment in an email converstion with Natwatch:

“There's one thing lacking in your website - there's no mention of the Pwllheli Marina issue, probably the most embarrassing incident this year for Welsh nationalists.”
Little did Mr Tomos know how Natwatch, The Daily Post and Welsh Labour would ‘interpret’ this comment. Keep your hats on, you’re about to enter the Brit Nat spin zone:

Natwatch reported:
"Nat Watch has received correspondence from the Information and Research officer for Plaid-run Gwynedd Council Rhodri Tomos, who has told us that there are several 'embarrassing' truths waiting to be publicised regarding the actions of his own council."
The Daily Post reported:
"Rhodri Tomos allegedly told the Nat Watch site he could pass on 'embarrassing' details about plans to double moorings at Pwllheli marina."
Welsh Labour’s press realease said:
"…Website Nat Watch reports that Gwynedd press officer Rhodri Tomos has expressed concern about the way in which the Pwllheli Marina project was handled by his employers."
That’s enough of the spin, here’s the truth:

Mr Tomos never worked on the Pwllheli Marina project. Mr Tomos has never revealed any wrongdoing, regarding the Pwllheli Marina project or any other activity of Gwynedd council to anyone. To allege that Mr Tomos had offered Natwatch or anyone else 'embarrassing truths' about the Pwllheli Marina project is a complete lie.

It is a great shame that Mr Tomos felt the need to resign because of this matter. The Brit Nat Labour spin machine are solely to blame for his resignation. Yet again, this shows how vile the Brit Nats behave here in Wales, and their total disregard for the people.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Who runs Wales - Clarke or Morgan?

Once again Brit Nat Rhodri 'windbag' Morgan is left speechless and looking useless as the big boys in London tell him what's what. Clarke has decided Wales needs one police force and, erm, that's it.

You can argue about the merits of one force, the status quo or a national Welsh police force decentralised to regions or even counties, but this should and could be decided in Wales. By Rhodri Morgan. The Prime Minister of Wales. Or is that asking too much?

Maybe Clarke, like Bryant, just doesn't trust his own Labour AMs in Cardiff not to cock it up for them?

In any case, Morgan will have to go cap in hand again to London to ask for some say in the matter and plead that they at least pretend he's had some say in the matter. Oh, the joys of being a Brit Nat.

Rhodri Morgan - a Prime Minister who can't even decide how many paperclips his own police service can order. Has the man no self respect?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Labour MP says Labour AM's are Hopeless.

Here's a funny story, one Labour MP, Chris 'Superman' Bryant, says that his own party is crap.

Chris Bryant, the former Conservative who had to join Labour to stay where he was politically, has lambasted his own Labour party's running of the health service in Wales. Nye Bevan would be turning in his grave, blah, blah, blah!

It seems that Brit Nat Bryant can't get his head around the fact that Wales has its own half Parliament now. Nor can he understand that Rhodri 'Windbag' Morgan's, governance, in Cardiff Bay is not only useless it's a-political.

Bryant has a political philosophy - he's a Conservative. Fair enough. Morgan and the Brit Nat Welsh Labour Party have no philosophy. Its just anti-Welsh class jingoism with bribes for the core voters.

Bryant is right to question Morgan's back-of-a-beer-mat bribes, like the free buses, free school breakfast free brain transplants etc, etc. But come on Bryant, that's Welsh Labour for you - that's your party - and that's as good as it gets.

It's not about policies it's about bribes. Rhodri 'Windbag' knows he can knock-up as big a deficit as he wants and cock-up the whole country because in the end, London Labour will bail him out in case they lose Wales again to the Welsh Nats.

For the Brit Nats in Welsh Labour it's simple - we cock up, and someone else, somewhere else, will pay more taxes so our core voters get their bribes - we call it
You've got to be stupid not to vote for them!

Bryant - get over it - you're part of the same party and you're part of the problem!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

We are an independent state!

Fair play to FAW secretary general - David Collins - for strongly opposing the idea of Wales taking part in a GB football team at the next Olympics.

Wales should have its own team at the Olympics, in football, and every other sport! Here is what he had to say on the matter.

"We are a separate nation recognised throughout the world and we are a separate football association. We certainly don't want to jeopardise that status for the Olympic Games - it's a firm 'no' from us."

"We are a member of probably the four oldest football associations in the world and there have been moves in the past to bring the four nations together under a Great Britain team."

"Playing in the Olympics as one team would only fuel that concept and we don't want to put ourselves in that position. It's a 'no' from us, because I'm sure that if we conducted a poll throughout Wales most people would want us to stay independent from the other associations."

"We are an independent state and as far as we are concerned we are an independent association. If we joined a Great Britain team that could signal the start of losing our independence in world football and that's something we are not prepared to do."

British football team? No Way!

If you agree with David Collins, why not place the above badge on your website?

Monday, November 07, 2005

Tory leadership chaos

It was reported in the Western Mail today that Brit Nat Tory leader in Wales - Nick Bourne - may be an illegitimate leader. The article questions the process in which he got the job in the first place.

Tory Councillor David Fouweather, said in the article:

"Nick Bourne has never been endorsed by the party membership in Wales as leader... I think it is time for someone else to take over the leadership. I don't think Nick Bourne has any popular appeal. He's not Welsh. People talk about Rhodri Morgan, they even talk about Mike German, but they don't talk about Nick Bourne."

Nick Bourne responded by saying:

"Does anyone seriously think we would have made the progress we have if we had continued with the previous hard-right and anti-Welsh agenda? The Conservatives are now back on the political map in Wales."

David Fouweather complains that Nick Bourne isn't Welsh, and therefore doen't have any popular appeal in Wales. Nick Bourne counters by stating that he has changed the party, and actually made the party more Welsh, and therefore more electable.

It's nice to see that the Brit Nat Conservatives are starting to realise that the people of Wales want Welsh, and not British, parties representing them at the Welsh Assembly.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Text referendum 4 Wales

The 'Real Referendum' on whether Wales should have its own law-making Parliament was launched yesterday by Ron Davies outside the National Assembly's new debating chamber.

The 'Real Referendum' will be different from conventional and old fashioned 'walking to your village hall' affair as it is asking people to vote by text, and will last for a month before the final White Paper, 'Better Governance for Wales' is released.

It will ask 1 simple question: Do you think Wales should have its own Law-making Parliament?

Voters will be asked to text 'Wales Yes' or 'Wales No' to 83010. Texts cost 25p + standard network charge. Only 1 text 'vote' will be recorded from each mobile phone. There is also a chance to vote in a seperate refferendum online at

Leanne Wood AM, the youngest Plaid Cymru Assembly Member, was the first to vote in the text referendum - the 1st ever political referendum of its kind in the UK. Ms Wood commented:

"The old men in Westminster have let us down, so it's good to see the next generation standing up for proper voice for Wales. We want the people of Wales to choose whether they have a Parliament equal to Scotland's, not a handful of New Labour MPs."

We urge everyone to text 'Wales Yes’ to 83010, to show the British Nationalist New Labour Party that we are not happy with the current settlement, and that we need a full law-making Parliament immediately!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The CRE should stop promoting British Nationalism!

Here we go again. The CRE are wrapping themselves in the union jack and pushing new British Nationalism on us all.

The latest bout of Brit flag waving is because a high proportion of people from 'ethnic minority' backgrounds in England feel more British than their fellow white citizens (who strangely enough feel English).

With so many of their fellow citizens feeling English rather than British shouldn't the CRE start promoting an English identity rather than British nationalism? After all, reinforcing Britishness within the ethnic minority community will only further ghettoise that community from their fellow English citizens.

I know that Labour has a vested interest in Britishness for their own political ambition, but the CRE's job is to promote race toleration not British nation building and nationalism.

And is it any surprise that so many members of the ethnic minority communities feel uncomfortable with the notion of Englishness when the British left wing, until very lately, said Englishness = white racists?

In Wales (as in Scotland) the situation is different, with ethnic minority communities feeling more Welsh than British, and many calling themselves Welsh and NOT British, but this doesn't stop the CRE from ramming British Nationalism down our communities' throats as well.

The job of the CRE is not to become a new front in promoting British Nationalism. Nor is it it's job to suggest that British identity is better than a Welsh, Scottish, Cornish or English identity nor that Welsh people have to accept a British identity if they don't want to be branded racist. We shouldn't accept the forcing of this new British nationalism down our throats, whatever the colour of the speaker.