Thursday, September 29, 2005

Labour - German or Welsh?

Do a search on Google for Welsh Labour and the first two links are:

The first site was used by the British Labour Party in Wales, but somone forgot to pay the domain renewal fees. The domain is now taken by a German search engine!!!

Just to make matters worse for Nu 'pensioner bashing' Labour, the links from the official BRITISH Labour site, to the 'Welsh' information, point to the 'German' site. Press on the AM links to see - it's the same for all AM links! And doesn't Nia Griffith look rather odd in that picture ;-)

Labour Party in Llanelli

Labour Party in Preseli-Pembrokeshire

Worse still, Alun Pugh URGED the to create a bilingual website, as reported in the WM last November, and then 'Welsh' Labour create an English only site! So what is their official view (in English) on the Welsh Language? NUFF SAID!

PS. Leighton Andrews, don't give us the bull:

"Welsh Labour has been hugely supportive of the Welsh language in recent years."

The facts speak for themselves!

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Anonymous said...

Mr Andrews seems to have a healthier attitude to the language than most in his party, and is to be commended if this is the case.

Sadly, I just can't trust politicians these days. They say what people want to hear.

The Labour party has a poor record on the Welsh language.

How on earth can Labour be trusted on the language when they're trying to anglicise probably our only festival that is purely through the medium of Welsh.

What exactly has Labour done for the Welsh language since devolution?