Monday, August 28, 2006

Labour call for grown-up debate on immigration - does that also include English migration to Wales?

Westminster Home Office Minister, John Reid, said recently that he wanted to change the culture of the debate and end the "daft, so-called politically correct notion that anybody who talks about immigration is somehow a racist".

How refreshing - time for Welsh Labour to apologies to Simon Glyn? Time for Plaid Cymru's leaders to call on Rhodri Morgan, Huw Lewis, Leighton Andrews and the other Labour British Nationalists to apologise to Simon Glyn?

We believe that it's time we had a clear, sensible debate on movement of people in to Wales. That includes the English who have, over the last few hundred years, failed as a community to 'integrate' into Welsh life. In fact, Welsh people have been forced to integrate into English norms - especially language.

In any case, I look forward to the debate. It seems that Labour's fear of losing seats to the BNP (a nod that their core-voters are institutionally racist?) has got them thinking.

I live in hope. Discussing the laughable idea that Poles and and people from Pakistan are a threat to English/British culture is 'sensible' but discussing that English is a threat to Welsh is racist.

Labour listens to BNP voters, shakes hands with Irish terrorists but will never, ever, admit that Welsh nationalists like Simon Glyn or Glyn (Big Brother) Wise have a point too. Maybe the Valleys boyos and English AMs and MPs who love Wales for the life-style but not the culture would feel a bit foreign here then, eh?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Wales' next First Minister?

Watch Glyn's final interview on Big Brother, where he pronounced his love for Wales, the Welsh language and Cymdeithas yr Iaith, and said that he wants to be the 1st Welsh Prime Minister. (OK, Lloyd George was Welsh, but give him a break, he's only 18!)

He also claimed his full support for Plaid Cymru on an earlier episode. Will Glyn be the 1st Plaid Cymru First Minister for Wales? He has this blog's full support!

If you only want to see the above mentioned bits, fast forward to the 4th minute

Not surprisingly Rhodri Morgan has congratulated Glyn on raising the profile of Wales. Morgan is right to congratulate Glyn; after all Glyn's done more for the Welsh language than Morgan's done, and Morgan's the First Minister of Wales!

When was the last time you heard Morgan stick up for the Welsh language? Where was the windbag when his own party was throwing insults at the language and Welsh-speaking communities? Talking shite about rugby no doubt!

Glyn Wise is the very epitome of the kind of Welsh-speaker his Labour attack-dogs were libelling at the height of the Simon Glyn affair.
As Cymuned say, Morgan's hypocrisy is breath-taking.

The Welsh language is safe with people like Glyn Wise - not so with hypocrites like Rhodri Morgan. Policies not PR please Morgan - that's your job.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wales is just a rubbish tip?

I think you may have something to say about this. I'm incensed, but sadly I don't think it will even raise many eyebrows in apathetic Wales.

Thanks for your email. Couldn't agree more Sam! Here are a few more comments by angry Welsh people from the welshrepublicandebate forum:
I see Liverpool are as irreverent and arrogant to Wales as they have ever been in the past, how they can have the temerity to try something like this after Tryweryn, AND after aplogising last year for that beats me. They are literally taking the piss out of us.

This is disgraceful. The frigging trouble is that for the most part the Welsh will just take this lying down.

I am absolutely furious!

How many more times can this type of thing happen before the majority of Wales wakes up and smells the coffee!

I cannot believe in this day and age, that these situations are still arising.

The sooner Wales is Independent and can actually have a say on these matters the better!