Sunday, September 18, 2005

Tony 'F****ng Welsh' Blair!

It was reported in the Sunday Times today that the King of the Brit Nats, Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair, was left fuming after a frank account of the tantrums and cynicism of his inner circle were published in the diaries of Lance Price, a former deputy to Alastair Campbell.

The Sunday Times got hold of some uncensored extracts from his book, The Spin Doctor’s Diary, later changed at Downing Street’s instigation, revealing that Blair erupted in fury when Labour was doing badly in the first elections to the Welsh Assembly in 1999, shouting 'F****ng Welsh'.

'"F*****g Welsh', repeated many times by TB."

"TB f-ing and blinding about the whole thing."

If you consider that just last month, Labour Councillor Danny Meikle was fined £750 and convicted of a racially aggravated breach of the peace for calling a Welsh constituent 'boyo', isn't 'F****ng Welsh' slightly more offensive?


Nic said...

When a Menter Iaith worker calls someone a "Fucking Brit" in a private email, it leads to a police investigation and front page spreads in the Daily Post.

I presume this story was given similar coverage in today's Daily Post?

Nic said...

Can I also suggest that we all take a leaf out of Natwatch's book here, and start referring to Blair as Tony "Fucking Welsh" Blair? ;-)

Hammers - back where we belong said...

You are very quick to take the word of the most reactionary, right-wing newspaper in Britain. Does this mean you also believe and support all of the bile this title comes out with on asylum seekers?

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

It was reported in the Sunday Times before any other newspaper. What about these:

Western Mail

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

Even the Tories are jumping on the bandwagon, and asking Tony 'Fucking Welsh' Blair to apologise!