Wednesday, August 31, 2005

'Better Governance for Wales' is an insult!

Another superb article appeared yesterday in the Western Mail, this time by Martin Shipton, under the title 'Wales has less law rights than channel island.'

He compares the powers of the National Assembly with the powers of Alderney, the third biggest of the Channel Islands with a tiny population of just 2,400 people.

Martin Shipton attacks the Brit Nat Labour Party's proposals in 'Better Governance for Wales', and claims that: "the National Assembly will remain a second class body entirely at the whim of Westminster."

He quotes Neil Adsett, an Australian constitutional lawyer, who dismisses Brit Nat Peter Hain's proposals:
"They are a nonsense and won't work. Why don't they just give Wales the legislative powers it needs?... Wales should be looking to get a similar deal to Scotland."

Martin Shipton also quotes Ron Davies, a strong critic of the Brit Nat Labour Party's proposals for Wales: "What we are seeing in Wales is a Government in Westminster unwilling to let go of the policy agenda and instead creating a Heath Robinson, ramshackle device for delaying, obscuring and disguising the fact that it still wants to cling on to political control."

He finishes his piece by urging the people of Wales to contact the Wales Office to respond to the 'insult' that is the White Paper 'Better Governance for Wales.' We obviously support his call, and thank him for a wonderful article.

"If you believe that the current proposals fail to put right a substantial insult to Wales, we urge you to tell the Government so. Responses to the White Paper must be made by September 16 to Zenny Saunders, Wales Office, Gwydyr House, Whitehall, London SW1A 2ER or by email to"

Wales has less law rights than channel island -
Martin Shipton, Western Mail, Aug 30 2005
Will this island provoke blue-sky thinking? - Martin Shipton, Western Mail, Aug 30 2005

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Inside Swansea Council v Inside Out @ Swansea

It seems that the Brit Nats have gone blog crazy down at Swansea.

Inside Swansea Council is the LIC (Brit Nats Liberals/Independent/Conservatives) ruling coalition's propaganda machine "An unofficial insider's view of Swansea Council and related issues."

Inside Out @ Swansea on the other hand is run by the Brit Nat Labour Party "An alternative commentary on how things are run - or not - by the Liberal Democrat, Independent and Conservative (LIC) coalition on Swansea Council"

One of the main recent topics of dicussion has been the future of Swansea's education system.

Brit Nat Labour group leader David Phillips recently warned that funding for a new Swansea super-school could be illegal unless it was made clear where the money was coming from first, and threatened to launch a legal challenge against the scheme.

Brit Nats LIC hit back accusing Labour councillors of playing petty politics with the future of Swansea's education system.

Many now believe that the Lib Dems and Conservatives are making a complete mess of running Swansea Council, and risking the education of the pupils at the same time. But who's the alternative? The Brit Nat Labour Party, in neighbouring Carmarthenshire, are doing just as bad a job, with over 40 Primary Schools earmarked for closure.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the Brit Nats cannot be trusted with providing quality education for our children in any County!

Monday, August 29, 2005

'British Nationalists' anagram?

Just found this on Anagram Genius:

Rearranging the letters of 'The Welsh Nationalists' gives:

Nastiness to Whitehall

Which is fair enough considering the way Wales has been treated by Whitehall over the years. But we've found a bug in the system. Rearranging the letters of 'British Nationalists' (Conservatives, Labour + Lib Dems) doesn't give:

They don't give a toss about Wales or the Welsh Language. Only interested in the future of their own party, and their standing in that party, at the expense of Wales.

We've contacted the site, and they've promised to fix the bug as soon as possible ;-)

Sunday, August 28, 2005

New Welsh Language Act? Boring, boring, boring!

Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg, the Welsh Language Society, has campaigned for a New Welsh Language Act, with extending the provisions of the 1993 Welsh language Act into the private sector as one of the main aims, for many years.

Recently, a prominent member of the Welsh Language Board, Collin Williams, gave his endorsement of this aim, and Labour Lord Prys-Davies also recently argued in favour of a new Welsh language Act.

But the Labour Brit Nat with the power, Rhodri Morgan, remains sceptical. He was followed around, with placards and a loudhailer, at the National Eisteddfod Maes earlier this month by Welsh language campaigners, before admitting that the whole issue in his eyes was "boring, boring, boring!"

Back in 1993 Rhodri Morgan supported calls for a stronger Welsh language Act. These were his words:

"The Government calls this a Welsh Language Bill, but it would be better described as a Welsh Language Quango Bill. What one could call a Quango for the lingo ...... We shall be abstaining tonight because we hope to have the opportunity before long to do the job properly. That will be done when we revisit the question of a Welsh language messure when we are in Government
But Once in power, Rhodri Morgan changed his mind and has opposed the strengthening of Welsh language legistlation.

We at British Nats in Wales Watch support the Welsh Language Society, the Welsh Language Board, and the Labour Lord Prys-Davies in their call for a New Welsh Language Act.

You can also support their call by attending a Rally arranged by the Welsh Language Society, outside the Welsh Assembly Government HQ (Old Welsh Office), Cathays Park, Cardiff at 2pm on Saturday October 1st 2005.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Kirsty hits the nail on its head.

A superb article by Kirsty Buchanan appeared in the Western Mail today, under the title 'Confusion is Labour's governance theme'. This article hits the nail on its head regarding the Brit Nat Labour Party's view on devolution.

As Kirsty Buchanan so rightly points out, it's all to do with 'what the Cabinet and Welsh Labour back benchers will stomach', rather than what's best for Wales! Everyone in Wales must realise that the British Nationalists will always put their own party's future, before the future of the people of Wales! Enjoy.

Confusion is Labour's governance theme
Kirsty Buchanan,
Western Mail, Aug 27 2005

ADHERING to the tried and trusted method of kicking difficult topics into the long grass, Labour has yet to reveal how another referendum would ever be held in Wales on additional powers for its hobbled National Assembly.

In its White Paper, Better Governance for Wales, Labour stresses it has "currently no plans" for a referendum, (fearing it would be lost), but insists new legislation will "specify the conditions which will trigger a referendum".

You can expect these conditions, when the Government of Wales (Amendment) Bill is published, to be either frustratingly vague or near impossible to achieve. All we know currently is the trigger rests on a demonstrable show from the public for an Assembly with full law-making powers.

If asked, I would tell you I had a strong desire to run off with Denzel Washington but it's not like I take to the streets with a placard every day to demonstrate this wish. So Wales risks being left with a confusing and compromised devolution settlement simply because Labour will not ask the question in the belief it knows the answer.

Proposals to fast-track legislation through Westminster and to give AMs more power to scrutinise Bills may be a step in the right direction but it's a very small step. It is entirely possible, of course, that the Assembly's track record owes more to the Assembly Government than the settlement itself. After all, who can forget the audacious folly of fiddling around with health board structures while hospital waiting lists grew to dangerous levels?

But surely this is a matter for the people to determine.

I think the time for debating the Assembly's abolition has passed but if it's to stay I want an explanation as to why replacing one compromised settlement with another is preferable to a clear division of power between Westminster and Cardiff.

Welsh Secretary Peter Hain argues this is an exercise in what is deliverable rather than desirable - in other words what the Cabinet and Welsh Labour back benchers will stomach. This reality leaves the prejudices of a few dictating the future for the many.

And so I leave the Conservatives, Plaid Cymru and the Liberal Democrats with a challenge. If Labour will not test public will, you should. If not a referendum, why not a national petition demanding a referendum?

Vouchers in newspapers, road shows, internet petitions would help demonstrate the desire for an Assembly we can all be proud of. There are 2.2m Welsh voters - aim for signatures from 500,000 of them. Would nearly one in four voters be enough to trigger a referendum?

And, having lit that blue touch paper, I am off for new adventures. I have loved writing this column.

Ta ta tan toc!

Demolishing the 'Welsh speakers switching to English in the pub' myth!

There's a popular false rumour that locals only start speaking Welsh in the pub when the English turn up. Dylan Llyr from Caernarfon thinks it's time it was exposed as a myth once and for all. I hope he doesn't mind that I republish his letter to the BBC North West Wales here:

Llew DuThere are only so many times one can stomach the old 'Welsh people switching to English in the pub' myth without screaming and desperately trying to resist the urge to eat one's own head in sheer frustration. There is genuinely nothing that annoys me more than seeing otherwise intelligent people parroting this claim verbatim.

For once and for all, let it be known: it is utterly utterly false, and anyone who claims to have experienced such an event first-hand is a liar. The entire premise is flawed, for a number of reasons:

1) Why does the listener assume that they were speaking English beforehand if he's only just entered the room?

2) Perhaps they are part of a group comprised of a mix of Welsh and English speakers? When I find myself in such company, when including the English speakers in the dialogue I use English (even if it feels rather uncomfortable to speak English with Welsh friends), but if speaking merely to the Welsh speakers directly then naturally I will use Welsh.

3) Much colloquial Welsh contains a smattering of lazy English borrowings (usually when perfectly fine Welsh equivalents are available) so the listener may mishear and only realise they're actually speaking Welsh as (s)he gets closer.

4) How on earth would they know you could not speak Welsh? Do you wear a large fluorescent "English-only" sign?

Point 1 should be enough to demolish the myth on its own, but it's actually interesting since it demonstrates beautifully why the myth is so potent (and dangerous) in the first place.

The underlying assumptions behind the belief are truly sinister. Obviously there is the awful paranoia, but there is also the implication that we don't "really" use Welsh all the time ("but...but...surely they don't actually speak something other than English? There must be some sort of ulterior motive"). It perpetuates the notion that it is merely something we use to exclude 'outsiders' and as some sort of handy clique-maintenance tool.

It implies that when nobody else is around, we use English like 'normal' people, as if Welsh is only really good enough for some occasional English-baiting. It's the perfect legend for undermining an entire language, since it denies the existence and viability of Welsh as a natural and everyday way of life (and therefore eases the guilty conscience of those who destroy it) and portrays its speakers as insular and unfriendly bigots.

So there you have it, the perfect all-in-one Welsh-undermining urban legend. Jackpot, eh? Please, the next time you hear this myth from some guy at the pub, just think a little bit and consider that not only is it untrue, it DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. And that even worse, it's a cunning propaganda tool with far-reaching consequences."

From the BBC North West Wales website

Friday, August 26, 2005

Wales' biggest British Nationalist speaks!

He must be having a laugh! The biggest British nationalist in Wales is at it again (does he still live in Wales? - ed).

Old, Neil, erm, sorry, Baron Kinnock of Bedwellty, is once again upon his white steed, flying the flag for British nationalism, beating his manly chest, proclaiming that he will campaign again for a 'no' vote if there was a referendum on more powers to our poxy (Brit Nat Labour run) Assembly.

By all accounts a likeable chap, his Music Hall Welshness is just about innoffensive enough to be patronised by the British establishment which he always so longed to join.

Forget the radical socialism rhetoric of his youth, like all other 'international socialists', it was all probably done to cover this British nationalism and attack any Welshness which stretched beyond the kitch.

The old boyo is now head of the British Council where many feel that he is full-enough of himself not to realise that the English have never stopped laughing at him.
This great British Nationalist will do anything to stop Wales becoming a great little European nation-state.

The man who proposed in the 1980s that if Wales wanted an Assembly it should be divided into two regions (one for the north and one for the south), now complains that Britain could be divided. Good enough to divide Wales obviously.

This is the man who despite all his big talk against Thatcher and the Tories, killed off the 1979 Referendum which could have stood up to the exesses of Margaret Thatcher's policies. How much of a British Nationalist do you have to be to do that?

But then you see, when push comes to shove the Kinnock's Brit Nat Welsh Labour will always back British capitalism against Welsh communities. After all they're British nationalists first and last.

Most people now view him as a political failure - he's been wrong or
changed his mind on everything he's ever stood for. His only consistent policy has been to be a British Nationalist. Does he and his wife, Glenys, still believe that we care about them?

Glenys Kinnock - the woman who thought Welsh not good enough a language to speak to her own children but is willing enough to push herself on to Welsh language tv to speak in the language 'she nearly forgot'.

Don't you get it Neilo? British is just English with a funny accent - but then, that's Neil Kinnock for you.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Labours' Jobs for the Boys?

A Political row has erupted over the appointment of a former Labour MP to a top health job. And memos reveal that Assembly officials wanted the news kept under wraps after the Gazette sought confirmation of the controversial appointment.

Plaid has accused the Welsh Assembly Government of providing "jobs for the boys" by selecting former Bridgend MP Win Griffiths as chairman of the Bro Morgannwg NHS Trust.

The role carries a salary of £39,000 for 14 days work a month. Plaid Cymru used the Freedom of Information Act to investigate the background to the appointment, which was first revealed in a letter dated January 28 from health minister Dr Brian Gibbons to retiring trust chairman Russell Hopkins.

This informed Mr Hopkins that his successor would be Mr Griffiths, who would take up the appointment from June 1 - after the May general election. The rules forbid the chairmen of health trusts to be actively involved in politics.

The Gazette found out about the appointment that week and contacted the Welsh Assembly Press Office on February 2 asking for confirmation.
This prompted a flurry of e-mails between officials. One from Della Martin, of the public appointments branch, NHS Wales, said:

"We do not want the Glamorgan Gazette to run this article at all... Stephen Redmond (another official) wants to say that we have no comment to make."

But later that day, a decision was taken to release a press statement about the appointment.
Plaid Cymru AM Dr Dai Lloyd accused Labour of using the appointment process to install its friends into well paid positions.

"Four people were originally shortlisted for the post but three of these withdrew. The Assembly then headhunted additional candidates."

Mr Griffiths has confirmed to the Gazette that he was invited to apply for the post. Dr Lloyd went on:

"The information we have now seems to indicate that the Labour Government went out of their way to appoint Win Griffiths. Is taxpayers' money being used to reward party political associations? The entire public appointment system risks being brought into disrepute. There should be an investigation."

Extracts taken from the Glamorgan Gazette - Aug 25 2005

British Nationalist Parties, they're all the same!

We all know from bitter experience that many products don’t do what they say on the label. The people of Swansea last year found out that the same holds for the Lib Dems.

The British Nationalist Lib Dems in Swansea posed as anti-war and to the left of Brit Nat Labour, but went into coalition with the Brit Nat Tories straight after the County Council elections. The Lib Dems and Tories obviously had plenty of common ground.

This was no great surprise to us in Wales. For years, the Lib Dems have been willing to work with their Brit Nat friends in order to get their grubby hands on some power. We saw this first with the Lib Dems, the fourth party in Wales, bailing out their Labour Brit Nat friends in the first term of the Assembly.

Well according to the South Wales Evening Post it seems that the bubble has finally burst in Swansea with Councillors leaving the ruling coalition left right and centre. The latest is Independent Councillor Ray Welsby, who has allegedly told the so-called LIC super group - Liberal Democrat, Independent and Conservative members of the coalition - that he plans to pull out of the ruling administration because of their right wing policies.

Councillor Welsby is furious that the Brit Nat Coalition wants to privatise Swansea's stock of 14,000 council houses. Welsby said:

"I believe we should keep social housing within local government... I will never go along with getting rid of council houses."

Did the people of Swansea realise that a vote for the Lib Dems was also a vote for the Tories and their right wing policies? To be fair, they don't have much choice, the main opposition group is New Labour!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Brit Nat Labour Councillor attacks Labour.

British Nationalist Labour Councillor Peter McFarlane has attacked his Brit Nat colleague Andrew Davies (Labour Economic Development Minister) for failing to give financial aid to businesses in North Wales.

Councillor Peter McFarlane, who has responsibility for economic development at Flintshire County Council, said more than 1,000 jobs had been lost in 2005. He said:

"We've written to him (Andrew Davies), but he doesn't find himself able to offer the funding for a practical package of measures as he's done in south Wales when there've been job losses on a large scale… I don't think we are being treated as equitably as the south."

"It's a concern that we're seeing this haemorrhage of jobs… There have been quite a lot among smaller firms who don't hit the headlines and we need a package of measures in place to assist those who are being made redundant, particularly in providing help to re-train and re-skill people."

His comments follow talks between union officials and management at the Greencore pizza company where there are fears 200 jobs could be lost.

Until we end the British nationalists control of our economy, at local, national and UK levels, we will continue to be the poor relation of these Isles, in north, south, east and West Wales.

Extracts taken from

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Brit Nat Labour AM Irene's porkies?

Brit Nat AM Irene James - Islwyn - has got herself into hot water for allegedly giving mis-leading academic qualifications to the Assembly Parliamentary Service. Her biography on the National Assembly of Wales' website states,

'Born in 1952, and was first elected to the Assembly on May 1 2003. She lives in Cwmcarn, Islwyn. Educated at West London University, she is a special needs teacher at Risca Primary School. Agent to Don Touhig MP at last general election. Main interests are jobs, education and health.'

But 'West London University' doesn't exist. Ms James told the Western Mail,

'I can't understand where the reference to West London University came from'

But a spokeswoman for the Assembly Parliamentary Service said,

'The information on the website was provided by AMs themselves.'

British Nationalist Labour AMs that deliberately falsify their academic prowess for electoral advantage, should be exposed and sacked.

information gathered from

Where do you live again?

Rumours have been circulatig that British Nationalist New Labour AM in the Rhondda - Leighton Andrews - does not actually live in his supposed constituency. It is alleged that whilst he owns a property in the area, he actually lives in Cardiff - where he was born - and only pops up to his supposed 'constituency' in the Rhondda to show his face to the locals.

He used to be a leading figure in the British Nationalist Liberal Party, but is said to have left them for better electoral prospects.

This news follows a pattern. Brit Nat First Minister Rhodri Morgan allegedly does not live in his constituency of Cardiff West, but the posh Vale of Glamorgan.

Brit Nat New Labour Cardiff Councillor Russell Goodway notoriously had a 'property' in his Ely constituency but was very rarely seen there.

As for Brit Nat Labourite Ann Clwyd, it is rumoured that she is seen far more often in Baghdad parading with her American friends than in the Cynon Valley.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Peter Law calls Brit Nats Labour hypocrites.

We support positive discrimination here at British Nationalists in Wales Watch. But it's still great fun watching British Nationalist Labourites, old and new, ripping each other to shreds over the issue of all-woman shortlists! :-)

Rebel MP Peter Law last night accused Labour of further hypocrisy as it emerged that Robin Cook's successor will not be chosen from an all-woman shortlist.

Party members at Livingston in Scotland will be able to choose a man or woman as their candidate for a by-election that will take place this autumn.

Mr Law won Blaenau Gwent as an Independent at the General Election after being barred on gender grounds from applying for the vacancy. His departure from Labour cost Rhodri Morgan his majority at the National Assembly, where Mr Law represents the same constituency.

Yesterday, it emerged that five men are likely to enter the race to succeed Mr Cook as MP for Livingston. Mr Law said,

"There seems to be no rhyme or reason in the way Labour behaves... They are completely inconsistent. This is another example of grotesque double standards."

Story from

British nationalists in Wales a dying breed!

A superb letter appeared in the South Wales Evening Post today by Dr Dai Lloyd AM.

Recent correspondence in the Evening Post falsely claims that the majority of people in Wales want to see the Assembly scrapped. This could not be further from the truth. This anti-devolution propaganda by these British nationalists is not founded on fact but merely on personal opinion and bias.

If this dying breed of sceptics were to do some research they would actually find that, rather than scrap the Assembly, the people of Wales want to see it get enhanced powers.

A recent ICM 2005 opinion poll shows support for a law-making parliament in Cardiff Bay is now running at 64 per cent of the population. The number of people actually wanting to see less powers coming to Wales is reducing.

Dr Dai Lloyd AM

Plaid Cymru, The Party of Wales

We are glad to hear that the number of British Nationalists in Wales is reducing. Hopefully they will become extinct in the not too distant future!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Brit Nat Lib Dem Councillor calls Plaid Voters 'scum'!

In a recent post on Aberdare Online, the British Nationalist Liberal Democrat Parliamentary and Assembly candidate for the Pontypridd constituency, as well as the Vice Chair of the Rhondda Cynon Taff Lib Dems - Cllr. Mike Powell - called Plaid Cymru voters 'scum' and 'sickos'.

4,420 people voted for Plaid Cymru in the Pontypridd Constituency at the last general election, and 5,286 voted Plaid Cymru in the 2003 Assembly elections. All sickos according to Brit Nat Mike.

The British Nationalist Labour Party got 20,919 votes at the last General election, with Cllr. Mike Powell in second place, and Plaid Cymru in fourth (with it being a two horse race between Plaid and Labour at the Assembly elections). British Nationalist Lib Dem Cllr. Mike Powell's tactic of attacking Plaid Cymru voters in Pontypridd therefore seems rather strange considering that the British Labour Party have a large majority in the seat!

Seems that the British Nats right, left and centre are sticking together in Pontypridd to attack the only party that puts Wales first! Who are the real scum? ignorance!

Whilst we are very happy to congratulate the British Nationalists at for inspiring the creation of this blog, we were suprised to find their complete lack of knowledge regarding Welsh Constituencies.

In a recent post they stated:

Nat Watch was surprised to learn that Adam Price is to stop calling for the impeachment of the Prime Minister.

"Let's hope he starts spending more time in Carmarthen now" said one of his constituents.

We'll believe it when we see it.

I think you may find that Carmarthen Town is not even situated in Adam Price's Carmarthen East and Dinefwr constituency!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Labour MP, Hywel Francis, accused of hypocrisy.

After backing his party's proposals for 24-hour drinking, Brit Nat Labour MP Hywel Francis, objected to his local taking advantage of the new law.

When the Morpeth Arms applied for longer opening hours, its neighbour Dr Francis objected to the council, complaining it would "destroy the peaceful character of the locality".

But the Aberavon MP voted nine times with the Government during the passage of the controversial Licensing Act through Parliament to give pubs freedom to open later or around-the-clock.

The Morpeth Arms is a Grade II listed pub in the heart of the leafy Pimlico residential area, overlooking the River Thames.

Many of the neighbouring residents are politicians, living in Pimlico's attractive Georgian squares, a short walk from Westminster.

The application was for an extension to sell alcohol for an extra hour a night. The bid also includes permission for music and dancing until 11.30pm and an extra 30 minute drinking up period each night.

Typical of the weak MP's that represent the Brit Nat Labour Party in Wales!

Extracts taken from

British Left open mindedness whacked for six.

British Labour in Wales members will no doubt be tut-tutting Norman 'on yer bike' Tebbit's comments about multiculturalism.

Much of what Tebbit had to say was plain stupid! Tebot's comments about Islam's inablility to invent or develop anything new in 500 years is historically dodgy and from his point of view, a political cul de sac (Christian civilisation didn't produce much in the first 1,000 odd years of its being - that's why it's called the 'Dark Ages' see).

His ramblings about gays verged on being homophobic and leaves one with a feeling of 'get over it'. However, his 'cricket test' comment made fifteen years ago and now revived will certainly agitate many on the left, but it has an element of truth.

Seen as a simple rule of thumb to illustrate a situation, Tebbit's cricket comment makes a point - if rather bluntly - which I guess most English people agree with.

How very different though their attitude when one sees young English men who've moved into Gwynedd or Ceredigion parade their England shirts day in day out in a defiant badge of unwillingness to intergrate into Welsh life. What would old Tebot say about that?

The Brit Left are sensitive to the cricket test issue. They'll explain, with sympathy and understanding, why young Pakistanis support Pakistan and not England. It's a difficult situation for the young men. Many want to intergrate but don't want to 'betray' their parent's culture either.

BUT, change 'young Pakistani' for 'young Welshman' and their open mindedness is whacked for six. See, if you're a young Welshman and decide not to support England in cricket - then you're narrow-minded and xenophobic! Both left wing and right wing British nationalists can agree on that!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Who are the British nationalists?

nationalism - Oxford English Dictionary

noun 1 patriotic feeling.... 2 advocacy of political independence for a particular country.

The above most definitely applies to us as Welsh Nationalists, but it's been brought to our attention that some people are uneasy about us using the term 'British nationalists' to describe our friends in the Labour Party, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems.

They believe it unfairly associates these British parties with the racist BNP (unlike our Labour friends, who would never try to imply that Welsh nationalists are similar to the racist BNP, of course!). So, we decided to put this to the test:

Labour/Tories/LibDems v BNP

1. Believe Britain is a nation - ditto
2. Can't stop calling Britain the 'nation state' - ditto

3. Want to retain the Queen as head of state - ditto (there's a trend here)

4. Believe Britain should have seat at UN - erm, ditto again

5. Believe immigrants to Britain should learn English - yup

6. Believe immans should preach in English - same again

7. Wrap themselves in the Union Jack every opportunity - luv it!

8. Want to control immigration into Britain - yup

... and we could go on.

Do we believe Labour, the Tories and Lib Dems are the same as the racist BNP? No! But they're still British nationalists and Welsh nationalists don't agree with most things which Labour and the BNP do. Do we believe Plaid Cymru are a Welsh version of the BNP? No again, but doesn't stop Labour insinuating that they are. The Labour and the BNP's contents to the British pudding are different - but it's still a British pudding.

So, if a person who believes Wales has the moral right to become a nation state with its own head of state, a seat at the United Nations and full member-state status of the European Union is called a 'Welsh nationalists', then, it stands to reason, logically, that a person who believes the same moral right exists for the 'British' imagined community should be called a 'British nationalist'.

It's the tactic of all nationalisms, which are the nationalisms of the dominant imagined community, to paint the aspirant nationalism of nations within the state as dangerous, racists or abnormal. That's the tactic throughout history from the Russians in the USSR, to the Turks viz a vis the Kurds; the French ascendency within the Belgian state against the Flemings; the Indonesians against the East Timorese.

Not refering to yourself as a nationalist doesn't make you less of a nationalist, it just means the
nation you indentify with isn't threatened. Calling the Labour party, and the other British parties, British nationalists isn't an insult, it's just telling the truth. It's pointing out that the emperor has no clothes ... or in this case, is clothed in the Union Jack.

Welsh nationalists are proud to call themselves nationalists because they believe Wales should be a nation state with it's own head of state a seat at the UN and full national status in the EU. Why don't our Labour, LibDem and Tory friends make the case for British nationalism with the same confidence?

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Brit-Nat New Labour Councillor helps himself.

Cardiff New Labour Councillor Michael Michael (in a past life known as Michael Costas, but 'Costalot' locally) has landed himself in hot water with local residents for planning to build a 3 storey block of flats on land in his Ward in Fairwater rented from the Council!

The dastardly councillor who is hairdresser by appointment to the First Minister (who in their right mind would admit responsibility for Rhodri’s follicle explosion?), has been bleating for an apology from Plaid Cymru’s Neil McEvoy for exposing his extra curricular financial dealings.

It is alleged that our Labour friend, on obtaining a lease from the Council, promptly sub-let to a company half belonging to his wife. After his wife’s company was paid off £10,000 for the sub-let, he subsequently received £300 per month from Crown West Cars in rent. Not a penny of this has been declared in the members list of interests on Cardiff County Council! (now there’s a surprise!)

Crown West now face eviction after only 2 years as the crafty councillor seeks to build flats, which will have a detrimental effect on the privacy and quality of life of locals. Over 50 constituents demonstrated at a site meeting, but to no avail. The Planning Committee, with New Labour’s Councillor Gill Bird in the Chair, gave its approval.

The owners of Crown West also tried to report Councillor Costalot to the police for deception in selling them the sub-let. The police though refused to take action. Cardiff Council only gave out 2 commercial leases of 99 years from 1996-2004. (Guess who to? As a clue, Councillor Costalot has two leases of 99 years from Cardiff County Council).

Brit-Nat Watch looks forward to uncovering more in the near future. Watch this space!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ron Davies talks a lot of sense.

Ron Davies said in today's Western Mail that the British Nationalist Labour Party's current proposals over the National Assembly's powers represent a betrayal of Wales.

"What we have here is a triple prejudice against the Welsh. No other part of the UK would be treated with this indignity."

"The rules of the Assembly are being gerrymandered to require a two-thirds majority, thus giving a perpetual veto to New Labour."

"Even if they were to agree, under a Tory Secretary of State a second veto kicks in, and finally, even if a Labour Secretary of State under pressure were to agree to a two-thirds Assembly request, there would be a need for Tory and anti-devolution Labour votes to concede in Westminster. "

"This is an improbable scenario, deliberately designed to ensure that every possible hurdle is put in the way of progress for the Welsh people."

We couldn't agree more. The British Nationalist Labour party is treating Wales and the Welsh people with utter contempt. We must fight back!

Welsh Nationalist Letters in the West of Britain Mail - about time!

A superb letter recently appeared in the Western Mail by a Mr. Keith Parry from Cardiff. I couldn't agree more. It's about time Wales had a Cricket team, and represantation at the Olympics.

Sir- Your excellent columnist Mario Basini argues that the Welsh should support the England cricket team on the grounds that historically we haven't had a national cricket team. (Western Mail, August 13) Alas I think he's wrong here. Wales is a nation and should have national teams in all sports. It really is pathetic for Welsh sports people to scrabble about for crumbs off the English table. "Oh goody! We've managed to get two players in the England cricket team or four in the Lions."

Wales should have her own national cricket team. Surely it would make more sense for England to play us than Zimbabwe or Sri Lanka. In the 1908 Olympic Games we had a Welsh team. Come 2008 we should have one again. Its a question of pride in your country, this is Wales not England.The words "Britain" and "British" are confidence tricks played on the Welsh to get them to support England.

Keith Parry Preswylfa Street,

This follows a superb letter by Hedd Ladd-Lewis that appeared in the same paper a few weeks ago, opposing the British Labour Party's new 'anti-terrorism' legislation.

SIR - As a Welsh nationalist and republican, I do not hold any allegiance whatsoever to the English Monarchy. I dislike being called "British" and I have never stood to "God Save the Queen". Nor do I hold any allegiance to Prince Charles, who was foisted on the Welsh nation in 1969 by the English state, aided and abetted by a gang of Welsh quislings.

I also dislike the flying or the waving of the Union Jack in Wales, which is a provocative symbol to any decent Welshman or woman of our subjugation by our English neighbours. By expressing these firmly held beliefs, will I now be liable to prosecution for treachery due to the very ill-thought out and highly dubious legislation which is shortly to be passed by the present Labour administration?


Heol Alan, Llandeilo

The Western Mail, run by the Labourite British Mirror, doesn't often publish such letters (Even though they are more than happy to publish letters attacking the Welsh people, and the Welsh language!). I hope that these letters therefore show a shift in policy on their behalf.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tories try to out-Brit Blair and Brown

Tory leader, Michael Howard (wasn't he from Llanelli in a former life?) is desperate that the British Labour Party doesn't do all the running as they define the New British nationalism.

Funny how a few years ago Welsh nationalists were hounded by Labour and Tory British nationalists for saying what is now accepted wisdom.
But then English is a proper language, unlike Welsh!

To insist that every
one become British is socially inclusive and patriotic. If you change the word British to Welsh and use the same argument in Wales, it makes you a xenophobe or anti-English.

Just get used to the new British nationalism from our friends in Labour and panting behind them, the Conservatives.

Here's the latest, Michael Howard on today's BBC News Website. Oh, and a joint of roast beef for anyone who can see any diference between what Howard says and what Blair, Brown or Welsh Labour say.

Monday, August 15, 2005

British Parties in a muddle over small village schools!

The three British Parties in Wales have gotten themselves into a right old muddle on the matter of small village schools.

The Liberal Democrat-led administration on Swansea Council has rubber stamped the closure of the small Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Garnswllt primary school at its Cabinet meeting. However the Liberal Democrats held a protest at the Eisteddfod in North Wales two weeks ago calling for the protection of rural schools.

Swansea Councillor Peter Black, who is also the Liberal Democrats’ spokesman on Education at the Assembly, stated as part of the Eisteddfod campaign,

Rural schools often have a vital role in supporting the community. They are a resource for the whole community and contribute to developing community life, particularly in Welsh-speaking areas.
The Conservatives in South West Wales are also very confused on the issue. Carmarthenshire Cllr John Jenkins - the only Conservative Councillor in Carmarthenshire said,
I support the principle of the Modernising Education Provision draft plan (closure of up to 40 small village schools in Carmarthenshire) and recognise the need to rationalise education resources in Carmarthenshire.
Whilst Glyn Davies, who represents Carmarthenshire in the Assembly as part of the Mid and West Wales Region, said,
I do not support the strategy in Carmarthenshire... The Conservative’s policy is to keep small rural schools open whenever possible. I have already asked a question in the Welsh Assembly, but the Minister would not answer – as usual.
And the British Labour Party in Wales' stance is even more confused. Whilst supporting the closure of village schools in Carmarthenshire, just down the road in Swansea, they are bitterly opposed to a similar 'modernising' plan! Jane Davidson, the Education Minister in Cardiff Bay, has also supported the closure of tens of village schools over the last few years.

200 village schools throughout Wales are in danger. It's about time the British parties stopped playing politics with the education of our children. Get your act together!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Gay nudists are "pollution", says Welsh Labour councillor

A Welsh Labour councillor has sparked anger, after claiming gay men were a “polluting” force in his local area.

Harry Bebell, who represents the Neath Port Talbot area, complained in a recent newsletter to residents that gay men were using the Crymlyn Burrows beach area for having sex.

He also criticised local police, claiming they would not act on the problem. Police are yet to respond to the accusations.

However, local gay people say the beach is only used for nudist sunbathing and not as a cruising ground.

They say Bebell’s comments are stirring up anti-gay sentiment in the area.

According to the Evening Post, Bebell wrote in a newsletter that the problem was not being tackled effectively enough.

"The other gay pollution still continues, with the police tied hand and foot by the Human Rights Act," he wrote.

He told the newspaper that he had no intention of backing down over the comments, despite facing criticism and accusations of being “plain nasty” by one gay man.

"If someone is offended by my newsletter, then hard luck,” he said.

“It may not be politically correct but it is a fact. It is pollution because it is stopping members of the public from using an amenity.”


Saturday, August 13, 2005

Welsh Lib Dems under fire for not attending anti-racism rally.

A leaked e-mail from a Welsh Lib Dem party worker revealed Cardiff Central MP Jenny Willott and Jenny Randerson AM were advised by police not to go to an anti-racism rally outside Cardiff's City Hall due to 'security reasons'.

Ms Willott said police had contacted Jenny Randerson's office a few days before the event:

They hadn't had a chance to talk to the organisers about putting things in place and were concerned because of the backlash against the Muslim community. There was a concern not enough security arrangements were in place.

It was general advice we decided to follow. The police are doing a really good job at the moment and we wanted to do whatever they were advising us to do.
But Sergeant Richard Weaver, of South Wales Police's major events planning department, said:
There was no advice of this sort given out to anybody and it would not have been our role to advise people not to attend.
Both Mrs Randerson and Ms Willott have visited local mosques following the July 7 terrorist attacks in London.

Plaid Cymru Riverside Councillor Mohammed Sarul Islam, who chaired the July 30 protest, has called on the Liberal Democrats to apologise for not attending. The party's deputy leader, Jill Evans MEP, said:
The rally was a very useful way of demonstrating our opposition to the rise in race-related attacks across the country. I was very proud to be able to speak at the event... all parties should have taken part.
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