Friday, September 09, 2005

Who are you calling extremists Mr Taylor?

Are you baffled as to why the Labour Assembly Government is ready to support the Welsh National Opera to the tune of millions of pounds a year, or the Brecon Jazz Festival and Bryn Terfel's concerts, but has been particularly tight-fisted and mean-spirited towards the one truly unique cultural event Wales has to offer - the National Eisteddfod?

Well, British Nats Watch can now reveal the red-neck thinking deep in the psyche of the British Nationalist Welsh Labour Party which seems to be driving Labours, erm, 'cultural policy'.

On a little known (now extinct) blog by a Labour activist from Clwyd West, who now works as a researcher for Leighton Andrews AM, David Taylor lets the cat out of the bag as they say in Welsh. The New Labour kid "Tipped for stardom within New Labour" had this to say about his visit to the Newport Eisteddfod (still available online through

"Just finished my four days at the National Eisteddfod in Newport. One thing I realised while I was there is that the Welsh Nationalists are more extreme than ever. Many of them are unashamedly racist... Off to Hartlepool on Monday, looking forward to that a bit more ... !"

Doesn't this quote say it all. Alun Pugh won't support the National Eisteddfod because he knows that his own party machine (including the very same people that got him elected in Clwyd West) is against it. It seems that there's a deep-rooted loathing within the British Nationalist Labour Party towards any expression of the Welsh language which isn't on a tea towel or stuck in the chapel.

What BNW would like to know from David Taylor is:

1. Who are the extremists - all Eisteddfod goers? Are they extremists because they speak Welsh? Are those people on the Merched y Wawr or, lets say, the Keep Wales Tidy stand extremists too?

2. Does Alun Pugh, Minister for Culture, Sport and the Welsh Language agree with his own grass-roots party activisits in his seat of Clwyd West?

3. If so, is that the reason why he won't release any money for the Eisteddfod until it becomes more English i.e. appeases people with David Taylor's prejudice towards Welsh?

4. Does the National Eisteddfod, and other parties at the Assembly, believe that such prejudice by Brit Nat Labour staff like Mr David Taylor is detremental towards the Eisteddfod when it comes to getting a fair hearing from a Labour Government?

If ever you needed proof that British Nationalism is alive and well in Labour, here it is. Who are you calling extremists Mr David Taylor?

Here is a brief biography of David Taylor, as featured on the now extinct:

A Brief Biography
"Tipped for stardom within New Labour" - Sunday Express

Inspired by the New Labour message, that a government could be both socially progressive and economically successful, David Taylor joined the Labour Party at the age of 15 in the constituency of Clwyd West. He soon felt at home in the close knit group that made up the local party in this marginal seat in North East Wales, including local MP Gareth Thomas and Welsh Assembly Member Alun Pugh.

After working on a number of campaigns, including the successful re-election of Alun Pugh AM in the knife-edge 2003 contest, David became the Secretary of his Constituency Labour Party in March 2004, shortly after his eighteenth birthday. He is to date the youngest person to have held such a position. Later in the same month David was elected to the Labour Party's Welsh Executive Committee (WEC), as Youth Representative.

He now works as a resaercher for Leighton Andrews AM.

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