Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Labour’s Brit Nats run Scared

When British Nationalist Labour members are scared - they scare the electorate. How else can you explain the pathetic remarks by senior Scottish Labour MPs at the Labour Scottish Conference? It just proves that they've lost the intellectual and economic debate, and have to resort to scaring people.

Are they seriously saying that Scottish people living in England would be treated differently from Irish people living there, or that they would have less rights than Polish plumbers, if Scotland was to become independent?

Can John Reid name one EU state that has passport controls at its borders? Is John Reid in favour of creating an European Superstate (and get rid of the UK) so that we can tackle the environment?

International terror (yes, go on John, scare the granny) - there's actually an argument that more states with more border controls (yes, even at Gretna Green) could stem international terrorism - but then he's against that as well.

No control on mass migration? What's John Reid trying to say - vote independence and thousands of third world scum will swamp Scotland? - that seems to be the dog whistle to me!

Douglas Alexander waffles about 'teaching Cantonese not Culloden'. What, like schools in England, where the teaching of modern languages has decreased under Labour?

Don't the Scots find the implication that an independent Scotland can't be fit enough to sort out basic things like education on their own and that they'd revert to some music hall parody of themselves insulting? Sounds so very much like the nonsense peddled by the British Nationalist Labour Party in Wales to me.

As usual, Salmond is right. Labour needs Scotland for the egos of its own Scottish Labour politicians.

Interesting link -
Independent Scotland 'will work with England' (Scotsman)

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Union is there for the Sake of the Labour Party

Johann Hari's article in Wednesday 9 November's Independent was instructive in its view of the continuing debate on Scottish Independence.

Hari, a thoughtful and sensible writer, lamented the proposed independence for Scotland basically on the premise that it would deny Labour of ever winning power in London! He seemed to ignore the flip-side which is, were Scotland and Wales to leave the Union, then Labour may tailor its policies to suit English voters and by doing so recognise the different political culture there.

He also peddled the old lie that the UK subsidises Scotland. Look, Johann, it works like this. Scotland gives it's oil revenue to the London Exchequer, which then gives the Scottish money back in the form of 'subsidies' and by doing so kills two birds with one stone - creates a dependence culture in Scotland and gives the impression that Scotland is poor. Bravo!

Recent papers reveal that the Labour government in the 1970s lied over the oil benefits for an independent Scotland and would probably do so again.

Neither Scotland nor Wales should be voting fodder for the Labour party. It's time The British Nationalist Labour Party wasn't subsidised by Celtic votes.