Wednesday, September 07, 2005

'England' Cricket Team.

Why do the 'England and Wales Cricket Board' use ECB instead of EWCB? Why is the 'National' team called 'England' and not 'England and Wales'? Why are the 3 lions used, and not the Welsh Dragon?

These are the questions that Welsh fans have been asking over the last few weeks with the 'England' team constantly in the news. Most Welshmen simply cannot support an England team. Why should they?

The Scottish team has qualified for the next Cricket World Cup and both Scotland and Ireland have their own national teams, but the Welsh have to play for 'England' which is an absolute disgrace.

Wales should split from the ECB and create the WCB with our own national side, even if it means that we can only compete at the second thier of international cricket to begin with.

The Cricket Board of Wales (CBW) is an umbrella body partnership comprising the Welsh Cricket Association (WCA), Glamorgan CCC, Wales Minor Counties, Welsh Schools Cricket Association and the Sports Council for Wales (SCW).

If you support our call that we in Wales should have our own National team, like Scotland and Ireland, please lobby the following. Post any replies on this website by using the 'comments' tab.

Cricket Board of Wales
Glamorgan Cricket Club, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff CF11 9XR
Geoff Holmes, Director:

Welsh Cricket Association
28 Cefn Stylle Road, Gowerton, Swansea SA4 3QS
Richard Kemp, Chairman:

Glamorgan Cricket
Sophia Gardens, Cardiff CF11 9XR
Mike Fatkin, Chief Executive:

Sports Council for Wales
Sophia Gardens, Cardiff CF11 9SW
Graham Davies, Director:
Liaison Officer:


Banksy said...

'These are the questions Welsh fans have been asking?'


I think you'll find more have been asking the following:

How can Warne be so fat and yet so good?

And those who have found an enthusiasm for cricket having ignored it for years when England did bugger-all are asking:

LBW, that's a bad thing isn't it?

Normal Mouth said...

You missed one:

"Who is this Grrr-ain't Jones and is he related to England's wicket-keeper?"