Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Inside Swansea Council v Inside Out @ Swansea

It seems that the Brit Nats have gone blog crazy down at Swansea.

Inside Swansea Council is the LIC (Brit Nats Liberals/Independent/Conservatives) ruling coalition's propaganda machine "An unofficial insider's view of Swansea Council and related issues."

Inside Out @ Swansea on the other hand is run by the Brit Nat Labour Party "An alternative commentary on how things are run - or not - by the Liberal Democrat, Independent and Conservative (LIC) coalition on Swansea Council"

One of the main recent topics of dicussion has been the future of Swansea's education system.

Brit Nat Labour group leader David Phillips recently warned that funding for a new Swansea super-school could be illegal unless it was made clear where the money was coming from first, and threatened to launch a legal challenge against the scheme.

Brit Nats LIC hit back accusing Labour councillors of playing petty politics with the future of Swansea's education system.

Many now believe that the Lib Dems and Conservatives are making a complete mess of running Swansea Council, and risking the education of the pupils at the same time. But who's the alternative? The Brit Nat Labour Party, in neighbouring Carmarthenshire, are doing just as bad a job, with over 40 Primary Schools earmarked for closure.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the Brit Nats cannot be trusted with providing quality education for our children in any County!


Peter Black said...

Wow, that is constructive!

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

Up early this morning Insider?