Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Welsh Nationalist Plaid & British Nationalist Labour

So, talk of a possible deal between Plaid and Labour? I'm not sure - seems like kite-flying on Labour's behalf to me. Though, anything than pisses of extreme Brit-Nats like Huw Lewis and Leighton Andrews sounds good to me!

Just a few words of caution before Plaid get too excited.

Do you want to be a Junior partner with Labour in control - yes, loads of kind words from Labour but they'll still be the majority party and can vote down any (i.e. all) Plaid suggestions. Yes, and they will.

If you go in for a coalition or agreement, don't swallow any talk of report or commissions - they won't be worth the paper they're written on. Fair play to the Lib Dems on insisting on the Richard Report ... only for Labour to totally ignore it and come up with this cocked-up dog's dinner we'll have after May 3rd. So, no to reports and commissions yes to actual implementation of ideas.

Plaid - don't try and be clever and all post-nationalist. Getting some Children's Commissioner type fob or left-wing slogan implemented isn't the point of Plaid Cymru. Plaid's basic point is to move on the constitutional settlement - both in fact and also symbolism (yes, Plaid, symbolism counts too) and to promote the Welsh language and culture. Those are the core things. If Plaid doesn't deliver on them then Plaid will lose votes in 2011. And if Plaid doesn't deliver on them - nobody else will.

Question is - do Plaid trust Labour? The party which spread all kind of dirt on Welsh-nationalists and is never too low to equate support for the Welsh language with racism? Unless it's written in Rhodri Morgan's blood then I wouldn't trust a word they say.

Frankly - I'd let them hang. They've had their chance.
Rhodri Morgan could have sat on the anti-Welsh language red-necks but he didn't, he let them defame good nationalists. They could have delivered on Richard but chose not to. They've had their chance and they brought Welsh politics down to the gutter - they can stay there for all I'm concerned.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Independence for Guernsey?

Tucked away in an obscure corner of The Telegraph was this item. Guernsey are to discuss whether they should become independent.

Funny how nobody says they're 'too small' , 'too thick', or that they'll be the 'Albania of the Channel Islands' if they become independent.

I'm not sure what the outcome will be, but they're very lucky that the Telegraph discussed it without the kind of scaremongering you can be sure the Telegraph and the Welsh press (supported by the Brit Nats in Labour) would use if Wales was to have a similar discussion in the open (and not behind closed doors).

Britain's dying. If independence is an option for serious debate for Guernsey, then why not Wales?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

You can make a difference on May 3rd

Make a difference on May 3rd 2007 - Welsh Assembly Elections

We need a change in Wales. 'Welsh' Labour has failed. Make a difference on May 3rd. Vote Plaid Cymru.

Tony Blair

Giving you the chance to decide on Tony Blair. Have a look!

Welsh Assembly Election, 2007 - It's time for a change!

Are you thinking of voting for the Labour Party at the Welsh Assembly elections on May 3rd 2007? Watch this video first, and you may think again!

What - Still no Wales Cricket Team?

So, England lose to South Africa and are out of the Cricket World Cup. I'm not gloating - I'm not anti-English, just anti-British. I'm glad there's an English cricket team - just wished there was a Welsh one as well.

As the reactions on this website suggests, there's a lot of support for a Welsh team, but half the problem is a 19C Mrs Davies Bury Port who thinks any thing by association with England is better than Wales. The other is Glamorgan County Cricket Club.

Isn't it time Glamorgan supporters started working with Welsh cricket not against it? And no, Glamorgan doesn't = Wales.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Viceroy Hain - I know what's good for you

So Viceroy Hain will decide democratically (erm, look at the mirror) what things can be decided by the Assembly.

No to such radical proposals as Children's rights, conservation of dolphins and promotion of the Welsh language. I know the Assembly isn't much more than a talking shop but Hain wants to put a gag on anything of worth.

Quite simple reason really. If the Assembly discuss these issues then what's the point of sending Welsh Labour MPs to London? And if there's no point sending Labour MPs to Westminster Labour won't be able to rule Britain. Labour Brit Nats need a weak Assembly otherwise they'll be out of a job.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Wales post 2010

There's talk that there’ll bea referendum on more powers to the Assembly in 2011. But what happens if the SNP win the election in Scotland next month, hold a referendum on independence in 2010 and win it? What then?

Ieuan Wyn Jones, after making a good point about Labour's selfish attitude towards an English Parliament, then fluffed it by saying he's relaxed about independence. I understand the need not to fight this Welsh election on independence, but surely the leader of the Welsh nationalist party should be more than relaxed about independence. What about excited or committed?

In any case, isn't it time we all - irrespective of our party political views - started discussing this scenario? Will we be left, like our cricket team, as part of Englandandwales because (as Mrs Davies Burry Port says) Wales would be using donkey and cart without England?

Or will our Brit Nat AM's in the Labour, Conservative and LibDem parties finally smell the coffee and see the games is up and that it is time for Wales to be a full nation-state?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Denise Idris Jones - Legally Blonde

Just watched a repeat of 'Legally Blonde' on television last night, and couldn't believe how British Nationalist Labour AM Denise Idris Jones has kept her acting career secret for so long!

If she is re-elected as AM in May's elections, I'm emigrating!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Smoking ban implemented in Wales

So, at last, on 2 April the smoking ban is implemented in Wales. Of course, had it not been for the election on 3 May then the ban would have waited until the ban in England came into effect in June. But then, Labour wanted to show it had done something in four dismal and uninspiring years.

The ban was brought in to much celebration by Gibbons, the Assembly's Health Minister (Gibbons of course was born in the endependent Republic of Ireland - independence good enough for the Irish it seems but not for the Welsh, eh Gibbons, better work with the Brits when you're in Wales?). Gibbons said:

"Smoking is the major preventable cause of illness and premature death in Wales - causing around 6,000 deaths each year.

"Second hand smoke contributes to over 400 deaths each year.

"Adult non-smokers who are exposed to second-hand smoke have a substantially increased risk of lung cancer, heart disease and chronic respiratory disease.

"Second-hand smoke is a serious public health risk that needs to be addressed. This will have health benefits for both smokers and non-smokers.

"Those are the facts, and we must act on them."

Of course, because Labour's Assembly is deliberately so weak the ban couldn't be implemented until this year. Yes, that's it, British Nats prefer to see 400 deaths a year rather than give Wales a parliament that could do anything.

If Wales was a proper country, and not an appendage, then hundreds of deaths - and thousands of pounds - could have been saved. What price British Nationalism eh?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Welsh Cricket Team

Just found this blog campaigning for a proper one-day international Cricket team for Wales. Worth a look...