Sunday, August 21, 2005

Brit Nat Lib Dem Councillor calls Plaid Voters 'scum'!

In a recent post on Aberdare Online, the British Nationalist Liberal Democrat Parliamentary and Assembly candidate for the Pontypridd constituency, as well as the Vice Chair of the Rhondda Cynon Taff Lib Dems - Cllr. Mike Powell - called Plaid Cymru voters 'scum' and 'sickos'.

4,420 people voted for Plaid Cymru in the Pontypridd Constituency at the last general election, and 5,286 voted Plaid Cymru in the 2003 Assembly elections. All sickos according to Brit Nat Mike.

The British Nationalist Labour Party got 20,919 votes at the last General election, with Cllr. Mike Powell in second place, and Plaid Cymru in fourth (with it being a two horse race between Plaid and Labour at the Assembly elections). British Nationalist Lib Dem Cllr. Mike Powell's tactic of attacking Plaid Cymru voters in Pontypridd therefore seems rather strange considering that the British Labour Party have a large majority in the seat!

Seems that the British Nats right, left and centre are sticking together in Pontypridd to attack the only party that puts Wales first! Who are the real scum?


charmingman said...

Can you provide a link to this alleged post?

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...


Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

Just received this email from Brit Nat Lib Dem Mike, I'll post it here as I don't think that Mike knows how to use the comments tab

"I note that your web blog or whatever it is called, has posted either deliberate lies or merely some skewed wishful idea of what plaid hoped would be believed as the truth.

Now if you care to get someone who is able to read and understand what I posted on the Aberdareonline and Ponty Town web sites Nick, my post was regarding a supposed plaid supporter using what I deemed as a typical plaid attempt to get some publicity by attacking others under the guise of being "PC" and using an anti Iraqi War meeting.

Each to their own, but as acommitted opponent of the, as far as I am concerned, illegal war in Iraq as is my Liberal Democrat Party, I do find it obnoxious in the extreme when a person who refuses to post his or her name casts doubt upon the valididty of our convictions in the hope of gaining some needed political support, much the same as
the BNP try to do actually, so I hope you will give the poster who posts under the sudonym Valley Boy a wide bearth.

Oh and incase you are unable to get someone to point out the subtleties of what I posted can I reiterate here, I called the supposed plaid supporter, Valley Boy, scum, I did not call anyone else other than Valley Boy scum, and trust me I stand by it too, but then who is valley boy?

Oh and post an appology to both myself and the good people of Pontypridd for your, at best misguided, at worst libellous, accusations as to their voting abilities and my honest postings.

As as far as I am concerned the good people of Pontypridd, be they voting or not are far more deserving than you will ever know Nicholas and deserve an appology and a removal of your incorrect weblog post.

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

Sorry Mike, but the headline of your post on Aberdareonline states 'Plaid Scum', you also attack Plaid Cymru, and their activists on a daily basis on various online forums. There are NO lies in what I posted, and it will remain for all to see! Maybe you should think before typing in the future? ;-)

PS. Your email was sent to my trash folder by the Yahoo junk mail filter! Oh, the irony!

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

Oh, and Mike just left this wonderful comment on aberdareonline:

"and indeed many plaid... lol, muppets one and all."

Just goes to prove how true the article was.