Friday, September 16, 2005

Brit Nat Tory Nick Bourne's tantrum at Cricket jibe!

The leader of the Brit Nat Tories in the Welsh Assembly, Nick Bourne, got rather exited today after hearing of Plaid sports spokesman Owen John Thomas' views on England's 'ashes' victory. Owen John Thomas rightly said that people in Wales should not rejoice, and remarked:

"Welsh baseball is our special game and has been around for 110 years."

But Nick was not happy, in a press release on the Tory website he said:

"Welsh players were instrumental in bringing the Ashes home for the first time in 18 years... This is surely a cause for celebration across the United Kingdom, and represent a very welcome upturn in the country's sporting fortunes. All Plaid Cymru seem capable of doing is to fire off a volley of distasteful parochial pettiness."

One 'Welsh' player featured in the series, a Welshman proud to wear the 'St. George's Cross' flag around his shoulders on the 'victory' bus! Another supposed 'Welshman', Geraint Jones, stated that he was no longer an Aussie, but a proud 'Englishman' following the victory.

Brit Nat Nick talks of 'bringing the ashes 'home', and an 'upturn in the country's sporting fortunes'. Were the tests held in Cardiff? Did Wales win something? Why should, or would, the Welsh be supporting an England side? Nothing against the English, we wish them all the best, but the Welsh are simply NOT English. Brit Nat Nick is obviously suffering from an identity crisis. Wales should have their own international Cricket team, if only to stop Brit Nat Nick getting confused again in the future!

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