Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Where do you live again?

Rumours have been circulatig that British Nationalist New Labour AM in the Rhondda - Leighton Andrews - does not actually live in his supposed constituency. It is alleged that whilst he owns a property in the area, he actually lives in Cardiff - where he was born - and only pops up to his supposed 'constituency' in the Rhondda to show his face to the locals.

He used to be a leading figure in the British Nationalist Liberal Party, but is said to have left them for better electoral prospects.

This news follows a pattern. Brit Nat First Minister Rhodri Morgan allegedly does not live in his constituency of Cardiff West, but the posh Vale of Glamorgan.

Brit Nat New Labour Cardiff Councillor Russell Goodway notoriously had a 'property' in his Ely constituency but was very rarely seen there.

As for Brit Nat Labourite Ann Clwyd, it is rumoured that she is seen far more often in Baghdad parading with her American friends than in the Cynon Valley.

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Bratiaith said...

I know you're a polemicist, but are those of us who seek a federal britain with a welsh state really Brit Nationalists?

I don't think so.

I don't blame you for kicking out against distortions but adding your own distortions of complex positions on the National issue does your campaign for an independent Wales no good at all.