Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Brit Nat Labour Councillor attacks Labour.

British Nationalist Labour Councillor Peter McFarlane has attacked his Brit Nat colleague Andrew Davies (Labour Economic Development Minister) for failing to give financial aid to businesses in North Wales.

Councillor Peter McFarlane, who has responsibility for economic development at Flintshire County Council, said more than 1,000 jobs had been lost in 2005. He said:

"We've written to him (Andrew Davies), but he doesn't find himself able to offer the funding for a practical package of measures as he's done in south Wales when there've been job losses on a large scale… I don't think we are being treated as equitably as the south."

"It's a concern that we're seeing this haemorrhage of jobs… There have been quite a lot among smaller firms who don't hit the headlines and we need a package of measures in place to assist those who are being made redundant, particularly in providing help to re-train and re-skill people."

His comments follow talks between union officials and management at the Greencore pizza company where there are fears 200 jobs could be lost.

Until we end the British nationalists control of our economy, at local, national and UK levels, we will continue to be the poor relation of these Isles, in north, south, east and West Wales.

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