Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ron Davies talks a lot of sense.

Ron Davies said in today's Western Mail that the British Nationalist Labour Party's current proposals over the National Assembly's powers represent a betrayal of Wales.

"What we have here is a triple prejudice against the Welsh. No other part of the UK would be treated with this indignity."

"The rules of the Assembly are being gerrymandered to require a two-thirds majority, thus giving a perpetual veto to New Labour."

"Even if they were to agree, under a Tory Secretary of State a second veto kicks in, and finally, even if a Labour Secretary of State under pressure were to agree to a two-thirds Assembly request, there would be a need for Tory and anti-devolution Labour votes to concede in Westminster. "

"This is an improbable scenario, deliberately designed to ensure that every possible hurdle is put in the way of progress for the Welsh people."

We couldn't agree more. The British Nationalist Labour party is treating Wales and the Welsh people with utter contempt. We must fight back!

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