Saturday, August 20, 2005

Labour MP, Hywel Francis, accused of hypocrisy.

After backing his party's proposals for 24-hour drinking, Brit Nat Labour MP Hywel Francis, objected to his local taking advantage of the new law.

When the Morpeth Arms applied for longer opening hours, its neighbour Dr Francis objected to the council, complaining it would "destroy the peaceful character of the locality".

But the Aberavon MP voted nine times with the Government during the passage of the controversial Licensing Act through Parliament to give pubs freedom to open later or around-the-clock.

The Morpeth Arms is a Grade II listed pub in the heart of the leafy Pimlico residential area, overlooking the River Thames.

Many of the neighbouring residents are politicians, living in Pimlico's attractive Georgian squares, a short walk from Westminster.

The application was for an extension to sell alcohol for an extra hour a night. The bid also includes permission for music and dancing until 11.30pm and an extra 30 minute drinking up period each night.

Typical of the weak MP's that represent the Brit Nat Labour Party in Wales!

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