Saturday, October 01, 2005

F***ing Welshgate I

We're still thinking here at Brit-nat-watch about the f***ing Welshgate rant by the Leader of the British Nationalist Labour Party.

The Western Mail printed Labour’s ‘truth’ about the incident, and it seems Brit Nat Labourites are trying to fob it off saying that it was Blair’s frustration with Welsh Labour rather than the Welsh nation that led to the outburst.

Some may think it's harsh to accuse Blair of being anti-Welsh or inciting racial hatred. But then, is Dafydd Iwan anti Pakistani, was he condoning white-flight? No, but that didn't stop the Brit Nats at the Labour Party from making out his speech at the Meifod Eisteddfod was a speech in favour of the white-flighters.

I don’t think Blair is racist or anti Welsh; as long as that Welshness is the Wales Labour music-hall Welshness and as long as the Welsh keep on being voting fodder to Labour in London. As one correspondent to the Western Mail said about Blair’s moment of madness, it was like shouting a similar obscenity at a rugby match – and who hasn’t done that?

There’s an element of truth in this Labour spin and I can’t imagine that Blair is the only high ranking Labour member who thinks the Wales Labour Party are incompetent. But one thing stands out, and is the reason so many people are incensed by the f***ing Welshgate.

What if a Plaid Cymru member had said f***ing English? Yes, I’m sure Brit Nat Labour AMs and MPs would have been so understanding. Funny, where are Alun Pugh, Huw Lewis, Leighton Andrews, Martyn Jones, David Hanson, Don Touhig, Carl Sargeant and all the other Brit Nats now – why aren’t they attacking Blair?

Where is the union jack waving CRE? After all if Welsh nationalists can be accused of fermenting discord or racism, then can’t the same be said of Blair’s tantrum as well? Or is it one rule for the Welsh and another against the Welsh?

These members of the Labour Party, show no remorse in misquoting or quoting out of context and playing the Welsh equivalent of the orange card when any Welsh nationalists say anything that hasn’t been vetted by the expected colonialist orthodoxy of Wales Labour.

If Labour hadn’t been so dirty and mischievous then maybe the ‘frustration with Welsh Labour’ would be accepted by others outside the party. But that isn’t the case. So, good on Cymuned for reporting Blair to the Metropolitan Police.

Some may complain that Welsh politics is sliding into a swamp of mud slinging. But if so it’s all down to the Brit Nat Labour’s strategy of dirty tricks, newspeak and misquotation.


Anonymous said...

Far be it from me to dampen your obvious enthusiasm for this story, but there are some pertinent facts which you are either ignoring or misprepresenting.

First and foremost, this entire 'scandal' is reared exclusively upon the word of Lance Price, who has in essence since withdrawn his allegation.

The Prime Minister's office, as I understand it, have denied any recollection of Blair ever saying such a thing. At best then this supposed slur is alleged and disputed. In reality there is no-one willing to stand by the claim that Blair ever said it.

A principal reason why there is this degree of doubt about the veracity of the claim is that, if it happened, it did so in private. Comparisons with others such as Dafydd Iwan are therefore erroneous; Mr Iwan made his comments in a public forum and was recorded by the media doing so. I am sure you will agree that this is a major material difference between the two cases (and is different even from the example of an abusive rugby fan that you cite).

Anonymous said...

Leighton Andrews has commented on it - humour being the best response:

see his blog

Nic said...

Could Anonymous #1 share his/her sources with us? I haven't seen Lance Price's "essential retraction". Yesterday's Guardian was still quoting the "fucking Welsh" comment. There's nothing on Google News to suggest that the allegation has been withdrawn.

Anonymous said...

Price's published book has "TB f-ing and blinding about the whole thing.". The reference to ‘fucking Welsh’ has been removed from the version intended for publication - In essence it has been withdrawn.

The Western Mail has Price saying of the matter "I do hope [the police] don't waste public money on a lengthy investigation at great cost, particularly when the comment referred to doesn't actually appear in my book."

Anonymous said...

and Welsh Labour had the cheek to have a go at Dafydd Iwan when he stated the fact that some English move into Wales to move away from a multi-racial society in England.

Bratiaith said...

This fake outrage at Blair's foul mouthed outburst is just funny. "ffycin saeson" is something I here all the time. I'm sure "fucking Gordies, Scousers, scotch bastards etc etc" have all upset politicians of all parties on election night.
I personally have recollections of some of the complainers saying such things themselves.

This whole argument is jyst one more example of the way our political discourse is imature.

Lets get back to REAL discussion about REAL issues please. All this "ya booh sucks to you we're better, you're evil" just turns everybody off.

Anonymous said...

bratiaith- will you be telling that to Welsh Labour AMs who made such a big deal of the "f***ing brits" comment a couple of months ago?

Perhaps you could send them a letter stating your concerns.

Bratiaith said...

I often tell Labour AMs what I think of them.

Bratiaith said...

One of the second post on

"2005/09/10 Paucity of Welsh Political Discourse"
is fairly concise about such issues