Saturday, October 22, 2005

Welsh Assembly Budget

Following our story last Friday, we are glad to say that Brit Nat Labour leader - Rhodri Morgan - has done a u-turn on the small matter of setting a budget for the Welsh Assembly. He has already met with the opposition leaders, with another meeting due within the next few weeks.

It's good to see that Rhodri has realised that the Brit Nat Labour Party haven't got a divine right to rule in Wales and that, as the leader of a minority Government, he must discuss these important issues with the opposition parties in order to reach a compromise.

Plaid Cymru Assembly Leader Ieuan Wyn Jones said in the Western Mail:

"It appears to us that there is a will-ingness to work hard to achieve a settle-ment... We detected a big shift in the government's position. All we want is for the government to respect the amendment that was carried and make sure it's reflected in the draft budget which comes back before November 15."


lon152 said...


Do you and your collegues in the Plaid Group on Caerphilly Council have any suggestions as to how you "wish-list" might be funded?

lon152 said...

It's all gone quiet...

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

"Plaid Group Caerphilly Council"?!?

lon152/David Taylor, Please explain.

PS. You really shouldn't be using the Welsh Assembly computers to run your vile anti-Welsh natwatch site.

It is rumoured that you are at the WA buildings 24/07 as you do not have a computer at your house in Cardiff.

We understand that you have even been caught by a 'friend' doing work on the Natwatch site at Leighton's office in the Assembly.

I hope this doesn't get out!

lon152 said...

I am not David Taylor, and my constant denials are become tiresome even for myself.

Again, I have never met David Taylor, but judging by the lack of updates on Natwatch recently, I doubt he is in the Assembly 24/7 even if he doesn't have a computer at home (like it matters).

As for him being "caught by a friend", you're obviously far more well informed than I am.

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

Why did you refer to "Plaid Group Caerphilly Council" ?

lon152 said...

Give my regards to Lindsay ;)

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

Is she your girlfriend?

lon152 said...

No, *he* is your group leader, as you're well aware.

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

Isn't Lindsay a girl's names?

lon152 said...

Tell your group leader that.

Ifan Morgan Jones said...

I know you are, but what am I?

Oh sorry, I interrupted a serious political discussion with childish snide remarks. Do carry on.

"I am not David Taylor, and my constant denials are become tiresome even for myself."

Stop denying it then. Ohohohoho!