Sunday, October 02, 2005

F***ing Welshgate II

We are amazed at the incompetence of the Brit Nat Labour Party in Wales. It seems Tony 'f***ing Welsh' Blair can do absolutely anything, and the Brit Nat Welsh Labour Party will go back to him like a whipped dog - just wanting a little cwtch and a pat on the head. What Blair is to Bush, Rhodri 'windbag' Morgan is to Blair. A yapping little dog that just wants to be loved by its owner!

Don't the Brit Nat Welsh Labour members get it? They're just there to make up the numbers - the British Nationalist Labour Party don't give a damn about you and treat you with contempt. England is essentially a Christian Democrat country; Labour just needs the votes from Scotland and Wales to stay in power. That's it. Period!

And still, they keep on going back for more. What kind of deep Freudian psychology is there in the Brit Nat Welsh Labour Party that creates this condition of self-hate? They're communally insulted, but don't ever complain.

What kind of deep psychological problem makes grown men and women allow themselves to be treated so humiliatingly - and yes, even make excuses on behalf of the bully? Oh, yes, of course it's called British Nationalism. After all, even being called f***ing Welsh is better, and more acceptable, than being called a Welsh Nat!


Bratiaith said...

Being british is merely a part of our identity. Caernarfon is more "foreign" to me than is London. If nats wern't so abusive towards our welsh/british sense of identity, Plaid maight actually be able to make a sensible case for more direct democratic control for Wales and Welsh councils.

Everything I've said about NatWatch aplies to this site too. Abuse, distortion, and hatred will make you feel better but it has the opposite affect to that which you intend on Consciously British Welsh people.

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

Hi Bratiaith.

There is no abuse or hatred present here. If you have any examples, please let us know.

Ifan Morgan Jones said...

Er... saying 'f**ck you Labour'?

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

O c'mon, that was obviously a joke. Playing on what Tony 'F***ing Welsh' Blair said.

Anonymous said...

Nicholas, the comment by mordicai just goes to show the double standards going on here. When New Labour say f***ing or f*ck about someone it's quite obviously a joke. When anyone else uses that language about someone it's obiously racist, abusive and profane.

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...


And just to respond to bratiaith's original post where he compares our site with the vile British Nationalist 'Natwatch' site.

1, Our stories are checked for their authenticity, we do NOT manufacture FAKE stories to attack individuals.
2, Anyone has the chance to respond to our stories by leaving a comment. The comments are not censored or deleted. If people believe that any story is unfair or untrue they can express so here!

Bratiaith said...

Talking about "deep psychological disorders" is abuse. I know Sion Jobbins has outlined some ideas about "displacement" and masochistic servility of English speaking Welshmen, but as I answered him that leaves things open for us to talk of the xenophobia and insularity that is at the heart of Nationalism as an ideology. If you object to Labour Jokes on these issues you cannot then make jokes in a similar vein against us - that's called hypocrasy

You really may not see why some of your posts are so offensive to us. Which just underlines the blind spot within Nationalism.

Ifan Morgan Jones said...

Oh, come on Bratiaith. You can't blame every nationalist for the failings of a few, just like I don't think every Labour supporter is evil because one of them runs Nat Watch.

"That leaves things open for us to talk of the xenophobia and insularity that is at the heart of Nationalism as an ideology."

I don't see xenophobia and insularity at the heart of Welsh nationalism - all I see is a people desperately trying to protect their culture and language. Of course there are racists that are welsh nationalists, but there are a few in every group. That's humanity for you.

Bratiaith said...

I oppose British Nationalism too. There is xenophobia and a metropolitan form of insularity within New Labour against the Welsh, Scots, Brummies, WestCountrymen, Northerners etc.

My point is that the debate is carried on by a series of accusations counter-acusations and name-calling.

If Plaid Cymru was serious about Nation-Building instead of "Gwynedd Imperialism" they could do much to further Welsh Democracy and help get a Real Parliament. But their "no compromise on idependence stance" (which has been our Nation's bug-bear since the days of the Llywelyns.) just makes it nigh on impossible for people like me to persuade my Non-Welshspeaking Devolution-sceptic freinds.

Natwatch crossed the lines of Decency Honesty and TAste, but much of what he wrote had a real point to it. His "New Banner for Plaid" competion winner was spot on.