Friday, October 14, 2005

Windbag's at it again.

Rhodri 'Windbag' Morgan said on Dragon's Eye last night that all Welsh assembly politicians face "disgrace and humiliation" if they fail to agree a budget.

His comments came after Plaid Cymru, The Conservatives, The Lib Dems, John Marek and Peter Law united to force Labour to re-think its financial plans. They want the Brit Nat Labour Party to put more money in to education, council tax and rail.

Rhodri Morgan warned:

"In the end if the assembly politicians can't set the budget, and this is the ultimate disgrace and humiliation that falls on all of us if we can't, the permanent secretary has to... And what's the public in Wales going to think of that?

"And what are they going to say in the House of Commons when we are asking for more legislative powers if we've had to sub-contract the process of setting the budget because the politicians can't make a fist of it?"

Basically, Rhodri's saying that if you do not agree with the Brit Nat Labour Party and their spending plans, then you're a disgrace. Instead of doing the honourable thing, as the leader of a minority Government, of discussing these important issues with the opposition parties, and reaching a compromise, Rhodri won't budge!

Rhodri, you're the disgrace, and it's about time you realised that the Brit Nat Labour Party haven't got a divine right to rule in Wales!


Free Speech said...

Just saw that interview on BBC Parliament channel.

Disgraceful attitude from Mr Morgan.

At one point he was suggesting that devolution was under threat if there was a 'llanast' in the assembly, hinting that a 'llanast' would affect the government of Wales bill?

It seems that Mr Morgan and New Labour wanted Devolution in order to hog power in their strong areas of the UK. When democracy goes against them they change their view of devolution.

They only want devolution as long as they get to be in power in that devolved region.

Let's hope in 2007 that the people of Wales throw them out.

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