Sunday, October 09, 2005

'Top Cat' could be suspended from Assembly

It was reported on today's BBC Wales 'The Politics Show', that Brit Nat Tory AM/MP David 'Top Cat' Davies could be suspended from the Welsh Assembly, after breaching the statutory duty to promote equality of opportunity and good community relations.

Helen Mary Jones AC referred 'Top Cat' to the Welsh Assembly's standards committee after he claimed that "a significant number" of Gypsies' behaviour fell "significantly below the accepted norm". He also hinted that Gypsies had no respect for property rights or planning regulations, never cleared up their own rubbish and drove vehicles without a tax disc.

Since Then 'Top Cat' has announced plans to register himself as a "gypsy traveller" so that he can not be accused of racism when criticising Gypsies, and their way of life.

Speaking on 'The Politics Show on Sunday', Plaid AM Helen Mary Jones accused Mr Davies of giving "support and comfort to people who behave appallingly towards gypsies and travellers".

A spokesman for the Gypsy Council described Mr 'Top Cat's' comments as "distasteful", while the council's secretary, Ann Bagehot, said she considered them to be "just schoolboy thoughtlessness". She added that 'Top Cat' was "making a mockery of attempts to build bridges between gypsies and non-gypsies".

Chris Myant, director for the Commission for Racial Equality Wales, told BBC Wales:

"He’s trying to play on people’s prejudices. He’s playing games which isn’t really the way serious politicians should engage in public debate."

Brit Nat Tory David Davies criticised for 'totally ignorant' remarks.
Thursday, September 08, 2005


Free Speech said...

Another attack on free speech and common sense.

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

Free speech is one thing, bigotry and prejudice is another.

Free Speech said...

I don't understand or like your attitude.

I thought the point of an assembly was for the people of Wales to elect representatives to speak up for them. Yet when someone does and it doesn't fit in with Labour's "values" they get attacked in this way.

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

Of course, like all democracies, the members should 'speak up' for their constituents, but they should not be BIGOTS!

Top cat's views on Gypsies shows a total lack of understanding of the situation.

This has nothing to do with 'Labour's values'! They haven't got any values. It is to do with the majority not attacking the minority for cheap politicial gains.

It makes one wonder why Top Cat bothered to learn Welsh? Was it so that he could attack Welsh speakers in the same vile way?

Free Speech said...

Have you experienced a gyspy camp near where you live?

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

Yes thank you, and the vast majority were great friends of mine.

You get a few bad apples in every section of society, but other than a very small minority they were great.


Free Speech said...

Not everyone appreciates a gypsy camp springing up next to where they live.

What about the rights of settled people? David Davies makes a valid point for discussion, he shouldn't be censored.