Tuesday, October 11, 2005

F***ing Welshgate III

This story just won't go away, even though Labour Spin masters in london are doing everything possible to get rid of it. Yesterday it was reported in the Daily Post that Tony "F***ing Welsh" Blair may be under investigation for a "hate crime".

Today, BBC Correspondent David Cornock blogged about the issue.

David Cornock reports that Tony "F***ing Welsh" Blair offered his own advice on whether he should be charged for inciting racial hatred. Asked at a news conference if he thought it was a good use of police time and resources to investigate the comments, he said, "no".

David reports that this is unlikely to dissuade North Wales Police from doing their duty. Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom said recently in The Sunday Times:

"The government has given us laws and I think they are good laws and we must deal with that. We have to balance resources but we have definitely put more effort into hate crime. There is almost no way we could not investigate what is being reported (about Blair). It is not trivial."

Try and squirm your way out of this one Bliar!


lon152 said...

"Try and squirm your way out of this one Bliar!"

Shows how out of touch you are. Do you really think the Prime Minsiter gives a toss about what he said?

Do you really think he's worried about whaat might happen to him now?

Do you really think the London spin-doctors are working over-time to minimize the damage?

Do you really think he spends all day worrying about it becuase your blog insists that it "refuses to go away"?

This is just not at all relevent to th Prime Minsiter, he really doesn't give a toss about what he said, and you;re website isn't going top keep him up all night

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

Thanks for that David Taylor.

I agree with you, Tony "Fucking Welsh" Blair doesn't give a toss about what he said, or about the Welsh.

But that isn't the point. A lot of Welsh people are very angry with TB because of the Iraq war, etc, etc, and this is just the icing on the cake.

It's a PR catastrophe in Wales. It just shows the utter contemp he and British nationalist Labour have for the people of Wales. T"FW"B see's Wales as just vote fodder to keep Labour in London.

In the last few days, the momentum for the story has continued, with the article in North Wales' leading newspaper and an item on David Cornock's Blog, and I'm sure there will be more press coverage in the near future.

We are not as naive as to believe that this will bring Blair down, but it will be a very handy election tool in 2007!

lon152 said...

I am not David Taylor. I have only ever heard of him from your blog, and I know he works in the Assembly becuase his email address is on the system (I work there too).

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

Fair enough.

Normal Mouth said...

You should get out more:


Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

Would you feel the same if a member of Plaid Cymru had allegedly said "Fucking English" or a member of the BNP had allegedly said "Fucking Pakistanis".

Are these comments also trivial, or is it only trivial when the Welsh are in question?

Why did you not condemn on your Blog the Police when they pursued Aled Cottle for sending an email that contained "Fucking British"?

Free Speech said...

What's your job in the assembly, lon152?

Normal Mouth said...

Actually, I think the police wasting public money investigating any such comment, whether directed at the English, Welsh or British is pretty pathetic.

However, when the comment is a) disputed b) made in private (if made at all) c) unpublished and d) prima facie undemonstrative of incitement to cause racial hatred it IS trivial.

You have such transparent motives in this (advancing a case against Blair and his 'Brit Nat' party) that you've lost all perspective.

Catch yourself on, man. The only real scandal in this is the way North Wales Police are prepared to waste public money on something that can never lead to anything.

Free Speech said...

lon152, I demand to know what your job is.

Otherwise I'll have to contact the head of IT at the assembly to find out that way.

As a taxpayer, I want to know who's spending work time trawling blogs like these.

The choice is yours.

lon152 said...

Free Speech: You have no right to "demand to know" what my job is.

Neither would you "find out" anything by contacting the “Head of IT”.

And as for: "The choice is yours"

Oooh! I feel really threatened.

I will tell you what my job is, not because of your pathetic threats but because I've never tried to hide it in the first place!

I am a civil servant who works in APS (Assembly Parliamentary Services, formerly known as the Office of the Presiding Officer).

Free Speech said...

are you a member or employee of a political party, lon152?

lon152 said...

No, I am a civil servant, so my work is impartial and I deal with all AM's and their staff. The Presiding Officer (Dafydd Elis-Thomas) is a Plaid Cymru member, so technically, he's my "boss".

I am a floating voter. I voted Plaid in 1999 Assembly elections but regret it now, I will never vote for them again.

I suppose I am "centre-right", I consider the Tories to be a bit too right wing though - I am pro-immigration.

Labour are too left wing most of the time, but I quite like Tony Blair as a leader.

I hate the Lib Dems because they don't stand for anything that matters.

I voted Labour at the last General Election, not because of any bounding loyalty towards them, but simply because of a lack of any credible alternative. I would rather keep Tony Blair in No 10 than send Michael Howard or Charles Kennedy there.

Plus, I live in Cardiff Central (a seat labour lost to the Lib Dems) who I despise. So it was partly a tactical vote.

If Gordon Brown takes over from Blair, I am unlikely to vote Labour again.

David Cameron and Liam Fox appeal to me, so I would probably switch to the tories.

What about you Free Speach? Where do you work and what are you political aligenses (if any)?

Free Speech said...

Do you expect anyone to believe that?

The Lib dems, whatever their shortcomings, are never usually the subject of someon'e hate. We only know of one other person who's said he hates the Lib Dems on the internet. We all know who that person is.

Nice try, but we're not buying it.

lon152 said...

Believe what you want.

Do I really care?

Free Speech said...

A friend of mine is a linguistic expert, in that she can identify similarities in writing styles. She works for the intelligence services. In her professional opinion, your writing style is a close match to that of the webmaster of Natwatch. It's very difficult to hide one's writing style. Even if you came back as a new pseudoname and tried to change the way you write it wouldn't work as she would spot you immediately.

We're watching you, pal.

lon152 said...

That's a complete load of bollocks.

Your friend can't be very very good a her job then.

I like I've already said...

Am I bothered?

Believe what you want.

Free Speech said...

Unfortunately for you it's not a complete load of bollocks and for your information she is extremely good at her job. Given the mysoginistic undertones in your blog I'm hardly surprised you automatically think she's not good at her job.

This website might not be keeping Mr Blair up all night but it keeps you up at night.

If you're not worried, then you really should be. There are colleagues of yours lined up to spill the beans about your internet activities. They don't like the damage your blog is doing to the reputation of the party.

Stop digging David. Far too many people already know. Even more people will know when your little secret gets exposed in national newspapers, TV documentaries...

lon152 said...

Believe what you want.

Since I am not David Taylor, I have nothing to worry about!

I look forward to the day he is "outed".

I doubt his website keeps him up all night though!

Free Speech said...

Do you know David Taylor? If not, then why would you spend so much time on the internet defending him?