Thursday, October 27, 2005

Welsh, Scottish and English Olympic Teams.

In September, Plaid Shadow Culture Minister Owen John Thomas called on Brit Nat Culture Minister Alun Pugh to commission a survey to assess the demand for Wales to field its own team at the 2012 Olympics in London. He said:

"In a recent survey carried out in Scotland
(by C-scOT), 78% of those questioned were in favour of a Scottish team competing in London's 2012 Olympic Games. Cleary they recognised that a national team would provide greater opportunities for Scottish athletes to experience the thrill and competitiveness of these ancient Games".

Since then C-scOT (The Campaign for a Scottish Olympic Team) have launched a website which states:

"C-ScoT has been set up by ordinary Scottish sports fans to ensure that the Olympic philosophy, can be harnessed; to bring maximum and enduring benefit to Scottish sport, Scotland’s people, its culture and its health; using the forthcoming focus on London’s hosting of the games as a catalyst."

The Campaign for an English Olympic Team was also launched last month, asking:

"why there is a British Olympic team when the people of the British Isles consider themselves to be English, Scottish or Welsh and not British."

The Brit Nat Labour and Conservative Parties in Wales and Scotland have already opposed any calls for a Scottish or Welsh Olympic Team. They claim that Wales and Scotland don't have the talent to have their own Olympic teams, and that Scotland and Wales shouldn't get above their own particular station.

SNP culture spokesman Michael Matheson
recently hit the nail on its head when he said:

"For those who believe that we'd be better off under the GB system, that strikes me as an argument for abolishing any form of independent representation on the international field... Let's get rid of the Scottish football team, the Scottish rugby team, let's get rid of the Scottish Commonwealth Games Team, because we'd all be better to do it under the GB flag - if you want to believe that particular argument."

Wales, Scotland and England SHOULD have their own Olympic teams as a matter of principle. There is no barrier preventing Wales from competing as a nation at the Olympics. The current 202 National Olympic Committees included 13 non UN-recognised nations, and in reality, there is nothing stopping Wales from forming its own National Olympic Committee. The Olympic Charter states:

"Although most National Olympic Committees (NOCs) are from nations, the IOC also recognises independent territories, commonwealths, protectorates and geographical areas."

It's about time a campaign was lauched in Wales. If you can help to set-up 'The Campaign for a Welsh Olympic Team',
please contact us.


Blewyn said...

Not sure I agree with this - of course as a Welshman I would love to see it, but if do get it, then what about the states of the US ? The states of India, Pakistan etc etc ?

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