Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Letters in the Western Mail

Some superb letters in the Western Mail today:

Wales needs voice

SIR - I must reply to Huw Lewis AM ("Tackling poverty", Western Mail, October 12). He wrote that Leanne Wood AM enjoys word games about who secured Objective One funding for Wales.

I feel that who got Wales and other regions of the UK to the situation of needing this funding is of more concern to us all.

That lays at the feet of the Westminster Governments of all colours and their economic strategies for London and South East England.

The UK being regarded as the fourth biggest economy in the world should be ashamed that any of its regions should qualify for aid.

Westminster cannot stop the inequalities it has caused, we cannot trust them to get the aid to the regions that need it. That is why Wales needs a voice direct to Europe.

Eaglesbush Valley, Neath

Undemocratic policy

SIR - Once again we witness how the control freaks of New Labour have been at it again. Their decision to outlaw Assembly candidates from seeking election on both a constituency and list basis was always more to do with political gain for New Labour and nothing to with voter confusion.

Now the Electoral Commission has reported that New Labour's plans have no justification and would hand an unacceptable advantage to New Labour. Furthermore, in a comparative study the Commission reports that of the 30 countries that have a two-tier electoral system, the only one to have outlawed dual candidacy was pre-2002 Ukraine, hardly a bastion of democracy.

The question is now will New Labour do the admirable thing and reverse this fundamentally undemocratic policy?

Llandysul, Carmarthenshire

Undemocratic power

SIR - The democratic deficit in our country once again raises its head with Peter Hain's announcement that he tends to favour a merger of Welsh police forces into one body. He also rules out devolving responsibility for policing to the National Assembly.

Why do we put up with a system of government under which a single Minister can determine policies of such great public interest.

Surely our own Assembly is the appropriate democratically elected forum to debate, consult, and decide on the shape of policing in our country?

Eglwyswrw, Pembrokeshire

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