Thursday, June 29, 2006

Llew in fantasy land!

Amazing thing British nationalism, especially the kind fought over by the likes of former Blaenau Gwent MP (or Blaenaw Gwent as they say on the BBC).

Poor Llew Smith, he's living in the fantasy land of the 'Real' Labour Party. Dreaming that somewhere out there the 'Real' Labour Party will return. Sorry Llew. Blair, Brown, PFI, privatisation and more Trident - this is as good as it gets Llew. This IS Real Labour.

Llew's recent letter in the Western Mail attacking Brown's support for a new generation of Trident nuclear weapons just shows how blind that British nationalism is. Nuclear power is one debate, nuclear weapons is another.

Are they really any use? Nuclear warheads are just the phallic symbols of the British state. Trident isn't a Labour or Tory problem - it's a problem of the British state.

A state created by conquering neighbours in the name of unity and peace, and then conquers more countries… in the name of unity and peace. Nuclear warheads are the designer jewellery of the British hoodie.

Llew - there will never be a nuclear weapons free UK because that will mean surrendering the whole point of the UK. How deep is your British nationalism? I know you preferred having Margaret Thatcher rule Wales than Devolution in 1979, so now I presume that you'd rather have nuclear warheads than a self-governing Wales?

Smith's most basic principle it seems isn't 'socialism' or 'peace' or 'equality', it's British nationalism and a blind adherence to the British state. My country, right or wrong, eh Llew?

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