Friday, June 09, 2006

Labour Can Run ... But they Can't Hide

C'mon boys, you know it makes no sense, and all this cross-dressing in Union Jacks just looks silly. We all know the reason Blair and Labour won't answer the West Lothian Question. Labour will never pass any motions at Westminster without the donkey vote from Wales and Scotland.

The issue has been discussed on Newsnight (at last) and the Labour Scottish MP came over as the usual member of the Labour smugocracy (do they have a special mould in some factory to create these people?).

As Alan Williams, Swansea MP (I thought he'd retired?!) said, the English have woken up.

The game's over.
It's either a full-blown Federal set up or, my choice, independence for Wales, Scotland and England (+ Cornwall). Who wants the status of Schleswig-Holstein when they can have the status of Denmark or Germany?

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