Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Doesn't Bother Me

Are we meant to get upset by this?

Labour started this nonsense to begin with and now everyone is trying to sue - or is afraid of being sued by someone else. The Welsh Nationalist movement have taken Blair to the police for his F**king Welsh remarks, which is only right in light of the fact that obscure Welsh nationalists have been hounded from their jobs by Labour members.

But isn't it now time to give the whole thing a rest? So some chavs in England chuck some darts at a Red Dragon – who cares, who's offended?

I can't be bothered to get upset nor could the Western Mail a day later. Question is, will Labour Brit Nats let it go too or more importantly, stop frothing if some one says something that they believe is vaguely 'anti English'?

I'm not so sure? Imagine some landlord in Cardiff chucking darts at an English flag, or better still, a landlord in Caernarfon doing the same, and who wouldn't bet on some Labour wannabe calling the CRE to complain and then asking Plaid Cymru to 'disassociate themselves' from the darts-at-flag-gate affair?

Depends how much you trust Labour's British Nats I suppose ... not much in my case. But, let's give it a go eh?

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Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

Sorry, this comment by wonkotsane deleted in error. Here it is:

If I saw a Welsh person throwing darts at an English flag and complained to the police or CRE about racism they'd probably prosecute me for wasting police time. Racism doesn't apply in England because the establishment doesn't even recognise that we exist. As far as the UK government are concerned I'm a West Midlander, not English.

Off topic, anybody know why Welsh language roadworks signs have started infesting Shrewsbury in the last couple of years? I wonder how many Salopians need to know that there are roadworks am 100 milliter or that they need to arafwch nawr.