Saturday, June 03, 2006

Englandandwales Labour

Is there such a thing as a 'national' Labour party any more or is it Scotland and then Englandandwalesland? Scottish First Minister - Jack McConnell - says he won't support England in the World Cup, but the ever waffling Rhodri Morgan says he will support England 'unless they misbehave'. Eh?

Morgan, who always comes over as a proud Welshman in the English press but is in fact a British Nationalist, will support England becaue England is the 'motherland' for Labour Brit Nats in Wales.
He also supports England because he doesn't want to offend the English vote in Wales.

You either support a country or you don't. It's not the fault of the football team, or nation, if a bunch of idiots riot.

Come on Morgan - stop sitting on the fence.


wonkotsane said...

He's not sitting on the fence - he said he will support England. Can't get more off the fence than that.

pads said...

He said he'll support England until their fans misbehave.

Seems he is expecting to support England only for the first week or so.