Thursday, June 08, 2006

Labour Apologise to Plaid Simon Glyn

In a candid interview on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Labour Chancellor, Gordon Brown openly apologised for the personal abuse and insult which Plaid Cymru councillor, Simon Glyn suffered on the hands of Welsh Labour British nationalists members following Glyn's comments about the future of the Welsh language in 2001.

Brown said:
"Simon Glyn was treated awfully by the Welsh Labour Party, which hounded him for saying that people moving into Wales should learn to speak Welsh or at least be made aware of the Welsh language and culture. In hindsight it was all black propaganda waged by British Nationalists to kill off an intelligent debate on the future of the Welsh language and the impact of people moving into Welsh-speaking areas. I offer Simon Glyn my full apology."
Well, OK, Brown the Brit didn't quite put it that way, but his comments about the duty of people who move to a country to learn the language of that country does sound a bit hollow in light of the bashing Welsh-speakers received for voicing the same points five years ago.

Ah well, there we go then. It wasn't that Labour were opposed or offended after all by arguments that people moving into a country should learn the indigenous language of that country. It was that English-speakers shouldn't have to learn Welsh. I see. Just good old-fashioned British nationalism once again from our great 'international socialists'. The same old story. Tossers.

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