Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Not Balkanisation but Scandinavianisation

I promise this is the last posting on the Balkans! Hain and other Brit Nats are still chuffed they managed to think of 'the Balkanisation of Britain' all by themselves. Bless!

However, if they knew their European history and put aside their anti-Balkan racism, then they may be enlightened enough to notice there's another historic geopolitical concept which is more in line with what is happening in the 'UK' today. It's not Balkanisation, but Scandinavianisation.

A group of nations, sharing a defined geographic area, with shared customs, yes and language, which can have independence all round but which are mature enough to cooperate and pool sovereignty when needed.

Norway, Denmark, Sweden - and Finland, Faroe Islands and Iceland too, share a common, and yes, colonial , history. They have much in common but aren't the same - Norway is a NATO member whilst Sweden prefers other nations to fight against Nazis. Some are inside the EU, others not.

Norway didn't become independent until 1904 when it's separatist and nationalist government decided it wasn't too 'tiny' (in Hain's words) to leave Sweden - no doubt, there were Labour members in Norway saying that the country was too small/poor/thick to be independent.

Finland was also a Swedish province once but became independent (from Russia) in 1918 and Iceland became independent from Denmark in 1944. No wars, no race hate (please note CRE), no ban on Danish men marrying Swedish women, no plague of locusts.

So, as Welsh, English and Scottish nationalists, lets start talking calmly about the Scandinavnisation of Britain.


Der said...

Scandinavianization of Britain. Does that mean our women will all of a sudden develop into leggy blondes? I wish.

Anyway, I like the slogan. This 'Balkanisation' rubbish has been thrown around for years. I once heard some old drunkard going on about it in a Cardigan pub before 1997. It was appearing in the letters column of the WM even back then pre devolution. Not too many barricades yet. You can see Labour's game......If you repeat something often enough.....people will start to believe no matter how absurd.

voiceofourown said...

Excellent blog by the way!
The Scandinavianisation of Britain is exactly what we should be aiming for. Despite the term's unwieldiness, it's a worthy mantra for all UK nationalists.
I so look forward to being a Scottish citizen visiting my Welsh cousins in an independent Wales.
Let's have more co-operation between nationalists from all the constituent countries and give the lie to the notion that independence means isolation, introspection and fractiousness.

Aled said...

This talk of the Balkanisation of Britain is a bit rich anyway isn't it, coming from a government who sent in the RAF to help re-Balkanise the Balkans!