Monday, January 29, 2007

'English are Jealous' - Rhodri Morgan

English are jealous? No, Rhodri. They just think you're an idiot running a Labour Party potato republic whose administration is based on bribes not policies. So much for a health policy - hey, don't bother improving your health Labour voter, you'll get the drugs for free on prescription.

Oh and that £40m towards the 'policy' - that's £40m off new equipment, new staff or cleaner hospitals. And who wants a bet that Welsh health will still be crap in 10 years time.

Apart from being down right childish - Windbag's comments are also demeaning to both Welsh self-respect. Welsh identity doesn't have to be measured by what the English think. It's a disgrace the opposition parties didn't oppose this class jingoism bribe.

Quite funny though. Governor Hain telling us that the English give us about £1,000 each - now we can tell them where the money goes - it goes on free prescription and other bribes.

Still, Morgan being the buffoon he is, hasn't seemed to notice that the English also speak English and don't see it so funny the way their taxes are 'subsidising' Wales (in Brit Nat Labour's words Rhodri) and Labour's bribes.

1 comment:

H Davies said...

Fair point

but i dont think there was any need for your last comment, rather "politicly" incorrect?

We all need each other dont you think??
I mean who will be needing welsh water after recent affects of "Global warming" in England??

the Welsh will also be Taxed just like everyone else for these affects, regardless of whether it has anything to do with wales.

So that kind of narrow mindedness, does good for no one.