Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Two fingers to the Brit Nats - C'mon England!

After years of hearing British nationalists tell me to stop being 'racists' and support England in the name of brotherhood and solidarity, I've finally taken their advice.

I have to admit I was genuinely disappointed that England didn't retain the Ashes and I now want England to do well in rugby. If it wasn't for the small but crucial fact that English Soccer Fans (who've decided from their own accord to move to Wales) have historically made no effort to integrate into our country, I'd even support their soccer team.

I do this not because of any new found belief in the Brit Nat lie (I never decided not to support England for racists reasons nor do I hate England). I support England now because with every test match or Grandslam they win, the English become more English and less British - and that's something I welcome.

It also creates a civic English nationalism, which again is something I support (and the Brit Nats on the left don't) something which is often discussed on the following blog: www.toque.co.uk/blog/

So, two fingers to the Brit Nats, and C'mon England!


cornubian said...

Yeah great but why are these "civic" English nationalists such unapologetic English supremacists when it comes to Cornish desires and needs?

Have any of the English nationalist formations ever said anything sensible or understanding with regards the Cornish nation? NO!

Wynne Jones said...

Can't say I share your support for English sporting teams (well, at least not when it's displayed in Wales) but it's certainly true that English people are increasingly keen to assert their Englishness in sporting contexts, as opposed to their Britishness.

At rugby and football events you will see a sea of white and red from the flag of St. George. The Union Jack - or rather, Union Cack - is a very rare sight indeed.

Whether this will spill over into the political arena to any significant degree - such as a majority vote for an English assembly (not that I anticipate a referendum any time soon) - I don't know. It'll be hard to gauge the true extent of this until the people of England are given the opportunity to vote on it.

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

Regarding Cornubian's post, I agree that the attitude of the English in general towards Cornwall as a nation in its own right is a disgrace.

What the Cornish need to do in my view is to be much more vociferous in their campaigning for a greater Cornish identity. Easier said than done of course!

With regards to Wynne Jones, I agree completely that the English are now much more patriotic towards England than the British myth, and I do believe that if given the chance, the English would vote for a full English parliament on the same lines as Scotland. Hopefully by that time, we will already have our own!