Monday, January 22, 2007

Balkanisation of Britain 1

Congratulations to Governor Peter Hain (not just one Celtic country but two!) for his, erm, statesmanlike article in the Western Mail about The Welsh and their 'tiny' country's ability to become independent. I wonder if he makes the same arrogant put down when he meets the PMs of other 'tiny' EU countries in his capacity as Minister for Europe?

He must have felt really chuffed about the 'Balkanisation of Britain' slogan. Well done Peter, (well Kim Howells actually) for coining the phrase... in joined up writing and even alliteration - you'll be winning the Chair at the National Eisteddfod next Peter. Got me thinking though about what this Balkanisation looks like:

  • Balkanisation of British football teams - so, Hain would be against a Welsh soccer team?
  • Balkanisation of British rugby teams - so, Hain would be against a Welsh rugby team?
  • Balkanisation of the Anglican church - so, Hain would be against the forming of the Church in Wales?
  • Balkanisation of Agricultural Unions - so, Hain would be against the FUW?
  • Balkanisation of local authorities - single unitary authorities in Wales and Scotland a mishmash of counties and districts in England
  • Balkanisation of bowls and darts - yes, I could go on.

It's all so sinister isn't it. The members of these Balkanised societies all hate each another and are at each another throats in a blood bath of ethnic hatred and racism. Grow up Hain.


Aran said...

Da iawn. Pity that Plaid doesn't respond as strongly and clearly as this.

Pads said...
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Pads said...

And yet Alun Michael is encouraging the Balkanisation of Somalia in supporting Somaliland.