Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hain's Thoughts

Doesn't Hain's recent hysterical outburst make you want to laugh ... or cry? Welsh success - getting Dr Who produced here? Erm, is that it? Imagine the Prime Minister of Ireland bragging that one of the main benefits of independence was getting Dr Who shot in Dublin.

And what about the 'there are more English people living in Wales than ever before'. Spooky. What's the dog whistling going on here, the 'are you thinking what we're thinking' ... 'the English will never allow 'The Welsh' (as they say) to rule Wales'?

Or Wales can't become independent because, what, the English who've moved into Wales from their own free will won't allow it? So, the government which brings in loyalty oaths to the UK, English language tests, preaches the need to integrate to the host country, is telling The Welsh, 'back in line Taff', we're not going to live in any potato republic with you lot running the show? Sorry Peter, I don't understand. Are you implying that the English in Wales are fifth columnists, or Ulster Protestants or something? Tell me.

I haven't been able to find a brake-down of the Referendum vote in 1997, but from what I've heard a substantial majority of those who spoke Welsh voted yes, a clear majority of those who were born in Wales but didn't speak Welsh also voted yes, but the majority of those who were born in England voted no.

So, is Hain implying that if there was a referendum on the constitution in Wales, he'd make sure the 'English vote' voted NO or is it that Wales's future should be decided by those who don't want Wales to be, erm, 'too Welshie'?

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