Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Text referendum 4 Wales

The 'Real Referendum' on whether Wales should have its own law-making Parliament was launched yesterday by Ron Davies outside the National Assembly's new debating chamber.

The 'Real Referendum' will be different from conventional and old fashioned 'walking to your village hall' affair as it is asking people to vote by text, and will last for a month before the final White Paper, 'Better Governance for Wales' is released.

It will ask 1 simple question: Do you think Wales should have its own Law-making Parliament?

Voters will be asked to text 'Wales Yes' or 'Wales No' to 83010. Texts cost 25p + standard network charge. Only 1 text 'vote' will be recorded from each mobile phone. There is also a chance to vote in a seperate refferendum online at

Leanne Wood AM, the youngest Plaid Cymru Assembly Member, was the first to vote in the text referendum - the 1st ever political referendum of its kind in the UK. Ms Wood commented:

"The old men in Westminster have let us down, so it's good to see the next generation standing up for proper voice for Wales. We want the people of Wales to choose whether they have a Parliament equal to Scotland's, not a handful of New Labour MPs."

We urge everyone to text 'Wales Yes’ to 83010, to show the British Nationalist New Labour Party that we are not happy with the current settlement, and that we need a full law-making Parliament immediately!


Della & Sarah said...

I voted YES, because I believe the Welsh got a shitty deal as well, though not as shitty as England got.
Only Scotland got its own Parliament; the Welsh assembly was just a gesture to silence the Welsh nationalists.
On the plus side for England, if both Scotland and Wales have their own Parliaments, how can the Scottish PM still deny us an English Parliament?
Good luck to Wales and its people. May the future bring us all a release from the rule of the Scottish mafia

lon152 said...
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