Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Labour MP says Labour AM's are Hopeless.

Here's a funny story, one Labour MP, Chris 'Superman' Bryant, says that his own party is crap.

Chris Bryant, the former Conservative who had to join Labour to stay where he was politically, has lambasted his own Labour party's running of the health service in Wales. Nye Bevan would be turning in his grave, blah, blah, blah!

It seems that Brit Nat Bryant can't get his head around the fact that Wales has its own half Parliament now. Nor can he understand that Rhodri 'Windbag' Morgan's, governance, in Cardiff Bay is not only useless it's a-political.

Bryant has a political philosophy - he's a Conservative. Fair enough. Morgan and the Brit Nat Welsh Labour Party have no philosophy. Its just anti-Welsh class jingoism with bribes for the core voters.

Bryant is right to question Morgan's back-of-a-beer-mat bribes, like the free buses, free school breakfast free brain transplants etc, etc. But come on Bryant, that's Welsh Labour for you - that's your party - and that's as good as it gets.

It's not about policies it's about bribes. Rhodri 'Windbag' knows he can knock-up as big a deficit as he wants and cock-up the whole country because in the end, London Labour will bail him out in case they lose Wales again to the Welsh Nats.

For the Brit Nats in Welsh Labour it's simple - we cock up, and someone else, somewhere else, will pay more taxes so our core voters get their bribes - we call it
You've got to be stupid not to vote for them!

Bryant - get over it - you're part of the same party and you're part of the problem!


Bratiaith said...

Anti Brit
Anti Bus Passes for the elderly
Anti Free Breakfast for children living in poverty.

So much for Plaid Cymru Socialism.

You Too are part of the problem - Yah-Boo-sucks-to-you politics. All you're doing here is feeding the sort of xenophobia that is characterised by most posts on NatWatch.

You can't win in a cat-calling competition. There's more of us than there are of you. We're stronger and richer. You cannot afford to distort reality.

If Nats were serious about Wales as a real nation you'd be far cleverer in moving political discourse to favour your ideas.

Common Sense Wales said...

Perhaps Labour should stop taxing poor people in the first place. Seems you're only handing back what they've been paying in taxes in the first place in the form of gimmicks.

Natwatch have been quiet of late- why?

cymrumark said...

Chris Bryant is a bad joke.....the only time he has ever run anything was as a senior Labour councillor in hackney from 1994-98 the result? A scandal plagued council that delivered the worst services in london in return for the highest council tax! The mans a joke...