Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The CRE should stop promoting British Nationalism!

Here we go again. The CRE are wrapping themselves in the union jack and pushing new British Nationalism on us all.

The latest bout of Brit flag waving is because a high proportion of people from 'ethnic minority' backgrounds in England feel more British than their fellow white citizens (who strangely enough feel English).

With so many of their fellow citizens feeling English rather than British shouldn't the CRE start promoting an English identity rather than British nationalism? After all, reinforcing Britishness within the ethnic minority community will only further ghettoise that community from their fellow English citizens.

I know that Labour has a vested interest in Britishness for their own political ambition, but the CRE's job is to promote race toleration not British nation building and nationalism.

And is it any surprise that so many members of the ethnic minority communities feel uncomfortable with the notion of Englishness when the British left wing, until very lately, said Englishness = white racists?

In Wales (as in Scotland) the situation is different, with ethnic minority communities feeling more Welsh than British, and many calling themselves Welsh and NOT British, but this doesn't stop the CRE from ramming British Nationalism down our communities' throats as well.

The job of the CRE is not to become a new front in promoting British Nationalism. Nor is it it's job to suggest that British identity is better than a Welsh, Scottish, Cornish or English identity nor that Welsh people have to accept a British identity if they don't want to be branded racist. We shouldn't accept the forcing of this new British nationalism down our throats, whatever the colour of the speaker.


Toque said...

Well said.

Gorthkrist said...

And you should stop forgetting the Cornish!
We are just as little English as you!

Gorthkrist said...

The Cornish are a peoples of the UK like the Welsh and the Scots and this site should pay them more attention.

Where is the link to Mebyon Kernow?

Tyr Gwyr Gweryn

The Cornish national minority report

The Cornish a neglected nation? by the BBC

Cornish people by wikipedia

Map of stateless nations and peoples in europe by eurominority




Together we stand divided we fall.

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

Very good point. I'll add some of those link to the side-bar now.

cornubian said...

As you may or may not know one of the most popular threads on the BBC England message boards was about English nationalism. The thread included such subjects as the call for an English parliament, Devolution to the regions, ethnicity / identity and Cornish issues.

This is the URLto the thread: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/england/F2770282?thread=1355664

The BBC has removed this thread by disallowing any further contributions to be made.
The reason they gave for this censorship was that all threads tagged with multiple regions were to be stopped. Now a quick visit to the BBC England message boards will show that the English nationalism thread has been the only multi tagged thread to be stopped, why?

I have asked the BBC but they have so far failed to respond.
If you think free speech is important and that this kind of censorship by the BBC is unacceptable then make your voice heard and use the thread below to lodge a complaint.