Monday, November 07, 2005

Tory leadership chaos

It was reported in the Western Mail today that Brit Nat Tory leader in Wales - Nick Bourne - may be an illegitimate leader. The article questions the process in which he got the job in the first place.

Tory Councillor David Fouweather, said in the article:

"Nick Bourne has never been endorsed by the party membership in Wales as leader... I think it is time for someone else to take over the leadership. I don't think Nick Bourne has any popular appeal. He's not Welsh. People talk about Rhodri Morgan, they even talk about Mike German, but they don't talk about Nick Bourne."

Nick Bourne responded by saying:

"Does anyone seriously think we would have made the progress we have if we had continued with the previous hard-right and anti-Welsh agenda? The Conservatives are now back on the political map in Wales."

David Fouweather complains that Nick Bourne isn't Welsh, and therefore doen't have any popular appeal in Wales. Nick Bourne counters by stating that he has changed the party, and actually made the party more Welsh, and therefore more electable.

It's nice to see that the Brit Nat Conservatives are starting to realise that the people of Wales want Welsh, and not British, parties representing them at the Welsh Assembly.


Nic said...

Bit of a mixed message here. Why would his not being Welsh be relevant to anybody? Surely what he says and does is more important? Would you rather see Rod Richards back in charge of the Tories in Wales?

Bourne comes out of this a lot better than Fouweather, IMO.

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

I agree.

James said...

Nick Bourne could deliver Plaids downfall out here in rural Wales.

11 AMs
control of Monmouth Council
cllrs back in Carmarthenshire

This is progress from 1997.
There are seem peeved people who can no longer claim that this is a Tory free zone.

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

1 Councillor in Carmarthenshire. A chap from Llanelli who is in favour of closing small village schools. I hought the Cons wee in favour of small schools?

Progress in Carmarthenshire?

Give me a break!