Thursday, November 17, 2005

Welcome to the Brit Nat spin zone

You may recall our story regarding the campaign Natwatch ran against Gwynedd Council ex employee Rhodri Tomos, which led to his resignation on September 1st.

Mr Tomos did indeed make the following comment in an email converstion with Natwatch:

“There's one thing lacking in your website - there's no mention of the Pwllheli Marina issue, probably the most embarrassing incident this year for Welsh nationalists.”
Little did Mr Tomos know how Natwatch, The Daily Post and Welsh Labour would ‘interpret’ this comment. Keep your hats on, you’re about to enter the Brit Nat spin zone:

Natwatch reported:
"Nat Watch has received correspondence from the Information and Research officer for Plaid-run Gwynedd Council Rhodri Tomos, who has told us that there are several 'embarrassing' truths waiting to be publicised regarding the actions of his own council."
The Daily Post reported:
"Rhodri Tomos allegedly told the Nat Watch site he could pass on 'embarrassing' details about plans to double moorings at Pwllheli marina."
Welsh Labour’s press realease said:
"…Website Nat Watch reports that Gwynedd press officer Rhodri Tomos has expressed concern about the way in which the Pwllheli Marina project was handled by his employers."
That’s enough of the spin, here’s the truth:

Mr Tomos never worked on the Pwllheli Marina project. Mr Tomos has never revealed any wrongdoing, regarding the Pwllheli Marina project or any other activity of Gwynedd council to anyone. To allege that Mr Tomos had offered Natwatch or anyone else 'embarrassing truths' about the Pwllheli Marina project is a complete lie.

It is a great shame that Mr Tomos felt the need to resign because of this matter. The Brit Nat Labour spin machine are solely to blame for his resignation. Yet again, this shows how vile the Brit Nats behave here in Wales, and their total disregard for the people.


Ifan Morgan Jones said...

After the Cottle incident, Mr. Thomas was very foolish to play games with Nat-o-Labour machine. He walked right into that one.


Common Sense Wales said...

That's a fair comment but the Labour spin machine are mostly to blame for this as clearly he was seriously misquoted.

It seems we live in a country where the government has a spin machine so powerful that it can create a lie about a public sector worker and force a resignation in one day.

secret agent said...

Why did his bosses at the council take this allegation seriously? He never worked on the marina project and so the allegation didn't make sense never mind the fact that the allegation was a complete lie.

Seems like they fell for Natwatch's lies and handled the situation poorly- there was no need for him to resign over this issue.

Common Sense Wales said...

It may, or may not, have been handled badly by his employers but that's beside the point.

The point is that false allegations were constructed by Natwatch. These were used by the Welsh Labour party in a press statement. Finally the irresponsible Daily Post shared these false allegations with a wide audience.

An 'unholy' trinity, indeed.

Ifan Morgan Jones said...

Has this blog run out of steam? It hasn't been updated in three weeks.

Common Sense Wales said...

This isn't the first blog to end after exposing the sinister workings of the unholy trinity.

Ifan Morgan Jones said...

Do you think it could be...


(Labour assassin sneaks off into the night)