Friday, July 13, 2007

True Welsh Rugby Emblem

For some reason the WRU like the servile Three Feathers with the equally colonial 'ich dein' motto. During the forthcoming Rugby World Cup shouldn't our national rugby team be wearing a motif which is Welsh and proud to be Welsh not some Brit Welsh, can I have an OBE please badge?

I quite like this idea from the Owain Glyndwr Embassy. As the WRU like the Prince of Wales so much, why not have the flag of the true Prince of Wales - Owain Glyndwr?


Christopher Glamorgan said...

...and that emblem is a hangover from roman times (dragon). You'll have to come up with something else... Rhodri and Ieuan holding hands while riding the dragon!

Unknown said...

Remember the Flag Flying campaign and sign the petition -, write to and go to Look up Bryn Glas in Wikipedia and read about the Welsh victory. Give your help to Plaid in the coming General Election (I'm not joking!). Feel good that you are working for Wales.

Gath Clag said...

If anyone is a registered user of wikipedia here, can I ask them to object to the proposals at -

The proposal is to make all the people who are listed as English, Scottish, Welsh etc into "British" by default

If you aren't registered, please do, but make sure you know how to edit the thing properly!

Here is the Nationality proposal -

* Where it is required to state the nationality of a person from the United Kingdom, for example in an infobox, British should be used.

* Where it is required to display a flag representing the nationality of a person from the United Kingdom, the Union Flag should be used.

* When referring to constituent nations in article text, it is usually preferable to refer to verifiable facts, for example "English-born", rather than just "English". If someone has clear allegiance to only one constituent country, it may be appropriate to refer to them simply as, for example, "English"; but if they have connections to multiple constituent countries, or if there is any controversy over this, more precise terms such as "English-born", "Scottish-resident" should be used to ensure clarity. Even where allegiance to one constituent country is clear, the names and flags of constituent countries should not be used in infoboxes where nationality is expected.


Gath Clag said...

The Welsh should also mount a campaign to get the WRU to disaffiliate from the British Lions. Not only is the team a blatant bit of political propaganda, but the lion logo just happens to be the English one...

Final Conflict said...

Absolutely! The symbol of Charlie the Greek has nothing to do with Cymru!

Unknown said...

Of course the wales team needs an original emblem, the true one, you know, a team (specially a national one), needs some encourage and special motivation for winning, and the emblem is the most important thing on the uniform, like a cheap viagra for an old man!!!!

Unknown said...

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