Friday, July 06, 2007

You can't eat a flag - more British nationalism from Labour

I remember Betty Williams Brit Nat Labour MP for Conwy belittling Welsh nationalists by saying you 'can't eat a flag'. Seems she needs to remind her new boss, Uber Brit Nat, Gordon Brown of her views. Our British nationalist PM has ordered that the Union Jack should be flown every day of the year.

Hmm, makes you think what the usual Labour AMs would say were Plaid to make the same suggestion for the Red Dragon. But then, any thing's OK if you wrap the Union jack and 'inclusiveness' around it. Why don't Labour MPs and AMs speak up against such blatant nationalism, jingoism and flag-waving ... oh, yes, they're Brit Nats too.

Just to remind Brown and other Labour Brit Nats why I won't be flying the flag - this is the flag which has made Welsh a minority language in Wales. This is the flag which those who wish to stand against Wales becoming a true nation state wrap themselves in. This flag negates Welsh identity. This is the flag of colonialism.

Now that Labour are into flag-waving I hope our AM's will insist that only the Red Dragon will be flown from the buildings of institutions in Wales - 365 days a year. Labour in Wales will have to chose between British nationalism and Wales.


Charlie Marks said...

Note that Brownie made a big thing about some law banning public buildings flying the butcher's apron more than 18 days a year -- not true, apparently there are no limits. He lies, they take it as the truth and its printed and repeated -- then the truth emerges, and little is made of the discrepency. Ho hum.

Ryethorpe said...

Boro da, or hello. I've had a ramble round this place and I can't work out whether it is Britain or England that you resent poking their noses into your Welsh business. I was born in England, and brought up here, live here, speak English only, alas, and consider myself English. I don't think of myself as British. I'm English. The British (U.K.) Government is currently dominated by Scotsmen. I just wonder what you lot think about Home Rule for England. Iechyd da

Gath Clag said...

Did you hear that Jack Straw has acknowledged that things are different in Scotland, and that they are not going to have to fly it... Amazing what an SNP executive can do.

"The British (U.K.) Government is currently dominated by Scotsmen."

No, the British government is dominated by opportunistic Brits whose only decent gesture to Scotland in recent years has been devolution, and only because they were scared of a repeat of the Thatcher years. Gordon Brown is a QUISLING - plain and simple.

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

I fully support Home Rule for England. England is a great nation, just like Wales and Scotland, and should become independent.

It is the made-up notion of 'Britishness' that I dislike.

Ther's no point blaming the Scots. Gordon Brown etc, are British Nationalists, they just happen to come from Scotland.

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