Thursday, July 12, 2007

Brit Nat Big Girls Sulk

Laugh - I nearly wet myself? Hilarious. Four Labour AM had a big sulk and refused to be in same chamber as Ieuan Wyn when he was made Deputy First Minister. It's almost as funny as hearing that Kinnock got a standing ovation at last Friday's Labour meeting by seven, yes, seven people. Magic.

These of course are the Labour greats so correctly rated by the Western Mail prior to the election - Irene James (2/10), Lynne Neagle 3/10, Ann Jones (3/10), Karen Sinclair 3/10) - Ieuan must be very upset.

As I said, hilarious... Brit Nats can't take it! Good riddance - lets work with grown-up Labour AMs and see what we can deliver for our nation.

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Charlie Marks said...

I didn't know that the Kinnock story was true. I thought it was a joke -- honestly. Oh the childishness of it. The women of plaid were much more principled -- visiting a homeless shelter to raise the issue of the housing crisis, instead of making a pointless gesture at the queen opening the senedd.