Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Labour cracks start to show

Labour aren't all British nationalists after all (well, not the English ones in anycase!)

Distinguished MP Frank Field has broken ranks and brought a bit of common sense to the whole mess which is Welsh Labour's British nationalist handling of more power for our useless Welsh Assembly i.e. 'The Government of Wales Bill'.

Yes, whilst most Welsh Labour MPs will be spluttering into their pints as they see their days at the UK's best club numberd, the Government of Wales Bill has
prompted English Labour MP - Frank Field - to introduce the following amendment:

Clause 102, page 56, line 41, at end add —

(9) Notwithstanding the other provisions of this section no referendum shall be held until legislation has been passed providing for the holding of a referendum throughout England on the creation of a National Assembly for England (however named) with at least the same powers and status as the National Assembly for Wales; such a National Assembly for England (however named) either to be separately elected or to be constituted by the Members of Parliament for constituencies in England sitting as the National Assembly for England (however named).'

The amendment, that would trigger either a referendum or a Commons vote on holding "English-only" votes in future, was drafted by the non-partisan
Campaign for an English Parliament (CEP).

We support Frank Field MP and the CEP in their campaign.

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