Friday, January 27, 2006

British Nationalists get touchy

Oh, the Brit Nats have come over all queenie and bitchy. I never! They're the only parliament in the village and don't want any one else taking all the limelight.

Yes, the Tories, and more interestingly New Labour, got over all precious at the Lib Dem's idea of changing the Assembly's name to Senedd - the Welsh word for parliament, even though the idea of calling the assembly a senedd was once floated by Tony Blair in an interview with the Western Mail before he became prime minister.

Now, we've got issues with calling a poxy assembly which can't even legislate on smoking, a 'senedd'. We've also got issues with calling it 'senedd' when speaking English. The official name could be 'senedd' but in English it should be referred to as a 'parliament'. There's nothing intrinsically different about the concept of a 'senedd' and a 'parliament' so why use a different word when describing the institution in English?

It seems, the Brit Nats just don't like having anything which could question the legitimacy of Westminster. It seems it's bad enough that the Scots have a Parliament without the Welsh having one too.

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