Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Go for it Alex and Ieuan!

Excellent to see Alex Salmond become the First Minsiter of Scotland. He understands that he needs to reach out to a broad cross-section of the Scottish nation but I'm sure Salmond will also understand another important thing.

Salmond knows that he needs to be brave and promote a confident nationalist agenda. Being too conciliatory will be a massive mistake. By pushing a strong and sensible nationalist agenda Salmond and the SNP will out-manoeuvre Labour and set the political agenda for the next decade.

Back in Wales, I now hope Ieuan Wyn will become our First Minister. And the message is the same - Ieuan - see the woods from the trees, be brave, don't be afraid of Labour - go for it! And Ieuan - go for the radical agenda, promote Welsh nationalism - don't be an 'Alun Michael' and don't make the same mistake as Labour.

At the end of 4 years you want to be able to point to massive changes which you and Plaid have instigated - unlike Welsh Labour who have absolutely nothing to show for their last 4 years in government!


Martin Eaglestone said...

As they said

"Leanne Wood, Bethan Jenkins, Helen Mary Jones and Nerys Evans said they were against a coalition with the Tories. Leanne Wood said:

"It is with regret that we do not agree with the decision made in our group meeting. We respectfully disagree.

"We fought this election on a platform to deliver a proper Parliament for our nation. A deal with the Conservatives would undermine the chance of delivering that goal."

Helen Mary Jones added there was a clash of values and principles between Plaid and the Tories, and that the AMs who opposed the move had thought "long and hard about making a public statement".

"But, we think it is now right that we seek to convince our members to oppose what we believe would be a mistaken decision," she said.

Oh and time to redesign the masthead because the Brit Nats in Wales are now supping happily with the Welsh Nats in Wales.

Gath Clag said...

It is a deal with the devil. But, while Labour has used the Tories as a justification for its own behaviour these past ten years, they've also slipped to the right of them.

New Labour is to the right of a lot of the Conservatives on privatisation (they privatised stuff Thatcher and Major couldn't), trade union smashing, wars in Iraq etc, Trident, Muslim bashing etc

david h jones said...

Eagleston - I'm bored by you and Labour's anti-Tory rants. Time to grown up.

Plaid made a deal with a Tories which would have strengthened the Welsh langauage and worked for a referendum on more power to the Assembly.

Labour and Tories include Brit Nats but at the moment Labour are the biggest Brit Nats and anti-Welsh party, as your comments over the years have shown.

Time to learn a new song Martin. Plaid aren't scared of Labour any more. The 'Tories are baddies' story doesn't work. We disagree with Tories like we disagree with Labour but we'd be willing to work with either one get the best deal to strengthen Wales and the Welsh language.

Thing is, one you take away 'Tories are baddies' line from Labour, then, well, there's not much left really is there?

Grow up.

Anonymous said...

The real differences between Plaid and Tory manifesto policies are few and far between, and the Tories just ain't scary anymore, which is why they got more votes than Plaid on May 3.

BTW, it's 8 years of Labour, not 4.